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Heaven S Ditch

Author : Jack Kelly
ISBN : 9781466878990
Genre : History
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The technological marvel of its age, the Erie Canal grew out of a sudden fit of inspiration. Proponents didn't just dream; they built a 360-mile waterway entirely by hand and largely through wilderness. As excitement crackled down its length, the canal became the scene of the most striking outburst of imagination in American history. Zealots invented new religions and new modes of living. The Erie Canal made New York the financial capital of America and brought the modern world crashing into the frontier. Men and women saw God face to face, gained and lost fortunes, and reveled in a period of intense spiritual creativity. Heaven's Ditch by Jack Kelly illuminates the spiritual and political upheavals along this "psychic highway" from its opening in 1825 through 1844. "Wage slave" Sam Patch became America's first celebrity daredevil. William Miller envisioned the apocalypse. Farm boy Joseph Smith gave birth to Mormonism, a new and distinctly American religion. Along the way, the reader encounters America's very first "crime of the century," a treasure hunt, searing acts of violence, a visionary cross-dresser, and a panoply of fanatics, mystics, and hoaxers. A page-turning narrative, Heaven's Ditch offers an excitingly fresh look at a heady, foundational moment in American history.
Category: History

Erie Canal Legacy

Author : Richard O. Reisem
ISBN : 0964170663
Genre : History
File Size : 63.36 MB
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Describes the architecture along the Erie Canal villages.
Category: History

Band Of Giants

Author : Jack Kelly
ISBN : 9781137474568
Genre : History
File Size : 68.93 MB
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Band of Giants brings to life the founders who fought for our independence in the Revolutionary War. Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin are known to all; men like Morgan, Greene, and Wayne are less familiar. Yet the dreams of the politicians and theorists only became real because fighting men were willing to take on the grim, risky, brutal work of war. We know Fort Knox, but what about Henry Knox, the burly Boston bookseller who took over the American artillery at the age of 25? Eighteen counties in the United States commemorate Richard Montgomery, but do we know that this revered martyr launched a full-scale invasion of Canada? The soldiers of the American Revolution were a diverse lot: merchants and mechanics, farmers and fishermen, paragons and drunkards. Most were ardent amateurs. Even George Washington, assigned to take over the army around Boston in 1775, consulted books on military tactics. Here, Jack Kelly vividly captures the fraught condition of the war—the bitterly divided populace, the lack of supplies, the repeated setbacks on the battlefield, and the appalling physical hardships. That these inexperienced warriors could take on and defeat the superpower of the day was one of the remarkable feats in world history.
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Erie Canal

Author : Andrew P. Kitzmann
ISBN : 9781439621424
Genre : Photography
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The Erie Canal was completed in 1825 and became the backbone of an economic and cultural explosion that defined the image of New York. The canals development spurred successful industry and a booming economy, sparking massive urban growth in an area that was previously virtually unexplored wilderness. People poured west into this new space, drawn by the ability to ship goods along the canal to the Hudson River, New York City, and the world beyond. Erie Canal is a compilation of 200 vintage images from the Erie Canal Museums documentary collection of New Yorks canal system. Vintage postcards depict life and industry along the canal, including not only the Erie itself but also the lateral and feeder canals that completed the state-wide system.
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Bond Of Union

Author : Gerard Koeppel
ISBN : 9780786745449
Genre : History
File Size : 20.20 MB
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In this elegantly written and far-reaching narrative, acclaimed author Gerard Koeppel tells the astonishing story of the creation of the Erie Canal and the memorable characters who turned a visionary plan into a successful venture. Koeppel's long years of research fill the pages with new findings about the construction of the canal and its enormous impact, providing a unique perspective on America's self perception as an empire destined to expand to the Pacific.
Category: History

Explorer S Guide The Erie Canal

Author : Deborah Williams
ISBN : 9781581570809
Genre : Travel
File Size : 33.54 MB
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Offers information on Erie Canal's history, accomodations, attractions, restaurants, and shopping.
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A Nation Of Deadbeats

Author : Scott Reynolds Nelson
ISBN : 9780307474322
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.18 MB
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" The story of America is a story of dreamers and defaulters. It is also a story of dramatic financial panics that defined the nation, created its political parties, and forced tens of thousands to escape their creditors to new towns in Texas, Florida, and California. As far back as 1792, these panics boiled down to one simple question- Would Americans pay their debts—or were we just a nation of deadbeats? From the merchant William Duer’s attempts to speculate on post–Revolutionary War debt, to an ill-conceived 1815 plan to sell English coats to Americans on credit, to the debt-fueled railroad expansion that precipitated the Panic of 1857, Scott Reynolds Nelson offers a crash course in America’s worst financial disasters—and a concise explanation of the first principles that caused them all. Nelson shows how consumer debt, both at the highest levels of finance and in the everyday lives of citizens, has time and again left us unable to make good.The problem always starts withthe chain of banks, brokers, moneylenders, and insurance companies that separate borrowers and lenders. &
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Wedding Of The Waters The Erie Canal And The Making Of A Great Nation

Author : Peter L. Bernstein
ISBN : 9780393340204
Genre : History
File Size : 28.59 MB
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"One corner of the great American panorama enlarged to highlight starry-eyed visionaries, political machinations, indefatigable ingenuity, and cockeyed optimism."—Kirkus Reviews The building of the Erie Canal, like the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Panama Canal, is one of the greatest and most riveting stories of American ingenuity. Best-selling author Peter Bernstein presents the story of the canal's construction against the larger tableau of America in the first quarter-century of the 1800s. Examining the social, political, and economic ramifications of this mammoth project, Bernstein demonstrates how the canal's creation helped prevent the dismemberment of the American empire and knit the sinews of the American industrial revolution. Featuring a rich cast of characters, including not only political visionaries like Washington, Jefferson, van Buren, and the architect's most powerful champion, Governor DeWitt Clinton, but also a huge platoon of Irish diggers as well as the canal's first travelers, Wedding of the Waters reveals that the twenty-first-century themes of urbanization, economic growth, and globalization can all be traced to the first great macroengineering venture of American history.
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The Artificial River

Author : Carol Sheriff
ISBN : 0809016052
Genre : History
File Size : 73.60 MB
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With innovative archival research, Sheriff documents the social and cultural responses of men, women, and children - farmers, businessmen, government officials, tourists, workers - to the Erie Canal and the progress it represented. For them, progress meant taking an active role in realizing a divinely sanctioned movement toward the perfectability of the natural and human worlds. This conception of progress would play a central role in defining Northern sectional identity in the decades leading to the Civil War.
Category: History

A Maverick Life The Jack Kelly Story

Author : Linda J. Alexander
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.56 MB
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Biography of the 1950s movie and television actor, Jack Kelly, co-star of TV's Maverick. In real life, Jack was a child performer, son of New York model, Nan Kelly, brother of actress Nancy Kelly, brother-in-law of actor Edmond O'Brien and cinematographer Fred Jackman Jr. On American television, he portrayed James Garner's brother on Maverick (1957-1962). Women often said that he was the reason they tuned in, and they still say that, even though the show’s been in re-runs for decades. His best-known films included A Crooked Road (1954) with Mickey Rooney, To Hell and Back (1955) with Audie Murphy, and The Forbidden Planet (1956) with Leslie Nielsen. In the late 1960s on American television, Jack hosted Sale of The Century, starred in Get Christie Love (1975), and also appeared on The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (1977) series. After he retired from show business, he served as a City Councilman and Mayor of Huntington Beach, California, and he was also a newspaper publisher. He loved some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, became a husband, and would probably tell everyone that his greatest joy was in being a father.
Category: Biography & Autobiography