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Healing Lost Souls

Author : William J. Baldwin
ISBN : 1612830129
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 89.22 MB
Format : PDF
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For two decades, William Baldwin has been a pioneer in the ever-expanding therapeutic fields of Spirit Releasement, Past Life Regression, and Soul-Mind Fragmentation. In his Florida practice, he uses these therapies routinely to help patients who suffer from Dissociative Trance and Dissociative Identity (formerly called Multiple Personality) Disorders. Healing Lost Souls explains the attributes of each therapy in everyday language, and provides dozens of case studies to illustrate its clinical use. Likening his work to the ancient practice of shamanism, Baldwin has found that psychological disorders are often rooted in past life traumas, the interference of attached entities of various origins, and the fragmentation of one’s soul. Baldwin stresses the importance of active patient participation throughout the stages of regression, as well as the need to treat encountered entities with respect, since they are often mere lost souls as bewildered and frightened as the patients themselves.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Healing Rains Keeper Of Lost Souls Series

Author : Patti Chiappa
ISBN : 1532712812
Genre :
File Size : 75.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Life in the small Collage town of New Milford, C.T. is uneventful for the most part. For most nights, the collage students have nothing but their thoughts to keep them company. It was not until one night when one of the students, Frances Chung disrupts this sleepy little town with a plot to kill her classmates and professor that the students learn about each others lives. Frances, the adopted daughter of wealthy parents holds dirty little secrets in her heart, just like most of her classmates do. Jimmy Winters, the class nerd works hard to win over his classmates with his father's story. As Jimmy reveals his father Simon's story, he begins to win the respect of his classmates. Even Carlos and Leon the drug dealers and trouble makers of the Collage. The two Seniors that have secrets of their own. But what Jimmy wants the most is the heart of beautiful and talented Alice. His childhood best friend and the wife of Carlos. Sara, Jimmy's mother is called upon to defend Frances after the secrets of her childhood come to light. Sara, a widower has no interest in dating anyone, that is until she meets Bruce, Jimmy's professor and best friend. What happens in the town of New Milford doesn't stay in the town of New Milford. Join award- winning author Patti Chiappa as she weaves a tale that is sinfully delicious but yet will touch your heart and soul.


Author : Maureen Smith
ISBN : 9781452597362
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 81.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What if you were told a discarnate entity is siphoning energy from you, or that an extraterrestrial has taken up residence in your energy field, or that the anger and despair isn’t coming from you but from a dark being milking your emotions to feed its network, or that you are missing a piece of your heart. Would you believe it?A surprising number of people have become hosts for unseen beings that burrow into their energy body. Embedded in levels of awareness that are too deep to notice, these intruders drain energy, create interference and confusion, disrupt lives. Many are lost souls; some are entities with harmful intent. Maureen Smith, master hypnotherapist and gifted healer:• shares fifteen years of experiences with lost souls and the humans they occupy;• shines light on the hidden causes for what is not right in people’s lives;• offers an avenue to reclaim what has been lost, heal hearts and unburden spirits.Come peel back the thin layer that separates what we know for sure and the wider world of spirit, and you may do more than enjoy the ride—you may encounter a new way to heal.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

In The Valley Of Lost Souls

Author : Diana van Eyk
ISBN : 9781504327503
Genre : Drama
File Size : 46.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Follow the stories of Dagmar and Ross: middle aged, newly homeless, and with no apparent options. Invited into a house that appears from the outside to be abandoned, they learn the survival skills needed to live in a society that treats people as disposable. They discover how some have adapted to living in the margins. As they tune in to the voice of Anima Mundi, the soul of our planet, they weave a path through the fabric of their community, exploring themes of pipelines, despair, loss, and recovery. Join them as they discover the healing power of caring, restoring our planet, forming healthy relationships, listening deeply, and building community.
Category: Drama

Guardian Of Lost Souls

Author : Pamela Theresa Loertscher M. Msc
ISBN : 9781440491429
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 81.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Guardian of Lost Souls - Lessons in Death is a true story based on events that happened to a mother and her two children. This story tells about the struggles of living with one foot in the physical world and another foot in the spiritual realms. Read the stories of the ups and downs of helping lost souls find their way to the other side. Within the pages of this book the reader will find stories of seeming horror, humor, and strange events that happen to a person when one can feel, hear and see in the spaces in-between. The stories of the lost souls are documented within the pages, and are true life stories of the people, how they died, and how they lived, and most importantly the reason why they became earthbound spirits. The reader is advised to pay close attention to the stories, because one of the lost souls may be someone you knew.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Lost Souls And Their Bodies

Author : Esther Kish
ISBN : 9781492189541
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"The Lost Souls and their Bodies" satirically explores the socio-political settings of the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western lands from which main characters originate only to be united on a Northern island. They all experience voids described as a fictional space of nothingness. Worldly ambitions can never be sufficient for the souls and are barely ever satiable for their bodies coming from different cultures and religions; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Each character has a dream that reflects their deepest longings and fears despite decadent life settings. Yet they only truly find fulfillment in moments of disinterested love when destiny brings them together. The magical character - the Unwell Man - represents a crazy man from Lea's town in the chaotic Southern lands with a soul that registers injustice, war tragedy, birth and death. Borderless and separated, united and confined; it is a journey of the lost souls and their bodies to their final destination.
Category: Fiction

Lost Souls

Author :
ISBN : 9781595783776
Genre :
File Size : 55.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Journey Of Lost Souls

Author : Josh Raiter
ISBN : 9781440181535
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Welcome to the world of Crystos, a place where Elements help people go about their daily lives. Enter Koshka Ralica, our main character, a young elementalist that lives on the Continent of Fire with his parents and he lives a very good life. That is until the Elemental of Darkness kills his parents and he goes on a quest of revenge to find the Elemental and take him down for good. Along the way he meets tons of new friends and new enemies, but his friends and remaining family have his back. A story of action and adventure, magic and fantasy, and even come cheesy romance. This book has everything that a reader is looking for and maybe even more.
Category: Fiction

Saving Lost Souls

Author : Manon Riendeau
ISBN : 9781469149547
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Who know what life hold for us, for Jackie Johansson her life change after a life threatening car accident gave her a new ability, to communicate with the dead, however she wasnt expecting that her own life would be in danger just by helping out ghosts. A change for better or for worse? Only time will tell what her future hold for her and her son as she embark in an adventure of finding a serial killer while keeping her sanity. Will she make it out alive? Or will she become a ghost herself?
Category: Fiction