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Tears Beyond A Broken Heart Volume 1

Author : Reem Smith
ISBN : 9781479751143
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Based on a true story of an innocent fifteen-year-old girl who got married to a man that had a gambling addiction. At the time, she had no idea what addicts or the meaning of addiction was. She made her marriage last for twenty-five years, and the only time she realized and understood what it meant was when she had to face her son's drug addiction after the divorce and when she realized she had enabled his father all these years without knowing it. a heartbreaking story.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Hitchcock On Hitchcock Volume 1

Author : Alfred Hitchcock
ISBN : 9780520960947
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 28.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Gathered here for the first time are Alfred Hitchcock's reflections on his own life and work. In this ample selection of largely unknown and formerly inaccessible interviews and essays, Hitchcock provides an enlivening commentary on a career that spanned decades and transformed the history of the cinema. Bringing the same exuberance and originality to his writing as he did to his films, he ranges from accounts of his own life and experiences to techniques of filmmaking and ideas about cinema in general. Wry, thoughtful, witty, and humorous—as well as brilliantly informative—this selection reveals another side of the most renowned filmmaker of our time. Sidney Gottlieb not only presents some of Hitchcock's most important pieces, but also places them in their historical context and in the context of Hitchcock's development as a director. He reflects on Hitchcock's complicated, often troubled, and continually evolving relationships with women, both on and off the set. Some of the topics Hitchcock touches upon are the differences between English and American attitudes toward murder, the importance of comedy in film, and the uses and techniques of lighting. There are also many anecdotes of life among the stars, reminiscences from the sets of some of the most successful and innovative films of this century, and incisive insights into working method, film history, and the role of film in society. Unlike some of the complex critical commentary that has emerged on his life and work, the director's own writing style is refreshingly straightforward and accessible. Throughout the collection, Hitchcock reveals a delight and curiosity about his medium that bring all his subjects to life.
Category: Performing Arts

Dangerous Boys Volume 1

Author : Maree Anderson
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 45.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dangerous Boys, Volume 1: Five complete novellas by Downunder Young Adult Authors Genre: YA, anthology, contemporary, paranormal Word count: approx 110,000 WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Sara Hantz: If Megan messes up one more time her parents will pull her out of boarding school and she’ll never see Dan—the guy she’s been crushing on since forever—again. So when she accidentally crashes a friend’s car, she needs to pay for the repairs… somehow. Desperate, she decides to use her way of knowing stuff to sell psychic dating advice. How hard can it be? Plenty hard. Especially when Megan’s forced to tell the meanest girl in school that Dan is going to ask her out. Only trouble is, Dan can’t stand the girl, leaving Megan begging him for a favor. Megan is in big trouble. She risks losing all the money she’s made and losing the one boy who does dangerous things to her heart. www.sarahantz.com TANGENT (a Liminals prequel) by Maree Anderson: For two years, lone wolf Rixon has protected Lily… and lied about his true feelings. Best to treat her like a younger sibling, because how could she possibly love a hulking great lummox like him? Then Lily is snatched, and Rix discovers she’s being used in covert experiments. He moves heaven and earth to find her, but Lily is merely bait for the real target: Rix. To keep Lily alive, Rix must use a dangerous liminal ability he’s kept secret his whole life… and risk becoming the one thing he vowed he would never be again: a killer. www.mareeanderson.com LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG by Vanessa Barneveld: Molly can’t stand seeing her pal Alex go from straight-A student to rebel without a cause. Alex needs to get back on the path to the Ivy League, and Micromanaging Molly figures serious interference is called for. But the harder Molly pushes Alex, the harder he pushes back. Alex has two secrets. Number one: He has terminal melanoma. With six months to live, hanging around hospitals definitely counts as wasted time. Alex plans to drop out, surf, drive fast cars…and finally confess secret number two. He’s in love with Molly. Can he tell her before his time is up? www.vanessabarneveld.com RAISING HELL by Robyn Grady: Insanity runs in the family. Then again, so does warlock blood. Four years ago, when Brinley Stone’s mom committed suicide, Brin went to live with her aunt in Boston. Now she’s back in her hometown, finishing her all important senior year at Hellaway High. Brin is ready to confront the ghosts from her past. Discovering an overly-protective half human, half demon in the attic is something else again. But the warlock Ruarc Bae is so much more than ‘melt into a puddle’ gorgeous. Bae has an unpleasant job to do. It starts with casting light on the murky secrets that drove Brin’s mother mad. www.robyngrady.com DANGEROUS HONESTY by Ebony McKenna: High school junior Bianca is faking the best possible life in Florida, as long she remembers all the lies she’s told. But when she teams up with seriously cute über geek Malcolm–because physics homework isn’t going to write itself–her carefully crafted stories start wobbling like spinning plates on bamboo poles. Bianca is torn between protecting those she loves and unburdening her reality to someone she can trust. Honesty is the best policy, but the truth will put everyone she loves at risk. www.ebonymckenna.com
Category: Young Adult Fiction

The Big Book Of Oz Volume 1 The Oz Series

Author : L. Frank Baum
ISBN : 9781847533142
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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L. Frank Baum originally published 14 Oz books. Presented here in The Big Book of Oz, Volume 1: The Oz Series, are the first 7 books. The first one being the famous 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz.' The books are still sure to delight all ages.
Category: Fiction

My Feelings In Words Sound And Expression

Author : John Kris K. Poroto
ISBN : 9781462860081
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 63.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Glimpse Into the Authors Heart and Soul A beautiful collection of insightful and inspirational literary pieces woven to amuse and inspire readers Book enthusiasts and lovers of words can enjoy a charming read as author John Kris K. Poroto unleashes his literary prowess in his book, My Feelings in Words, Sound, and Expression. This book will take readers on a wonderful journey and adventure through the beauty and realities of life, love, and everything in between. Understanding and learning ones self is an enduring process. Lifes journey entails different truths, experiences, adventures, and exploits that involve feelings and emotions. In My Feelings in Words, Sound, and Expression, the author expresses his feelings which will teach readers to grow up, to be confident, to love themselves, and to cherish what they have. The sound and expression motivates them, inspires anyone to live life and learn from life. This book is a story about the authors feelings, feelings readers can relate to. Filled with lessons, this book will tell anyone that life gives them liberties and choices, but it is up to them to choose. Suffused with emotions and life-changing insight, My Feelings in Words, Sound, and Expression is a soothing masterpiece that everyone will surely find enjoyable.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Heather Graham Krewe Of Hunters Series Volume 1

Author : Heather Graham
ISBN : 9781460347331
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.95 MB
Format : PDF
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The Krewe of Hunters: an unusual FBI unit, solving unusual crimes. See where—and how—this elite group first began. Read the first four Krewe books and see why Publishers Weekly says Heather Graham "stands at the top of the romantic suspense category." PHANTOM EVIL FBI agent Jackson Crow is haunted by the deaths of two teammates. Just like New Orleans police officer Angela Hawkins, Jackson has the gift—or the curse—of paranormal intuition. Both are drawn into an apparently unsolvable case involving the death of a senator's wife. Suicide, murder—or the work of ghosts? HEART OF EVIL A man's corpse is discovered on Donegal Plantation in Louisiana—exactly where patriarch Marshall Donegal had been found dead in the 1860s. Heiress Ashley Donegal turns to the Krewe of Hunters, which includes an old flame of hers, Agent Jake Mallory. Ashley and Jake are determined to get to the root of the evil, and the secrets, that haunt the plantation. SACRED EVIL The body of a promising young starlet has been found between two of Manhattan's oldest graveyards, and the details of the crime scene are no coincidence. Detective Jude Crosby recognizes the tableau: a recreation of Jack the Ripper's gruesome work. Jude calls on Krewe member Whitney Tremont, and what they learn is far more shocking than either could have predicted… THE EVIL INSIDE Long ago, a historic New England house was the witness to madness…and murder. Now, the horrific murders begin again, with a teenage boy the main suspect. Krewe member Jenna Duffy investigates, with the help of attorney Samuel Hall. When there's a crime that can't be explained, when the dead make their presence known, who are you going to call? The Krewe of Hunters! Look for Heather Graham's romantic thriller Flawless.
Category: Fiction

A Collection Of My Thoughts Volume 1

Author : Anna Ballard
ISBN : 9781904697862
Genre :
File Size : 84.44 MB
Format : PDF
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This insightful book takes you on a journey through the feelings of mental health sufferers on the long road to recovery. Anna provides an emotive understanding of depression and seeks to eliminate the stigma related to it. Heart warming and emotional poetry which will be enjoyed by anybody but particularly those who have a similar history to Anna. What prompted me to start writing was a change in antidepressant, which I believe stimulated the creative part of my brain (the right hemisphere) that wasn't being used before. The effect was quite dramatic and within a week of starting on the new drug I began to churn out my thoughts as poetry. I had never written anything before but what initially started out as a whim rapidly turned into something more substantial. At my peak I was composing one or two poems a day but this has now moderated and I only write when something new happens in my life that I want to document it. Anna Ballard