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The Diary Of A Side Chick 6

Author : Tamicka Higgins
ISBN : 1530772532
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 25.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Diary of a Side Chick (6), Desirae will finally take the plunge and set out on a new journey to find love again while balancing taking care of Titan and James. While still trying to show Tron what he is missing out on, as well as sexing a manager at work, Desirae will try to use what she has to get what she wants. In the meantime, as she quickly falls for D'Mann, who she has just met, Desirae will find that her new knight and shining armor may not be who he appears to be. Beyond the shopping bags and good sex, Desirae will come face to face with a new danger, in a new way....
Category: African Americans

Side Chick Catching Main Chick Feelings

Author : B. M. Hardin
ISBN : 0692524134
Genre :
File Size : 88.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Is being a side chick really all that bad? To Moet Monique Murray...it absolutely was! Moet loved Drake more than anything in the world and though he owed her his life, she still had to come second place to his wife. All caught up in her feelings for him, Moet was willing to do anything to make Drake love her the way that she loved him, but nothing ever seemed to work and nothing she tried ever seemed to be good enough. What's a side chick to do once she start catching feelings? Should she stay? Or would it would be best at that point to just walk away? Moet had to make a choice. Though her feelings for Drake, aka Dray were stronger than ever, Moet or better known as Moe, knew that she couldn't be his side chick forever. So she started looking in another direction. But when what she thought was the best decison of her life actually turns out to be the worst, now her heart wasn't the only thing on the line. Her life was too. Just because it glitters that doesn't mean that it's gold and Moe finds herself caught up in a love and war situation. Everything that she had worked for was about to be destroyed unless she agreed to do one thing. And that was to become someone else's side chick once again. But being the other woman wasn't all that it was made out to be and Moe knew that the only way out of a terrible situation was to eliminate the problem with a terrible solution. Death. With twists and turns, secrets and lies, Moe learns why side chicks should never catch main chick feelings. Its much easier to just play their part on the side.

A Lover S Mentality

Author : Sade L. Collins
ISBN : 9780996018906
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Over time, I have learned that friendship, relationships, life, and, at times, dealing with others can equal to a lot of bullshit! Someone has to go through it, so why not let it be me? Everything happens for a reason right? That’s what they say. But why me? Why so many ups and downs and so many trials and tribulations. I mean, is it worth the struggle? Between Shame and I, things have been chaotic! Life with me is something to talk about. I didn’t kill anyone; I didn’t rob anything, and I wasn’t addicted to any drug. I loved, I learned, and I lived. I must admit I do have my flaws and misunderstandings, but I can only be me. I'm about lies, secrets, pain, honesty, and some other things boxed up into one personality. But at the end of the day, I will always have a story to tell. Ever since meeting Shame, love for me has become tainted. Love has become a lesson. Love is an obstacle, a journey, a feeling. I have found and lost love many times. At least that’s what I think. I have come to realize that as a child growing up it was only puppy love. I have told story after story after story, until I came to the conclusion that this is what my life is based upon. Something only you can relate to. Something he, she, and they can actually think about. That’s only in my opinion. Something may be of your interest, and with me being able to tell you about me, Yemya LaShay Smith, flaws and all. Let me introduce you to my inside outs and twisted ways in search of love. About my deepest and darkest secrets, about my thoughts and feelings on love and the shit I had to go through only to have never gotten it. These are the chapters of my life, pages combined into one story after another. Of course, who wouldn’t want to know what goes on behind closed doors? We all have skeletons in our closets. After all, this is what you have been waiting for, isn’t it?
Category: Fiction

A Belle In Brooklyn

Author : Demetria L. Lucas
ISBN : 9781451609295
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 68.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 689
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The "Essence" editor counsels women on how to enjoy the dating experience without placing undue pressure on finding a partner immediately, sharing advice based on interviews with dating experts and her Male MindSquad team.
Category: Family & Relationships

Revenge Of The Mistress

Author : Cydney Rax
ISBN : 9781496701435
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 822
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A mistress-turned-wife with a dream marriage gone wrong. The perfect plan for payback. And fallout so explosive even winning may mean losing it all. . . The new Mrs. Rashad Eason can't believe it. She dreamed, schemed, and seduced her way to media adoration and a fairy tale wedding to the lover she stole from his wife. But the honeymoon phase turns into something more shattering when the groom begins to reminisce about his ex, Kiara, and devises a plan to win her back. No way is Nicole going to stand for this. If she can't be the picket-fence wife, she'll be the picture-perfect, very rich widow. And sexing her ex-con first love will ensure his help—and keep her hot and satisfied through those lonely grieving nights. . . But in the game of love and revenge, everyone has a score to settle. And when karma rears its ugly head, no one can stay safe. To keep her own hands clean, Nicole must spin new lies, flip new scripts—and deal with the ultimate betrayal. Keeping her enemies close means igniting secrets and revelations even Nicole doesn’t see coming. And as an avalanche of scandal threatens to shatter everything she’s trying to keep, the last woman standing may be the biggest loser of all . . . Praise for If Your Wife Only Knew “A dramatic tale of betrayal.” —Booklist “Secrets, scandal, betrayal and revenge–there are no clean hands in the first book of this saga.” —RT Book Reviews
Category: Fiction

The Sandmann S Journal Vol 3

Author : Wilfred Kanu Jr.
ISBN : 9781644409664
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 90.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 3 is next in the sequence of volumes 1 & 2. Dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate the point when I published them online. Also, I feel the need to emphasize that although there's factual information in this book, I base the material on my point of view. Therefore, readers should use them for entertainment purpose if not to get to know me as an artist. In Volume 1, you will find topics like how I established my career in Canada. Once that was done, with a few books published through Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing with accompanying albums, I turned my vision to literary writing on social, accessible and theological matters that challenged my routine and thought process at the time. In Volume 2, are chapters on my reaction to patriarchy vs. feminism while finding a balance between the civil and gay rights concerns that became a public subject? I also gave my point of view on some trending topics in Hip Hop. Volume 2 reads as a melting pot of my philosophy on the subjects of gender role, Patriarchy, misconceptions of Hip Hop, the murder of Trayvon Martin, bullying, gun violence in America, the fairness of God, monotheism, faith, scarcity, etc. After you experience those two books, you will arrive at Volume 3 where I determine the creed of Hip Hop. I clarify my romantic curiosity with women showing that although I'm far from a simp or an MGTOW, beauty reflects in my eye as a beholder. This time, I connect Hip Hop with African culture, address "The Mayor Ford Scandal" and pose more questions on the family, gender accountability, marriage, etc. In this Volume, I break down the creed of Hip Hop Kulture by defining its essence as described by KRS One, The Zulu Nation, and the Five Percenters. I also speak on the uniqueness of African music and dance cultures. You will find chapters on my thoughts concerning LGBT rights in Africa, contrasting the idea with long-standing Islamic and Christian traditions on the continent. Bear in mind that I do not criticize. Volume 3 is a reaction to dramatic ideological changes in today's world. The running thread is the Abrahamic dogma is a focal point to understand secularism. The balance between overselling women's liberty to the detriment of family or the bastardization of men or any long-standing traditions is consistent. In a nutshell, this Volume speaks on African philosophies like Afrocentrism, the Pan-African movement, The Universal Zulu Nation, The Nation of Gods and Earths or Five Percenters within the context of Hip Hop discipline. To further demonstrate this approach to creative expression, you will find a chapter on the fall of Donald Sterling, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the spiel about not only God but Lucifer. There is a robust center on the mainstream media, mainly how it manipulated the Bill Cosby accusations. I was highlighting their double standards and bringing them to question. More chapters delve into what appeared to be a surge in racism, intolerance, police killings of unarmed black men and the best ways to stop these catastrophes from happening. *
Category: Philosophy

How To Be A 3 Man Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams

Author : Corey Wayne
ISBN : 9781105876677
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 23.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 988
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Dear Friend, This book teaches you the hidden secrets to completely understand women. It covers both the dating world and long term relationships. You will learn how to meet and date the type of women you've always dreamed of. The best part is you can do this while remaining who you truly are inside. The book teaches you how to create sexual attraction in women & get women to chase & pursue you! It takes you step by step with easy to follow instructions. You will be able to meet women anytime, anyplace, & anywhere...this will give you choice with women. Whether you are single & searching or already with your dream lady, my book has the secrets most men will never know about women.
Category: Family & Relationships

My Bestfriend S Man

Author : P. Dotson
ISBN : 1511808470
Genre :
File Size : 78.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 195
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At the age of twenty-five, Savannah seems to have it all. She's a beautiful independent woman with a great career and a good man by her side. Brian, the new man in her life, is every woman's dream. He's fine, established, and paid. There is just one problem . . . Savannah isn't over her ex. She still struggles with the wounds left by her first love, Brandon. Even though love has knocked her down once she is willing to give it another try if only her heart and her best friend Roxie will let her. Roxie holds no bars back when it comes to Savannah. Her love goes deeper than friendship, but the feelings aren't reciprocated. Roxie isn't thrilled about her best friend's new man. She's played this game before and she's playing for keeps. While Savannah is convinced that Brian is a good guy, Roxie isn't buying into Brian's good boy persona. The more Roxie presses the issue the more she pushes Savannah away. Will Roxie's over protective nature push Savannah away for good? Or, will Savannah find out some unsavory things about her new man? Find out as friendships are tested, and sanity is questioned. How will Roxie handle her best friend's man?

The Female Brain

Author : Louann Brizendine, M.D.
ISBN : 0767928415
Genre : Science
File Size : 81.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 924
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Since Dr. Brizendine wrote The Female Brain ten years ago, the response has been overwhelming. This New York Times bestseller has been translated into more than thirty languages, has sold nearly a million copies between editions, and has most recently inspired a romantic comedy starring Whitney Cummings and Sofia Vergara. And its profound scientific understanding of the nature and experience of the female brain continues to guide women as they pass through life stages, to help men better understand the girls and women in their lives, and to illuminate the delicate emotional machinery of a love relationship. Every brain begins as a female brain. It only becomes male eight weeks after conception, when excess testosterone shrinks the communications center, reduces the hearing cortex, and makes the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large. Louann Brizendine, M.D. is a pioneering neuropsychiatrist who brings together the latest findings to show how the unique structure of the female brain determines how women think, what they value, how they communicate, and whom they’ll love. Brizendine reveals the neurological explanations behind why • A woman remembers fights that a man insists never happened • A teen girl is so obsessed with her looks and talking on the phone • Thoughts about sex enter a woman’s brain once every couple of days but enter a man’s brain about once every minute • A woman knows what people are feeling, while a man can’t spot an emotion unless somebody cries or threatens bodily harm • A woman over 50 is more likely to initiate divorce than a man Women will come away from this book knowing that they have a lean, mean communicating machine. Men will develop a serious case of brain envy.
Category: Science

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don T Do

Author : Amy Morin
ISBN : 9780062358318
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 53.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 330
Read : 1153

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Mental Strength Everyone knows that regular exercise and weight training lead to physical strength. But how do we strengthen ourselves mentally for the truly tough times? And what should we do when we face these challenges? Or as psychotherapist Amy Morin asks, what should we avoid when we encounter adversity? Through her years counseling others and her own experiences navigating personal loss, Morin realized it is often the habits we cannot break that are holding us back from true success and happiness. Indulging in self-pity, agonizing over things beyond our control, obsessing over past events, resenting the achievements of others, or expecting immediate positive results holds us back. This list of things mentally strong people don't do resonated so much with readers that when it was picked up by Forbes.com it received ten million views. Now, for the first time, Morin expands upon the thirteen things from her viral post and shares her tried-and-true practices for increasing mental strength. Morin writes with searing honesty, incorporating anecdotes from her work as a college psychology instructor and psychotherapist as well as personal stories about how she bolstered her own mental strength when tragedy threatened to consume her. Increasing your mental strength can change your entire attitude. It takes practice and hard work, but with Morin's specific tips, exercises, and troubleshooting advice, it is possible to not only fortify your mental muscle but also drastically improve the quality of your life.
Category: Self-Help