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Happiness In Marriage

Author : Albert Harold Dolan
ISBN : MINN:31951001531549X
Genre : Marriage
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Happiness In Marriage

Author : Margaret Sanger
ISBN : 9781483156774
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Happiness in Marriage is a book written by a prominent birth control activist, women's rights advocate, sex educator, and nurse Margaret Sanger in response to the letters she received from women seeking aid in marriage problems. The book, intending to solve the different and usual problems found in marriage, discusses the first step and building life forces; the different stages - courtship, engagement, honeymoon, and settling down; sex-related questions and issues, including psychic impotence and frigidity; the avoidance of premature parenthood; and birth control in practice. The text is recommended for marriage and family counselors, as well as for sex therapists who have clients in need of advice and help. The book is written in a way that can be easily understood by lay people. Thus, the book will also come in handy for couples who wish to get married and be prepared for potential problems they might encounter in their married life, as well as to couples who are having problems with their marriage.
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Happiness And Marriage

Author : Elizabeth Towne
ISBN : 9781775412373
Genre : Self-Help
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"Just as the sun acts through a sheet of glass so the Law of Attraction acts through the conventionalities of a race. Whatever comes together is drawn together by the Law. Whatever is held together is held by that same Law of Attraction. This is just as true in unhappy marriages as in happy ones. If two people are distinctly enough individualized; that is, if they understand and command themselves sufficiently; their attraction and marriage will bring to them only pleasure. If they are not distinctly enough individualized there will be a monkey-and-parrot experience whilst they are working out the wisdom for which they were attracted. The Law of Attraction draws people together that they may learn. There is but one Life, which is growth in wisdom and knowledge. There is but one Death, which is refusal to learn."
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Strong Women And The Men Who Love Them

Author : Tom and Jan Lane
ISBN : 9781629986197
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.79 MB
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Every great marriage FACES CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY. How you navigate the circumstances you encounter with your unique personalities determines the health and success of your relationship. For over four decades Tom and Jan Lane have worked together to build a happy, satisfying marriage, and now they share what they have learned. Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them offers practical solutions and enrichment tools for couples with a relational combination of an easygoing husband and an outgoing wife. Using principles and perspectives based in Scripture, couples will learn to appreciate the expression of each person’s gifts to benefit the relationship. To live happily ever after is the desire of every couple, and this powerful marriage resource will help you understand the unique qualities of strong, amazing women and the remarkable men who love them.
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Happiness In Marriage

Author : Ashok Gulla
ISBN : 1436378729
Genre : Family & Relationships
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The book "HAPPINESS IN MARRIAGE" by ASHOK GULLA deliberates on how to lead a happy and contented married life by bringing physical and emotional closeness, improvement of inner condition, imbibing feeling of love and concern, removal of negative feelings, enhancing attractiveness towards each other and focussing on higher goals in life. To be happy in marriage is not only a personal issue but from a broader perspective, it affects the well being of societies. Most married couples are not fully informed about emotional, psychological and physical aspirations of each other. Enhancing pleasure through sex is not sufficient, if the couple does not attain emotional closeness. The efforts we make to develop ourselves in profession are lacking on our part when it comes to nurturing our married relationship. The essence of one's happiness, inner calmness and growth is related to one's capability to love others. Our ego, intolerance and selfish tendencies affect this inner growth. Man and woman get married not fully informed about each other, expectations are too high, and we do not work properly to make it a success. Some people pretend to be happy married couple while talking to others; but in actuality, they have no deep love and affection. We always believe that everything in marriage will happen to our liking and blame other partner when it turns contrary to our expectations. Our journey of life is much influenced by the quality of relationship with our spouse. Whatever we may achieve professionally, that will not help to compensate for troubles emanating from our physical and emotional relationship with our spouse. The pressure of modern life, constraints of meeting professional goals and getting material benefits requires both husband and wife to work hard leaving little time to develop understanding of emotional needs. We come together as strangers to get tied in the wedlock and in most cases continue to remain not attached emotionally. We do not make enough efforts to understand what troubles our spouse.As we go through the process of marriage, we tend to err in our understanding and meeting aspirations of our spouse. This spoils the relaionship. People often get angry with their partner when they feel to be giving more in the relationship than what the other person is offering in return. We have to keep communication channels open with the spouse to listen to all the bad things he/ she feels about us so that these get clarified at regular moments. This may help us to adjust our understanding and behavior suitably. At times, when a person is of a dominating nature, his or her spouse feels hurt and increasingly entrapped in the role of a weak and dependent partner. The feeling of hurt makes a person dysfunctional and not able to perform to the best of his or her capability. We may not be fully aware the agony and pain which certain harsh words or dominating nature causes to our spouse. A happy marriage depends on better communication and understanding of each other. Some people have tendency to find fault with the way other person talks or the manner in which some task is accomplished. As husband and wife, we have to perform various tasks together to shoulder responsibility towards maintenance of home, care of children, meeting financial needs of the family or fulfilling responsibility towards other members of the family. As couple, we will continue to have differences on various issues and it may lead to anger or arguments at times. We have to be careful not to get into the habit of finding fault at each and every time. There is a better and sophisticated way of communicating our concerns without finding fault with our spouse. We have to imbibe certain qualities that make us attracted to our spouse. Life should look incomplete without our spouse. The true love requires that it ought not to be conditional. Loving our life partner should flow
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Making Happy

Author : Les Parrott
ISBN : 9781617953415
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Making Happy outlines seven factors that will elevate happiness in any marriage, including such strategies as: catch your spouse doing something right, laugh out loud, express gratitude, be second, try something new together, and celebrate one thing daily. Happiness in marriage is as easy as the decisions you make.
Category: Religion

Sexual Happiness In Marriage Revised Edition

Author : Herbert J. Miles
ISBN : 9780310292210
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 71.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sexual Happiness in Marriage is for those who are missing the fulfillment God intended marriage to provide and who are unaware of the true joy and love that can be achieved through understanding basic sexual principles. In this frank, honest, discussion of the role of sex in marriage, Dr. Herbert J. Miles thoroughly and carefully examines attitudes and techniques essential to sexual compatibility. Those who read it and follow its suggestions will be able to analyze and correct sexual problems in their marriages. Topics include: - sexual expectations - first sexual experiences - sexual adjustment - contraceptives - sexual problems - keeping marriage fresh and exciting.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Mystery Of Marriage

Author : Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
ISBN : 9789657146002
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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According to Jewish mysticism, the souls of a husband and wife originate in the same undifferentiated spiritual essence. These souls are bound as one, and the purpose of marriage is to enable a couple to manifest this unity in the context of everyday life. Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh shows how the natural process of mating of establishing a healthy relationship, fostering togetherness, and ultimately merging into true oneness--is a spiritual act of the highest order. Drawing on modern psychology and Kabbalistic wisdom, with many illustrations from Biblical personalities, the author traces the steps through which today's married couple can actualize their relationship ideals in their daily life. Includes glossary, footnotes, and index.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit