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Hacking Sales

Author : Max Altschuler
ISBN : 9781119281641
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Stay ahead of the sales evolution with a more efficient approach to everything Hacking Sales helps you transform your sales process using the next generation of tools, tactics and strategies. Author Max Altschuler has dedicated his business to helping companies build modern, efficient, high tech sales processes that generate more revenue while using fewer resources. In this book, he shows you the most effective changes you can make, starting today, to evolve your sales and continually raise the bar. You’ll walk through the entire sales process from start to finish, learning critical hacks every step of the way. Find and capture your lowest-hanging fruit at the top of the funnel, build massive lead lists using ICP and TAM, utilize multiple prospecting strategies, perfect your follow-ups, nurture leads, outsource where advantageous, and much more. Build, refine, and enhance your pipeline over time, close deals faster, and use the right tools for the job—this book is your roadmap to fast and efficient revenue growth. Without a reliable process, you’re disjointed, disorganized, and ultimately, underperforming. Whether you’re building a sales process from scratch or looking to become your company’s rock star, this book shows you how to make it happen. Identify your Ideal Customer and your Total Addressable Market Build massive lead lists and properly target your campaigns Learn effective hacks for messaging and social media outreach Overcome customer objections before they happen The economy is evolving, the customer is evolving, and sales itself is evolving. Forty percent of the Fortune 500 from the year 2000 were absent from the Fortune 500 in the year 2015, precisely because they failed to evolve. Today’s sales environment is very much a “keep up or get left behind” paradigm, but you need to do better to excel. Hacking Sales shows you how to get ahead of everyone else with focused effort and the most effective approach to modern sales.
Category: Business & Economics

Amazon Hacks

Author : Paul Bausch
ISBN : 0596005423
Genre : Computers
File Size : 75.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents a collection of tips and techniques for getting the most out of Amazon.com, covering such topics as browsing and searching, community features, selling through Amazon, and Amazon Web services.
Category: Computers

The Unfair Advantage Sell With Nlp

Author : Duane Lakin
ISBN : 9780967916255
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! is a book for people who want new skills to influence others, who know that all selling is personal, and who see the need to sell themselves more effectively. It is for people who want to have an advantage in everything that they say, write and do. It is for YOU if you want to find an edge--an advantage--in your work life. The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! is a “workshop-in-a-workbook.” It contains practical ideas and exercises for applying NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to sales and marketing. It includes “how-to” ideas for selling face-to-face, telemarketing, direct mail, and other real-world situations. Included are examples of scripts and techniques that have produced proven sales increases. It is a theory-free collection of techniques based on a workshop that has been presented to CEOs and sales professionals in over 800 companies in the United States, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Canada, and England. NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR This book is unique in its focus on proven practical techniques. It is not a “motivation” book or a touchy-feely, self-affirmation book. You do not need motivation if you are having successful sales results. This book gives you the advantage you need to get such results. The Unfair Advantage began when a client said, “We want to stop coming in second.” Over the past thirty years, I have honed and tested the techniques that are in this book. Don’t buy this book looking for easy answers. It still takes practice. But everything in The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! works, and it can work for you. INDUSTRIES WITH COMPANIES WHO USE The Unfair Advantage: Accounting Consulting Pharmaceuticals Advertising Consumer Products Real Estate Apparel & Accessories Cosmetics Service Automotive Electronics Software Banking Executive Search Technology Brokerage Financial Services Telecommunications Biotechnology Health Care Travel/Hospitality Call Centers Legal Chemical Manufacturing
Category: Business & Economics

Hacking Growth

Author : Morgan Brown
ISBN : 9780753545386
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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'a compelling methodology... to increase market share quickly' -- Eric Ries, bestselling author of THE LEAN STARTUP 'a must-read for anyone in business' -- James Currier, managing partner, NFX Guild 'will teach you how to think like a marketer of tomorrow' -- Josh Elman, partner, Greylock Partners Growth is now the first thing that investors, shareholders and market analysts look for in assessing and valuing companies. HACKING GROWTH is a highly accessible, practical, method for growth that involves cross-functional teams and continuous testing and iteration. Hacking Growth does for marketshare growth what THE LEAN STARTUP does for product development and BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION does for strategy. HACKING GROWTH focuses on customers - how to attain them, retain them, engage them, and monetize them - rather than product. Written by the method's pioneers, this book is a comprehensive toolkit or "bible" that any company in any industry can use to implement their own Growth Hacking strategy, from how to set up and run growth teams, to how to identify and test growth levers, and how to evaluate and act on the results. It is designed for any company or leader looking to break out of the ruts of traditional marketing and become more collaborative, less wasteful, and achieve more consistent, replicable, and data-driven results.
Category: Business & Economics

Career Hacking For Millennials

Author : Max Altschuler
ISBN : 0692065652
Genre :
File Size : 24.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The new how-to manual that will save you years of trial-and-error, Career Hacking for Millennials will help you conquer your career, your way. "We interview thousands of millennials each year. Now I can speed these up by asking, 'Have you read Career Hacking for Millennials?' This book will put any reader well ahead of their peers." - Steven Broudy, fmr. US Army Special Ops, now sales director at Mulesoft, which sold for $6.5 billion." "A book I wish I had when I was graduating from college, and one that I will give to my kids when they do the same, regardless of their industry or profession." - Melissa Wasser, former VP, Goldman Sachs "As Millennials we've been taught that it's necessary to painstakingly creep our way up the corporate ladder, waiting years for a promotion, recognition, and our dream work environment. Max Altschuler, a successful founder, CEO, and best-selling author all before the age of 30, calls that old belief bullsh*t. In Career Hacking, he provides a guidebook packed with bite-sized reads that layout creative, actionable, and practical ways to cut through the maze and fast-track to success.

Game Hacking

Author : Nick Cano
ISBN : 9781593276690
Genre : Computers
File Size : 71.30 MB
Format : PDF
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You don’t need to be a wizard to transform a game you like into a game you love. Imagine if you could give your favorite PC game a more informative heads-up display or instantly collect all that loot from your latest epic battle. Bring your knowledge of Windows-based development and memory management, and Game Hacking will teach you what you need to become a true game hacker. Learn the basics, like reverse engineering, assembly code analysis, programmatic memory manipulation, and code injection, and hone your new skills with hands-on example code and practice binaries. Level up as you learn how to: *Scan and modify memory with Cheat Engine *Explore program structure and execution flow with OllyDbg *Log processes and pinpoint useful data files with Process Monitor *Manipulate control flow through NOPing, hooking, and more *Locate and dissect common game memory structures You’ll even discover the secrets behind common game bots, including: *Extrasensory perception hacks, such as wallhacks and heads-up displays *Responsive hacks, such as autohealers and combo bots *Bots with artificial intelligence, such as cave walkers and automatic looters Game hacking might seem like black magic, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you understand how bots are made, you’ll be better positioned to defend against them in your own games. Journey through the inner workings of PC games with Game Hacking, and leave with a deeper understanding of both game design and computer security.
Category: Computers

Hacks For Minecrafters Mods

Author : Megan Miller
ISBN : 9781510706033
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 28.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Minecraft was designed to allow other people to modify it. And while there are several successful game guides on the market already, this book is the first unofficial “hacker’s” super-guide dedicated to adding mods (modifications) to your Minecraft game. Mods add content to the game to alter gameplay, changing the creative feel of the game or giving the players more options for how they interact within the Minecraft world. Mods can make your game run faster, they can add new mobs, mechanics, and quests, and even entirely new dimensions to play in. Change the rules of your world with each mod you add—anything is fair game! This book explores today’s range of modded Minecraft play, from the must-haves to the fanciful—from utilities like Inventory Tweaks and JourneyMap, to full-fledged gameplay extensions and modpacks, like Thaumcraft, Twilight Forest, and Agrarian Skies. Written for seven- to twelve-year-old Minecrafters this is the ultimate guide on Minecraft mods—keep your game new and exciting with all these expert tips and tricks.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Hacking Marketing

Author : Scott Brinker
ISBN : 9781119183211
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Apply software-inspired management concepts to accelerate modern marketing In many ways, modern marketing has more in common with the software profession than it does with classic marketing management. As surprising as that may sound, it's the natural result of the world going digital. Marketing must move faster, adapt more quickly to market feedback, and manage an increasingly complex set of customer experience touchpoints. All of these challenges are shaped by the dynamics of software—from the growing number of technologies in our own organizations to the global forces of the Internet at large. But you can turn that to your advantage. And you don't need to be technical to do it. Hacking Marketing will show you how to conquer those challenges by adapting successful management frameworks from the software industry to the practice of marketing for any business in a digital world. You'll learn about agile and lean management methodologies, innovation techniques used by high-growth technology companies that any organization can apply, pragmatic approaches for scaling up marketing in a fragmented and constantly shifting environment, and strategies to unleash the full potential of talent in a digital age. Marketing responsibilities and tactics have changed dramatically over the past decade. This book now updates marketing management to better serve this rapidly evolving discipline. Increase the tempo of marketing's responsiveness without chaos or burnout Design "continuous" marketing programs and campaigns that constantly evolve Drive growth with more marketing experiments while actually reducing risk Architect marketing capabilities in layers to better scale and adapt to change Balance strategic focus with the ability to harness emergent opportunities As a marketer and a manager, Hacking Marketing will expand your mental models for how to lead marketing in a digital world where everything—including marketing—flows with the speed and adaptability of software.
Category: Business & Economics

Sales Hack

Author : Chad Burmeister
ISBN : 0692483403
Genre :
File Size : 82.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sales Hack, is a co-authored series of sales hacks by 25 of the greatest sales professionals of our time. A "Sales Hack" is a solution discovered when a Sales Hacker thinks outside of the box, disregards the rules, and finds something new that changes the way sellers can outsell the competition. Quotes about the book: "Sales Hack combines the knowledge of decades of sales experience into a single book. If you are a front line sales professional, a first line manager, or a senior leader, SalesHack is a must read for you." Richard Harris, Owner, The Harris Consulting Group "Thanks to Chris, Chad, and all of the authors and contributors for delivering this hand's on, how-to guide for our community. Chris and Chad have brought together many of todays leading sales minds to share proven, practical best practices that will help folks every day. Their unrelenting and constant passion for our profession is helping take sales to the next level of professionalism andperformance. Hats off to you guys!!!" Larry Reeves, CEO, The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals "Sales & Marketing leaders, if your sales team isn't using most or all of these sales hacks, then you are leaving money on the table." Daniel Percey, Chief Revenue Officer, TechnologyAdvice "Chad Burmeister and Chris Beall have put together a sales book for today's seller - a seller who is more equipped with technology than ever before. Well done guys!" Michael Farrell, Chief Operating Officer, BAO, Inc. "I've known Chad for nearly 10 years, and he really is the Sales Hack! His knowledge and understanding of sales and ability to bring together so many incredible sales leaders is truly inspirational." Barbara Spector, President, SmartMoves! Inc. "If you are in sales or sales leadership, you need new ideas and inspiration every day. Sales Hack gives you both - in short, easy to read doses. This is a collection to review regularly and share with your favorite sellers." Lori Richardson, CEO, Score More Sales & President Women Sales Pros Sales Hack Contributors: Lauren Bailey Ralph Barsi Chris Beall Trish Bertuzzi Matt Behrend Rick Bennett Chad Burmeister Stephen D'Angelo David DiStefano Jourdan DuFort Jim Eberlin Shawn Elledge Gerhard Gschwandtner Richard Harris Alice Heiman Liz Heiman Matt Heinz Kraig Kleeman Mark Kosoglow Dave Kurlan Dan McDade Skip Miller Mike O'Neil Andy Paul Bob Perkins Larry Reeves Steve Richard Lori Richardson Craig Rosenberg Tibor Shanto Kurt Shaver Gabe Villamizar Townsend Wardlaw"