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Rich Dad S Advisors Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver

Author : Michael Maloney
ISBN : 9780446544641
Genre : Business & Economics
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"Throughout the ages, many things have been used as currency: livestock, grains, spices, shells, beads, and now paper. But only two things have ever been money: gold and silver. When paper money becomes too abundant, and thus loses its value, man always turns back to precious metals. During these times there is always an enormous wealth transfer, and it is within your power to transfer that wealth away from you or toward you." --Michael Maloney, precious metals investment expert and historian; founder and principal, Gold & Silver, Inc. The Advanced Guide to Investing Gold and Silver tells readers: The essential history of economic cycles that make gold and silver the ultimate monetary standard. How the U.S. government is driving inflation by diluting our money supply and weakening our purchasing power Why precious metals are one of the most profitable, easiest, and safest investments you can make Where, when, and how to invest your money and realize maximum returns, no matter what the economy's state Essential advice on avoiding the middleman and taking control of your financial destiny by making your investments directly.
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Buy Gold And Silver Safely

Author : Doug Eberhardt
ISBN : 9780982586129
Genre : Business & Economics
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We Americans are never taught anything about gold and silver through our education system. That's why many gold dealers are able to easily rip off unsuspecting buyers of gold and silver.Financial advisors and journalists aren't giving you the truth either, as to how gold and silver fit into a properly diversified portfolio. So naturally, people are looking for answers."Buy Gold and Silver Safely" provides those answers by explaining why gold and silver need to be a part of everyone's portfolio, and helping people learn about buying or selling gold and silver... the safe way.
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Guide To Investing In Gold Silver

Author : Michael Maloney
ISBN : 1937832740
Genre : Business & Economics
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Michael Maloney is widely recognized as a leading expert on monetary history, economics, economic cycles investing, and precious metals. He is CEO and founder of, one of the world's largest gold and silver bullion dealers, CEO and founder of, an educational website, and host of the most popular video series on the topics of monetary history, economics and economic cycles, The Hidden Secrets of Money.
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The Essential Guide To Investing In Precious Metals

Author : David L Ganz
ISBN : 1440223696
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Gold. Silver. Platinum. Palladium. Want more than a piece of paper with a stock number on it to show for your investment? Then learn about all the ways you can add precious metals to your portfolio. Gold and silver have been king and queen of metals for centuries. Today, they are joined by platinum and palladium in the precious metals arena. They are traded in the form of bars, rounds and ingots, tangible assets you can see and touch.
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Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

Author : Paul Mladjenovic
ISBN : 9781118051481
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In recent years, metals have been among the safest and most lucrative investments around, but they are not entirely risk free. Before you begin investing or trading in metals, you need authoritative information and proven investment strategies. You need Precious Metal Investing For Dummies. This straightforward guide eases you into the precious metals market with sound advice on trading and owning these profitable investments, including gold, silver, platinum, and uranium, as well as high-demand base metals such as zinc and copper. You’ll learn how to research their market performance and choose among an array of proven trading plans and strategies. Plus, you’ll get savvy advice on how to choose a broker, buy stocks and futures that involve metals, maximize your investment return, and minimize your risk. Discover how to: Evaluate the different metals Add metals to your portfolio Decide whether you’re an investor or a trader Identify your metal-investment goals Weigh the risks and benefits of metals investing Buy physical metals Use technical analysis to evaluate opportunities Make long-term investments in precious metals Diversify your metals investments Analyze base-metals companies Purchase numismatic coins Add metals to your mutual fund or ETF portfolio Understand how politics effects metals prices Metals can be an important and valuable addition to any investment portfolio or retirement plan. Make the most out of your investment with Precious Metal Investing For Dummies.
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The Average Americans Guide To Buying Gold And Silver

Author : Randy Menefee
ISBN : 1478717009
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 25.36 MB
Format : PDF
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The Average Americans Guide to Buying Gold and Silver takes the novice reader through the many different aspects of purchasing gold and silver, from arguments as to why to buy precious metals, to how and where to find the best deals, what forms of gold and silver are available, and what pitfalls to avoid. The book is written so that anyone interested in buying precious metals could quickly gain the knowledge needed in order to make an informed purchase.
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How To Invest In Gold And Silver

Author : Don Durrett
ISBN : 9781427650245
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74.21 MB
Format : PDF
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Written in clear layman's terms, this forward-thinking book is packed with information to help gold and silver investors navigate an exciting, timely, and largely unexplored market.
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Stack Silver Get Gold

Author : Hunter Riley
ISBN : 0692657614
Genre :
File Size : 29.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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**2016 UPDATED EDITION** Want to learn how to start safely investing in silver & gold in less than an hour? Get this book. Its the only gold and silver investing book you will ever need because its written by a nationally recognized precious metals investing expert with almost 15 years of buying gold and silver bullion under his belt. He reveals all the tricks of the trade that most people in the gold and silver industry probably don't want you to know. "Stack Silver Get Gold will become "the bible" for both first time and long time precious metal investors. Tons of useful information and very well written. You have a real winner in this book." -Bill Zielinski (editor of Stack Silver Get Gold: How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion without Getting Ripped Off! Congratulations, you know that investing in gold & silver is a good idea and you're ready to buy gold and silver before the general public catches on. You have a wisdom few other people possess. So you want to know how to begin investing in silver & gold without getting ripped off? Do you want to buy silver and gold bullion but don't know where to begin? Do you want to avoid all the silver & gold buying scams on TV and the internet? Want to learn how to avoid having your gold and silver confiscated by the government? Want to know how and where to store and secure your gold and silver at your home, in the most secure vaults in the United States & secret vault storage options in other countries? Want to know how to start investing in gold and silver for as little as $25 using a strategy called dollar cost averaging? Do you want to buy gold or silver today, within 10 minutes of reading this short book? Read this book and you'll discover the answers to your questions above plus.... *The 7 types of gold and silver bullion to buy now and how to sell if you have to *The 11 types of gold and silver to avoid like the plague *The top 3 most secure places to store your precious metals, including home safes and private highly secure vaults *How to store your gold and silver secretly in another country by setting up an offshore precious metals storage system *How the author is personally investing in gold and silver, his exact strategy *Exactly where to buy your gold and silver (the actual websites and dealers) *How to add gold and silver bullion to your IRA or 401k *How to start gold and silver investing safely and avoid all the tricks of scam artists and precious metals dealers *Tax and reporting requirements and even travel restrictions and how to get around them Stack Silver Get Gold was written by Hunter Riley III. Hunter spent most of his twenties on the futures trading floor of the rough and tumble pits in Chicago Mercantile Exchange and has been investing in silver and gold for more than a decade. He's witnessed all the ways the gold and silver bullion market will try to chew you up and spit you out and he wrote this book so you can overcome them and be a successful gold and silver investor. His short, no fluff, straight to the point book boils down over a decade's worth of investing do's and donts into about 100 pages. You can literally read this book and start investing in gold and silver with total confidence, safety & ease on the same day you buy it. The funny thing is that this is probably the shortest book on gold and silver investing ever written but it's also is the only book you'll ever need to invest in gold and silver. Hunter values his time very much and he's written this book as straight to the point as possible because he knows you value your time as well. Go buy this book now. It will SAVE you a ton of money.

Currency Wars

Author : James Rickards
ISBN : 9781591845560
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.17 MB
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Currency wars are one of the most destructive and feared outcomes in international economics. At best, they offer the sorry spectacle of countries stealing growth from their trading partners. At worst, they degenerate into sequential bouts of inflation, recession, retaliation and sometimes actual violence. Left unchecked the next currency war could lead to a crisis worse than the panic of 2008.The next crash is overdue. Recent headlines about the Eurozone crisis, the bailouts for Greece, riots caused by austerity measures as well as the debasement of the dollar.
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The Death Of Money

Author : James Rickards
ISBN : 9781591847717
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"This paperback edition with a new preface published 2017"--Title page verso.
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