The Complete Archaeology Of Greece

Author : John Bintliff
ISBN : 9781405154192
Genre : History
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The Complete Archaeology of Greece covers the incredible richness and variety of Greek culture and its central role in our understanding of European civilization, from the Palaeolithic era of 400,000 years ago to the early modern period. In a single volume, the field's traditional focus on art and architecture has been combined with a rigorous overview of the latest archaeological evidence forming a truly comprehensive work on Greek civilization. *Extensive notes on the text are freely available online at Wiley Online Library, and include additional details and references for both the serious researcher and amateur A unique single-volume exploration of the extraordinary development of human society in Greece from the earliest human traces up till the early 20th century AD Provides 22 chapters and an introduction chronologically surveying the phases of Greek culture, with over 200 illustrations Features over 200 images of art, architecture, and ancient texts, and integrates new archaeological discoveries for a more detailed picture of the Greece past, its landscape, and its people Explains how scientific advances in archaeology have provided a broader perspective on Greek prehistory and history Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title
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Author : Dana Facaros
ISBN : 1860118984
Genre : Travel
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This is a landmark travel guide--Greece joins the ranks of outstanding Cadogan country guides, including Italy and France. The acclaimed author, Dana Facaros, is half-Greek and visits annually. Her co-author, Linda Theodorou, lives in the Peloponnese. Together, they share 60 years of Greek travel experience! Greece is an increasingly popular choice for American visitors; 2.5 million made the journey in 1999 and it is now one of the top 15 destinations in the world for international tourist arrivals. Visitors from the States come for many different sorts of vacations, and the guide offers listings and practical advice to cater to all of them. Whitewater rafting in the Nestos gorge of Eastern Macedonia, exploring the secret mountain villages and Neda gorge in the Peloponnese, touring the archaeological sites and discovering the truth about the dream Oracle of Trophonios--or just relaxing in the fashionable mountain resort of Karpenisi--all are covered by the guide. Whatever travelers are looking for--from an audience with the gods at Olympia, to a quiet beach on a lesser-known island, to an insight into Europe's most varied biotope in the national parks--it's an invaluable companion. It brings the world-famous sights to life and uncovers some of Greece's secrets, helping readers to escape the crowds and seek out an authentic experience of the country. The guide features: *Fascinating insights into Greek history and culture *Inspiring color photography *Unbeatable hotel and restaurant listings
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Justice For Greece

Author : Peter Alexander Zervakis
ISBN : 3515062688
Genre : History
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A Concise History Of Greece

Author : Richard Clogg
ISBN : 0521004799
Genre : History
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Now reissued in a second, updated edition, this book provides a concise, illustrated introduction to the history of modern Greece, from the first stirrings of the national movement in the late eighteenth century to the present day. It is designed to provide a basic introduction for general and academic readers with little or no prior knowledge of the subject, and supersedes Professor Clogg's A Short History of Modern Greece which became a classic following its initial publication in 1979. This wholly new book, first published in 1992, was conceived afresh for a broad readership.
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Author : Bob Gibbons
ISBN : 0198504373
Genre : Nature
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This is one of the first four in a new series of fabulously illustrated natural history travel guides, intended for the general reader with an interest in natural history, and for the growing numbers of 'ecotourists' who want to know where to see wildlife in the countries they visit. The books are designed to complement each other and to build into a nature library, together giving an introduction to the natural history of Europe. Greece is a wonderfully varied and exciting country, with unspoilt scenery, from hot, barren, sun-baked rocky wastes to snow-capped mountains, forests, abundant natural lakes, many of the deepest gorges in Europe, and vast areas of saltmarsh and coastal lagoons, all relatively undiscovered. Its climate makes it an ideal place to visit in spring and autumn. For the naturalist, it is a rewarding country to visit, with much to see at every season, and something new around every corner. Essentially practical, the book first introduces the ecology,geology, and wildlife of Greece, then goes on to describe where to see its natural history at its best. There are descriptions of a selection of some 200 sites to visit, each carefully chosen to show a range of habitats and fascinating wildlife. The entries are the personal choice of the author and are based on intensive travel and research in the region. Described sites range in size from a few to thousands of hectares, be they National Parks, nature reserves, or simply common land, but all are open to the public and accessible to the ordinary visitor. Four colour throughout, this book has stunning landscape photographs, line drawings and photographs of individual animals of plants and animals, colour region and site maps, and a splendid composite painting encapsulating typical habitats and their inhabitants.
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Mediaeval Greece

Author : Nicolas Cheetham
ISBN : 0300105398
Genre : History
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Author : Sierra Adare
ISBN : 0778793109
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Focuses on the ancient arts and modern treasures of Greece, introducing its mythology, crafts, foods, festivals, and Olympic games.
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Greece A Jewish History

Author : K. E. Fleming
ISBN : 0691146128
Genre : History
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K. E. Fleming's Greece--a Jewish History is the first comprehensive English-language history of Greek Jews, and the only history that includes material on their diaspora in Israel and the United States. The book tells the story of a people who for the most part no longer exist and whose identity is a paradox in that it wasn't fully formed until after most Greek Jews had emigrated or been deported and killed by the Nazis. For centuries, Jews lived in areas that are now part of Greece. But Greek Jews as a nationalized group existed in substantial number only for a few short decades--from the Balkan Wars (1912-13) until the Holocaust, in which more than 80 percent were killed. Greece--a Jewish History describes their diverse histories and the processes that worked to make them emerge as a Greek collective. It also follows Jews as they left Greece--as deportees to Auschwitz or émigrés to Palestine/Israel and New York's Lower East Side. In such foreign settings their Greekness was emphasized as it never was in Greece, where Orthodox Christianity traditionally defines national identity and anti-Semitism remains common.
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Author : Andrew Bostock
ISBN : 1841623075
Genre : Travel
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From the evocative ruins of Olympia to the towering Taygetos mountains, from crystal-clear seas and pristine beaches to stone villages steeped in tradition, with clear advice and honest opinions Bradt's Peloponnese shows you all.
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The Life Of Greece

Author : Will Durant
ISBN : 9781451647587
Genre : History
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The Story of Civilization, Volume II: A history of Greek civilization from the beginnings, and of civilization in the Near East from the Death of Alexander to the Roman Conquest. This is the second volume of the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning series.
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