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Glass Beads From Early Medieval Ireland

Author : Mags Mannion
ISBN : 1784911968
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This is the first dedicated and comprehensive study of glass beads from Early Medieval Ireland, presenting the first national classification, typology, dating, symbology and social performance of glass beads. Glass beads are one of the most visually stunning archaeological objects and they remain as popular a part of body ornament today as in the past. This continuing fascination is explained somewhat by the versatility of glass which can be rendered opaque or transparent and produced in a variety of colours. Glass has an almost mesmerising effect in its ability to reflect light, presenting not just a surface but also dimensional depths of shade and light. In this respect the crafting of glass beads as representations of the human eye may go some way towards explaining their enduring and universal popularity. Glass beads however are much more than this and their enduring appeal is also a reflection of their aesthetic and symbolic qualities. This book explores not only the importance of beads as a tool of archaeological research but also the relevance of beads in the social arena and their significance as markers of cultural and religious identity and symbols of status and age both in Ireland and further afield.

The Archaeology Of Plural And Changing Identities

Author : Eleanor Casella
ISBN : 0306486954
Genre : Social Science
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As people move through life, they continually shift affiliation from one position to another, dependent on the wider contexts of their interactions. Different forms of material culture may be employed as affiliations shift, and the connotations of any given set of artifacts may change. In this volume the authors explore these overlapping spheres of social affiliation. Social actors belong to multiple identity groups at any moment in their life. It is possible to deploy one or many potential labels in describing the identities of such an actor. Two main axes exist upon which we can plot experiences of social belonging – the synchronic and the diachronic. Identities can be understood as multiple during one moment (or the extended moment of brief interaction), over the span of a lifetime, or over a specific historical trajectory. From the Introduction The international contributions each illuminate how the various identifiers of race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, class, gender, personhood, health, and/or religion are part of both material expressions of social affiliations, and transient experiences of identity. The Archaeology of Plural and Changing Identities: Beyond Identification will be of great interest to archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, curators and other social scientists interested in the mutability of identification through material remains.
Category: Social Science

Early Medieval Dwellings And Settlements In Ireland Ad 400 1100

Author : Aidan O'Sullivan
ISBN : 1407312278
Genre : History
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This monograph provides a comprehensive synthesis and discussion of the archaeology of early medieval settlement in Ireland. Drawing on both published and unpublished material, it sets out an interpretive, analytical text and a gazetteer of some 241 key early medieval settlements revealed through archaeological excavations. Analysis focuses on four major areas: early medieval houses and other buildings; settlement enclosures; agriculture as part of the wider settlement landscape; and crafts and industrial activities on early medieval settlements.
Category: History

Islands In A Global Context

Author : Conor Newman
ISBN : 1846825687
Genre : Art
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These essays from over forty leading experts on Insular art c.AD400-1500 cross all media, including stone, vellum, cloth, metal, and glass. Along with its customary focus on art of the Insular world of Britain and Ireland, the papers also consider the contemporary European and Mediterranean background and context of Insular art, under the headings of motif, theme, symbol, transmission, translation and scholarship. Offering new perspectives on familiar objects and introducing new finds, like the other volumes in the series, this lavishly illustrated book is a must for all serious students of Insular art. [Subject: Art History, Insular Art, Early Middle Ages, Irish Studies, European Studies, Mediterranean Studies]
Category: Art

Traditional Archery From Six Continents

Author : Charles E. Grayson
ISBN : 9780826266101
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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"An overview of one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of European and non-European archery-related materials in the world. This book presents color photos and descriptions of some 300 items - including bows, arrows, quivers, and thumb rings- that represent traditional archery techniques, practices, and customs from around the world"--Provided by publisher.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Save The Date

Author : Mary Kay Andrews
ISBN : 9781250019684
Genre : Fiction
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Can this wedding be saved? Up-and-coming floral designer Cara Kryzik is about to score the wedding of a lifetime—one that will solidify her career as the go-to-girl for Savannah society nuptials. The only problem is, life seems to be conspiring against her. Cara's implacable father, "The Colonel", doesn't believe in Cara's business savvy and is about to call in his twenty-thousand-dollar loan. Then, on the morning that someone steals her dog, Cara's refrigerator goes on the blink, turning twelve thousand dollars' worth of gorgeous blooms into road kill. And if that's not enough, the dog-napper, Jack Finnerty, turns up at her latest wedding and then mysteriously leaves her stranded on the dance floor. All this turmoil will be solved if Cara can pull off the lavish Trappnell-Strayhorn wedding. The payday will solve all her problems—even the looming problem of a celebrated florist named Cullen Keane who is moving into her turf from Charleston. But the wedding is in six weeks, the bride is acting strangely (even for a bride) and the stepmother of the bride is becoming Cara's biggest headache. What Cara needs is to focus, but that's not easy when Jack is turning up at every wedding in Savannah (the man seems to know everybody), with Cara in his sights and seduction on his mind. When Brooke Trappnell spirals into a shocking crisis and the wedding is in jeopardy, Cara must come to the rescue and figure out what she really believes in. Is it love? Is it her own strength? In the end, for everyone, "Save the Date" has more meanings than one. Told with Mary Kay Andrews's trademark wit and keen eye for detail, Save the Date is one you won't want to miss.
Category: Fiction

Dictionary Of Gems And Gemology

Author : Mohsen Manutchehr-Danai
ISBN : 9783662042885
Genre : Science
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The rapid growth of gemological sciences and mineralogy demands a dictionary such as this for gemologists, mineralogists, geologists, jewel dealers, industry and hobbyists. With some 16,000 comprehensive definitions, supplemented by more than 250 diagrams and figures, this is a one-stop reference to any matter dealing with gems and gemology.
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Author : A. H. Keane
ISBN : 9780521234108
Genre : Science
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Revised this edition from the original 1899 text, this 1920 volume puts forward a view of humanity based upon racial categorisation and taxonomy.
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