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Gender War And Conflict

Author : Laura Sjoberg
ISBN : 9780745684673
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From Pakistan to Chechnya, Sri Lanka to Canada, pioneering women are taking their places in formal and informal military structures previously reserved for, and assumed appropriate only for men. Women have fought in wars, either as women or covertly dressed as men, throughout the history of warfare, but only recently have they been allowed to join state militaries, insurgent groups, and terrorist organizations in unprecedented numbers. This begs the question - how useful are traditional gendered categories in understanding the dynamics of war and conflict? And why are our stories of gender roles in war typically so narrow? Who benefits from them? In this illuminating book, Laura Sjoberg explores how gender matters in war-making and war-fighting today. Drawing on a rich range of examples from conflicts around the world, she shows that both women and men play many more diverse roles in wars than either media or scholarly accounts convey. Gender, she argues, can be found at every turn in the practice of war; it is crucial to understanding not only ‘what war is’, but equally how it is caused, fought and experienced. With end of chapter questions for discussion and guides to further reading, this book provides the perfect introduction for students keen to understand the multi-faceted role of gender in warfare. Gender, War and Conflict will challenge and change the way we think about war and conflict in the modern world.
Category: Social Science

Gender War And Militarism

Author : Laura Sjoberg
ISBN : 9780313391439
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38.16 MB
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This compelling, interdisciplinary compilation of essays documents the extensive, intersubjective relationships between gender, war, and militarism in 21st-century global politics. * 17 essays by top feminist scholars from across disciplines * An introduction and conclusion explaining the book's theoretical framework and key insights * Tables and charts * A bibliography
Category: Political Science

On The Frontlines

Author : Fionnuala N? Aol?in
ISBN : 9780199339679
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 82.42 MB
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Gender oppression has been a feature of war and conflict throughout human history, yet until fairly recently, little attention was devoted to addressing the consequences of violence and discrimination experienced by women in post-conflict states. Thankfully, that is changing. Today, in a variety of post-conflict settings--the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Colombia, Northern Ireland --international advocates for women's rights have focused bringing issues of sexual violence, discrimination and exclusion into peace-making processes. In On the Frontlines, Fionnuala N? Aol?in, Dina Francesca Haynes, and Naomi Cahn consider such policies in a range of cases and assess the extent to which they have had success in improving women's lives. They argue that there has been too little success, and that this is in part a product of a focus on schematic policies like straightforward political incorporation rather than a broader and deeper attempt to alter the cultures and societies that are at the root of much of the violence and exclusions experienced by women. They contend that this broader approach would not just benefit women, however. Gender mainstreaming and increased gender equality has a direct correlation with state stability and functions to preclude further conflict. If we are to have any success in stabilizing failing states, gender needs to move to fore of our efforts. With this in mind, they examine the efforts of transnational organizations, states and civil society in multiple jurisdictions to place gender at the forefront of all post-conflict processes. They offer concrete analysis and practical solutions to ensuring gender centrality in all aspects of peace making and peace enforcement.
Category: Political Science

Gender War And Militarism Feminist Perspectives

Author : Laura Sjoberg
ISBN : 9780313391446
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This compelling, interdisciplinary compilation of essays documents the extensive, intersubjective relationships between gender, war, and militarism in 21st-century global politics. • 17 essays by top feminist scholars from across disciplines • An introduction and conclusion explaining the book's theoretical framework and key insights • Tables and charts • A bibliography
Category: Social Science

The Oxford Handbook Of Gender And Conflict

Author : Fionnuala Ní Aoláin
ISBN : 9780199300983
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Traditionally, much of the work studying war and conflict has focused on men. Men commonly appear as soldiers, commanders, casualties, and civilians. Women, by contrast, are invisible as combatants, and, when seen, are typically pictured as victims. The field of war and conflict studies is changing: more recently, scholars of war and conflict have paid increasing notice to men as a gendered category and given sizeable attention to women's multiple roles in conflict and post-conflict settings. The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict focuses on the multidimensionality of gender in conflict, yet it also prioritizes the experience of women, given both the changing nature of war and the historical de-emphasis on women's experiences. Today's wars are not staged encounters involving formal armies, but societal wars that operate at all levels, from house to village to city. Women are necessarily involved at each level. Operating from this basic intellectual foundation, the editors have arranged the volume into seven core sections: the theoretical foundations of the role of gender in violent conflicts; the sources for studying contemporary conflict; the conflicts themselves; the post-conflict process; institutions and actors; the challenges presented by the evolving nature of war; and, finally, a substantial set of case studies from across the globe. Genuinely comprehensive, this Handbook will not only serve as an authoritative overview of this massive topic, it will set the research agenda for years to come.
Category: Political Science

Gender Nationalism And War

Author : Matthew Evangelista
ISBN : 9781139501071
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36.49 MB
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Virginia Woolf famously wrote 'as a woman I have no country', suggesting that women had little stake in defending countries where they are considered second-class citizens, and should instead be forces for peace. Yet women have been perpetrators as well as victims of violence in nationalist conflicts. This unique book generates insights into the role of gender in nationalist violence by examining feature films from a range of conflict zones. In The Battle of Algiers, female bombers destroy civilians while men dress in women's clothes to prevent the French army from capturing and torturing them. Prisoner of the Mountains shows a Chechen girl falling in love with her Russian captive as his mother tries to rescue him. Providing historical and political context to these and other films, Matthew Evangelista identifies the key role that economic decline plays in threatening masculine identity and provoking the misogynistic violence that often accompanies nationalist wars.
Category: Political Science

Gendering Global Conflict

Author : Laura Sjoberg
ISBN : 9780231520003
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 46.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Laura Sjoberg positions gender and gender subordination as key factors in the making and fighting of global conflict. Through the lens ofgender, she examines the meaning, causes, practices, and experiences of war, building a more inclusive approach to the analysis of violent conflict between states. Considering war at the international, state, substate, and individual levels, Sjoberg's feminist perspective elevates a number of causal variables in war decision-making. These include structural gender inequality, cycles of gendered violence, state masculine posturing, the often overlooked role of emotion in political interactions, gendered understandings of power, and states' mistaken perception of their own autonomy and unitary nature. Gendering Global Conflict also calls attention to understudied spaces that can be sites of war, such as the workplace, the household, and even the bedroom. Her findings show gender to be a linchpin of even the most tedious and seemingly bland tactical and logistical decisions in violent conflict. Armed with that information, Sjoberg undertakes the task of redefining and reintroducing critical readings of war's political, economic, and humanitarian dimensions, developing the beginnings of a feminist theory of war.
Category: Political Science

Sites Of Violence

Author : Wenona Mary Giles
ISBN : 0520230728
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.22 MB
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Annotation In this book, militarization, nationalism, and globalization are scrutinized at sites of violent conflict from a range of feminist pespectives.
Category: Science

Women And War

Author : Joyce P. Kaufman
ISBN : 9781565493094
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Women everywhere have long struggled for recognition as equal, productive members of society, worthy of taking part in the political process. These struggles become even more pronounced in times of conflict and war, when the symbolism and myths of womanhood are used to stoke nationalistic ideas about the survival of the state. Yet for all the rhetoric that takes place in their name, it’s men who generally make decisions regarding war. Women and War examines how women respond to situations of conflict. Drawing on both traditional and feminist international relations theory, it explores the roles that women play before, during and after a conflict, how they spur and respond to nationalist and social movements, and how conceptions of gender are deeply intertwined with ideas about citizenship and the state. As Kaufman and Williams show, women do more than respond to conflict situations; they are active agents in their own right shaping political and historical processes. Their conclusions encourage us to rethink the prevalent assumptions of international relations, history and feminist scholarship and theory.
Category: Social Science

The Gender Game

Author : Bella Forrest
ISBN : 1544252498
Genre :
File Size : 81.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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F�r Fans der "Tribute von Panem" und "Die Bestimmung"gibt es jetzt eine einmalige neue Geschichte:Ein giftiger Fluss trennt die Welt, in der die neunzehnj�hrige Violet Bates lebt, nach Geschlechtern. Im Osten herrschen die Frauen, im Westen die M�nner.Willkommen in den L�ndern Matrus und Patrus.Seit ihr geliebter kleiner Bruder verschwunden ist, wird Violets Leben von einer Wut kontrolliert, die sie zu unterdr�cken versucht. Sie war bereits eine Gefangene ihrer eigenen Nation, doch nun ist sie f�r ihre Verbrechen zum Tode verurteilt worden.Doch eine Entscheidung k�nnte ihr das Leben retten:Ins K�nigreich von Patrus zu gehen, wo die M�nner herrschen und Frauen sich zu unterwerfen haben.F�r ein widersinniges M�dchen wie Violet ist alles in einem Patriarchat gef�hrlich. Sie darf die Regeln nicht brechen, wenn sie am Leben bleiben will. Doch Regeln zu folgen geh�rte noch nie zu ihren St�rken und als sie in gr��ere Gefahr ger�t, als sie es jemals h�tte ahnen k�nnen, sieht sich Violet gezwungen, Vieles in diesem verbotenen K�nigreich aufzugeben... sogar eine verbotene Liebe.In einer Welt, die nach Geschlechtern getrennt ist, k�nnen nur die St�rksten �berleben..._____________________________________________*Weltweit mehr als 3.050 Rezensionen mit 5 SternenWas Testleser sagen:"Bella verleiht diesem Genre ein ganz neues Niveau. Stellt euch die Machenschaften der �Bestimmung� vor, die Spannung von �Die Auserw�hlten im Labyrinth� und die fesselnde Aufregung der �Tribute von Panem�. Genau das erreicht Bella mit ihrem neuen Roman The Gender Game - Machtspiel der Geschlechter"."Das n�chste GROSSARTIGE BUCH. Einzigartig und brillant.""Die perfekte Mischung aus Abenteuer, Mystik, Thriller, einer aufbl�henden Liebe und Herzschmerz. LEST DIESES BUCH SO BALD WIE M�GLICH! Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen.""Man kann nie vorherahnen, in welche Richtung Bella Forrest eine Geschichte lenkt!""Intrigen, Gefahr und Geheimnisse auf jeder neuen Seite.""Sobald ich mit dem Lesen begonnen hatte, wusste ich, dass ich das Buch nicht zur Seite legen k�nnte. Mein Herz schlug im selben Rhythmus wie Violets [...]. Die unerwarteten Wendungen haben mir die Sprache verschlagen.""R�nkespiele, Spionage und mittendrin eine starke, kluge Frau. Das Buch hat mich von der ersten Seite an in seinen Bann gezogen."Wenn ihr Fans von Suzanne Collins oder Veronica Roth seid, dann ist dies ein Abenteuer, das ihr nicht vergessen werdet. KAUFT JETZT.*Achtet bitte auf Spoiler in den untenstehenden Rezensionen, die nicht mit einer Spoilerwarnung versehen sind.*