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Gaba And The Basal Ganglia

Author : J. M. Tepper
ISBN : 0080480470
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Over the past 25 years the amount of data pertaining to the GABAergic function in the basal ganglia has increased dramatically. GABA and the Basal Ganglia - From Molecules to Systems is a comprehensive review of the current state-of-the-art of knowledge about the neuroanatomy, neuropharmacology and neurophysiology of the basal ganglia, focusing on its GABAergic microcircuitry. It serves as a complete reference to the body of knowledge about the basal ganglia, its constituent neurons, and their interconnections. This volume is designed to serve as a convenient all-in-one review and reference for experienced basal ganglia researchers as well as an introduction to the functional organization of the basal ganglia and its GABAergic circuitry for students and researchers new to the field. * Reviews the anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of the basal ganglia itself in addition to focusing on the GABAergic circuitry of the basal ganglia * Authors of each chapter leading internationally acclaimed experts in basal ganglia research
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Diversity And Functions Of Gaba Receptors A Tribute To Hanns M Hler

Author :
ISBN : 9780128026915
Genre : Medical
File Size : 71.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Diversity and Functions of GABA Receptors: A Tribute to Hanns Möhler, Part B, a new volume of Advances in Pharmacology, presents the diversity and functions of GABA Receptors. The volume looks at research performed in the past 20 years, which has revealed specific physiological and pharmacological functions of individual GABAA receptor subtypes, providing novel opportunities for drug development. Contributions from the best authors in the field An essential resource for pharmacologists, immunologists, and biochemists
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The Rat Nervous System

Author : George Paxinos
ISBN : 9780080921372
Genre : Science
File Size : 28.38 MB
Format : PDF
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The previous editions of The Rat Nervous System were indispensable guides for those working on the rat and mouse as experimental models. The fourth edition enhances this tradition, providing the latest information in the very active field of research on the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system. The structure, connections, and function are explained in exquisite detail, making this an essential book for any graduate student or scientist working on the rat or mouse nervous system. Completely revised and updated content throughout, with entirely new chapters added Beautifully illustrated so that even difficult concepts are rendered comprehensible Provides a fundamental analysis of the anatomy of all areas of the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as an introduction to their functions Appeals to researchers working on other species, including humans
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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Author : Charlotte Stagg
ISBN : 9780124016972
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38.35 MB
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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Tools for Neuroscience Research and Emerging Clinical Applications is the first comprehensive book for non-physicists that addresses the emerging and exciting technique of magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Divided into three sections, this book provides coverage of the key areas of concern for researchers. The first, on how MRS is acquired, provides a comprehensive overview of the techniques, analysis, and pitfalls encountered in MRS; the second, on what can be seen by MRS, provides essential background physiology and biochemistry on the major metabolites studied; the final sections, on why MRS is used, constitutes a detailed guide to the major clinical and scientific uses of MRS, the current state of teh art, and recent innovations. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy will become the essential guide for people new to the technique and give those more familiar with MRS a new perspective. Chapters written by world-leading experts in the field Fully illustrated Covers both proton and non-proton MRS Includes the background to novel MRS imaging approaches
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Handbook Of Basal Ganglia Structure And Function

Author : Heinz Steiner
ISBN : 9780080912158
Genre : Medical
File Size : 44.42 MB
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The Basal Ganglia comprise a group of forebrain nuclei that are interconnected with the cerebral cortex, thalamus and brainstem. Basal ganglia circuits are involved in various functions, including motor control and learning, sensorimotor integration, reward and cognition. The importance of these nuclei for normal brain function and behavior is emphasized by the numerous and diverse disorders associated with basal ganglia dysfunction, including Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, Huntington’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dystonia, and psychostimulant addiction. The Handbook of Basal Ganglia provides a comprehensive overview of the structural and functional organization of the basal ganglia, with special emphasis on the progress achieved over the last 10-15 years. Organized in six parts, the volume describes the general anatomical organization and provides a review of the evolution of the basal ganglia, followed by detailed accounts of recent advances in anatomy, cellular/molecular, and cellular/physiological mechanisms, and our understanding of the behavioral and clinical aspects of basal ganglia function and dysfunction. Synthesizes widely dispersed information on the behavioral neurobiology of the basal ganglia, including advances in the understanding of anatomy, cell-molecular and cell-physiological mechanisms, and behavioral/clinical aspects of function and dysfunction Features a truly international cast of the preeminent researchers in the field Fully explores the clinically relevant impact of the basal ganglia on various psychiatric and neurological diseases
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Dopamine Glutamate Interactions In The Basal Ganglia

Author : Susan Jones
ISBN : 9781420088793
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.67 MB
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The basal ganglia are involved in complex brain functions, from voluntary movement control to learning and reward processing, and they are implicated in numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders. Information from the cerebral cortex and thalamus is conveyed to basal ganglia nuclei via glutamate release, while dopamine from the midbrain is released in close proximity to glutamate. At the heart of both function and dysfunction of basal ganglia circuits is the interaction of these two neurotransmitters, dopamine and glutamate. Elucidating the relationship between their molecular and cellular effects and behavioural significance has been challenging, but in the past 5–10 years, improved labeling, imaging, recording, and genetic manipulation approaches have yielded new information on how dopamine and glutamate interact to generate the circuit activity underpinning basal ganglia function. Dopamine–Glutamate Interactions in the Basal Ganglia synthesizes this recent research from the level of receptor molecules all the way to complex behaviours and disease. Current insights from research on individual neurons and synapses, detailed circuit analysis, and learning and action functions of the basal ganglia are presented against a historical perspective. The book also discusses compromised dopamine–glutamate interaction in disorders of basal ganglia function, including Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and drug addiction.
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Encyclopedia Of Movement Disorders

Author :
ISBN : 9780123741059
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Encyclopedia of Movement Disorders is a comprehensive reference work on movement disorders, encompassing a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and pharmacology. This compilation will feature more than 300 focused entries, including sections on different disease states, pathophysiology, epidemiology, genetics, clinical presentation, diagnostic tools, as well as discussions on relevant basic science topics. This Encyclopedia is an essential addition to any collection, written to be accessible for both the clinical and non-clinical reader. Academic clinicians, translational researchers and basic scientists are brought together to connect experimental findings made in the laboratory to the clinical features, pathophysiology and treatment of movement disorders. The Encyclopedia targets a broad readership, ranging from students to general physicians, basic scientists and Movement Disorder specialists. Published both in print and via Elsevier’s online platform of Science Direct, this Encyclopedia will have the enhanced option of integrating traditional print with online multimedia. Connects experimental findings made in the laboratory to the clinical features, pathophysiology, and treatment of movement disorders Encompasses a wide variety of topics in neurology neurosurgery, psychiatry, and pharmacology Written for a broad readership ranging from students to general physicians, basic scientists, and movement disorder specialists
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Cultural Neuroscience Cultural Influences On Brain Function

Author : Juan Y. Chiao
ISBN : 9780080952215
Genre : Science
File Size : 20.75 MB
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This volume presents recent empirical advances using neuroscience techniques to investigate how culture influences neural processes underlying a wide range of human abilities, from perception and scene processing to memory and social cognition. It also highlights the theoretical and methodological issues with conducting cultural neuroscience research. Section I provides diverse theoretical perspectives on how culture and biology interact are represented. Sections II –VI is to demonstrate how cultural values, beliefs, practices and experience affect neural systems underlying a wide range of human behavior from perception and cognition to emotion, social cognition and decision-making. The final section presents arguments for integrating the study of culture and the human brain by providing an explicit articulation of how the study of culture can inform the study of the brain and vice versa.
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Gaba And The Basal Ganglia

Author : Gaetano Di Chiara
ISBN : UCSD:31822010309516
Genre : Aminobutyric acid
File Size : 58.39 MB
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Chemical Signalling In The Basal Ganglia

Author : Gordon W. Arbuthnott
ISBN : 9780444815620
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The contributions in this book span several disciplines and cross between even the wide areas of basal ganglia research which were chosen as topics. Chemical Signalling in the Basal Ganglia is an excellent scientific work, describing the topics clearly and with vision. Themes of current interest in the basal ganglia are discussed in full and with excellent illustrations. Not only the "basalgangliophile", but also the neuroanatomist, neurobiologist, neurologist, and electrophysiologist will find here some important questions answered. New tools are provided with which to tackle the remaining questions, and tried for size on basal ganglia systems.
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