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Fully Tuned Radial Basis Function Neural Networks For Flight Control

Author : N. Sundararajan
ISBN : 9781475752861
Genre : Science
File Size : 55.40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fully Tuned Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Flight Control presents the use of the Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural networks for adaptive control of nonlinear systems with emphasis on flight control applications. A Lyapunov synthesis approach is used to derive the tuning rules for the RBF controller parameters in order to guarantee the stability of the closed loop system. Unlike previous methods that tune only the weights of the RBF network, this book presents the derivation of the tuning law for tuning the centers, widths, and weights of the RBF network, and compares the results with existing algorithms. It also includes a detailed review of system identification, including indirect and direct adaptive control of nonlinear systems using neural networks. Fully Tuned Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Flight Control is an excellent resource for professionals using neural adaptive controllers for flight control applications.
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Multi Resolution Methods For Modeling And Control Of Dynamical Systems

Author : Puneet Singla
ISBN : 1584887702
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.64 MB
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Unifying the most important methodology in this field, Multi-Resolution Methods for Modeling and Control of Dynamical Systems explores existing approximation methods as well as develops new ones for the approximate solution of large-scale dynamical system problems. It brings together a wide set of material from classical orthogonal function approximation, neural network input-output approximation, finite element methods for distributed parameter systems, and various approximation methods employed in adaptive control and learning theory. With sufficient rigor and generality, the book promotes a qualitative understanding of the development of key ideas. It facilitates a deep appreciation of the important nuances and restrictions implicit in the algorithms that affect the validity of the results produced. The text features benchmark problems throughout to offer insights and illustrate some of the computational implications. The authors provide a framework for understanding the advantages, drawbacks, and application areas of existing and new algorithms for input-output approximation. They also present novel adaptive learning algorithms that can be adjusted in real time to the various parameters of unknown mathematical models.
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Stable Adaptive Neural Network Control

Author : S.S. Ge
ISBN : 9781475765779
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.62 MB
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Recent years have seen a rapid development of neural network control tech niques and their successful applications. Numerous simulation studies and actual industrial implementations show that artificial neural network is a good candidate for function approximation and control system design in solving the control problems of complex nonlinear systems in the presence of different kinds of uncertainties. Many control approaches/methods, reporting inventions and control applications within the fields of adaptive control, neural control and fuzzy systems, have been published in various books, journals and conference proceedings. In spite of these remarkable advances in neural control field, due to the complexity of nonlinear systems, the present research on adaptive neural control is still focused on the development of fundamental methodologies. From a theoretical viewpoint, there is, in general, lack of a firmly mathematical basis in stability, robustness, and performance analysis of neural network adaptive control systems. This book is motivated by the need for systematic design approaches for stable adaptive control using approximation-based techniques. The main objec tives of the book are to develop stable adaptive neural control strategies, and to perform transient performance analysis of the resulted neural control systems analytically. Other linear-in-the-parameter function approximators can replace the linear-in-the-parameter neural networks in the controllers presented in the book without any difficulty, which include polynomials, splines, fuzzy systems, wavelet networks, among others. Stability is one of the most important issues being concerned if an adaptive neural network controller is to be used in practical applications.
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Multisensor Decision And Estimation Fusion

Author : Yunmin Zhu
ISBN : 9781461510451
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 69.83 MB
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YUNMIN ZHU In the past two decades, multi sensor or multi-source information fusion tech niques have attracted more and more attention in practice, where observations are processed in a distributed manner and decisions or estimates are made at the individual processors, and processed data (or compressed observations) are then transmitted to a fusion center where the final global decision or estimate is made. A system with multiple distributed sensors has many advantages over one with a single sensor. These include an increase in the capability, reliability, robustness and survivability of the system. Distributed decision or estimation fusion prob lems for cases with statistically independent observations or observation noises have received significant attention (see Varshney's book Distributed Detec tion and Data Fusion, New York: Springer-Verlag, 1997, Bar-Shalom's book Multitarget-Multisensor Tracking: Advanced Applications, vol. 1-3, Artech House, 1990, 1992,2000). Problems with statistically dependent observations or observation noises are more difficult and have received much less study. In practice, however, one often sees decision or estimation fusion problems with statistically dependent observations or observation noises. For instance, when several sensors are used to detect a random signal in the presence of observation noise, the sensor observations could not be statistically independent when the signal is present. This book provides a more complete treatment of the fundamentals of multi sensor decision and estimation fusion in order to deal with general random ob servations or observation noises that are correlated across the sensors.
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Fundamentals Of Artificial Neural Networks

Author : Mohamad H. Hassoun
ISBN : 026208239X
Genre : Computers
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Fundamentals of Building Energy Dynamics assesses how and why buildings use energy, and how energy use and peak demand can be reduced. It provides a basis for integrating energy efficiency and solar approaches in ways that will allow building owners and designers to balance the need to minimize initial costs, operating costs, and life-cycle costs with need to maintain reliable building operations and enhance environmental quality both inside and outside the building. Chapters trace the development of building energy systems and analyze the demand side of solar applications as a means for determining what portion of a building's energy requirements can potentially be met by solar energy.Following the introduction, the book provides an overview of energy use patterns in the aggregate U.S. building population. Chapter 3 surveys work on the energy flows in an individual building and shows how these flows interact to influence overall energy use. Chapter 4 presents the analytical methods, techniques, and tools developed to calculate and analyze energy use in buildings, while chapter 5 provides an extensive survey of the energy conservation and management strategies developed in the post-energy crisis period.The approach taken is a commonsensical one, starting with the proposition that the purpose of buildings is to house human activities, and that conservation measures that negatively affect such activities are based on false economies. The goal is to determine rational strategies for the design of new buildings, and the retrofit of existing buildings to bring them up to modern standards of energy use. The energy flows examined are both large scale (heating systems) and small scale (choices among appliances).Solar Heat Technologies: Fundamentals and Applications, Volume 4
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Neural Networks

Author : Simon Haykin
ISBN : 0780334949
Genre : Computers
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Emerging Trends In Neuro Engineering And Neural Computation

Author : Asim Bhatti
ISBN : 9789811039577
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book focuses on neuro-engineering and neural computing, a multi-disciplinary field of research attracting considerable attention from engineers, neuroscientists, microbiologists and material scientists. It explores a range of topics concerning the design and development of innovative neural and brain interfacing technologies, as well as novel information acquisition and processing algorithms to make sense of the acquired data. The book also highlights emerging trends and advances regarding the applications of neuro-engineering in real-world scenarios, such as neural prostheses, diagnosis of neural degenerative diseases, deep brain stimulation, biosensors, real neural network-inspired artificial neural networks (ANNs) and the predictive modeling of information flows in neuronal networks. The book is broadly divided into three main sections including: current trends in technological developments, neural computation techniques to make sense of the neural behavioral data, and application of these technologies/techniques in the medical domain in the treatment of neural disorders.
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Advanced Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics

Author : Lev I. Deych
ISBN : 9783319715506
Genre : Science
File Size : 55.23 MB
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This introduction to quantum mechanics is intended for undergraduate students of physics, chemistry, and engineering with some previous exposure to quantum ideas. Following in Heisenberg’s and Dirac’s footsteps, this book is centered on the concept of the quantum state as an embodiment of all experimentally available information about a system, and its representation as a vector in an abstract Hilbert space. This conceptual framework and formalism are introduced immediately, and developed throughout the first four chapters, while the standard Schrödinger equation does not appear until Chapter 5. The book grew out of lecture notes developed by the author over fifteen years of teaching at the undergraduate level. In response to numerous requests by students, material is presented with an unprecedented level of detail in both derivation of technical results and discussion of their physical significance. The book is written for students to enjoy reading it, rather than to use only as a source of formulas and examples. The colloquial and personal writing style makes it easier for readers to connect with the material. Additionally, readers will find short, relatable snippets about the “founding fathers” of quantum theory, their difficult historical circumstances, personal failings and triumphs, and often tragic fate. This textbook, complete with extensive original end-of-chapter exercises, is recommended for use in one- or two-semester courses for upper level undergraduate and beginning graduate students in physics, chemistry, or engineering.
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Neural Networks In A Softcomputing Framework

Author : Ke-Lin Du
ISBN : 9781846283031
Genre : Computers
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This concise but comprehensive textbook reviews the most popular neural-network methods and their associated techniques. Each chapter provides state-of-the-art descriptions of important major research results of the respective neural-network methods. A range of relevant computational intelligence topics, such as fuzzy logic and evolutionary algorithms – powerful tools for neural-network learning – are introduced. The systematic survey of neural-network models and exhaustive references list will point readers toward topics for future research. The algorithms outlined also make this textbook a valuable reference for scientists and practitioners working in pattern recognition, signal processing, speech and image processing, data analysis and artificial intelligence.
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