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Fruit From A Poisonous Tree

Author : Melvin Stamper Jd
ISBN : 9780595524969
Genre : Law
File Size : 56.37 MB
Format : PDF
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"This book is a veritable powerhouse that shatters, in one instant, the wall of lies and deceit that took decades to build upon our impressionable minds. Stamper's ability to explain complex legal and political information in a comprehensive yet concise manner is without equal. Like a master sculptor he has chipped away the 'Words of Art and Deception' to reveal the inescapable and undeniable Truth. This book has single-handedly bared the cleverly crafted schemes of a Power-lusting Elite." ~ Paul Nash, DC, ND, CCN, ACU, Holistic Medicine, Minneapolis "If only a portion of what this researcher has discovered is verifiable, we as a nation of free people must hang our heads in shame. The future generations will not forgive us or forget the terrible injustice we have let befall them." ~ Fred Diaulas, Professor of Ethics, University of North Florida "In 1954 I began my legal practice as an assistant district attorney in the city of Miami. We switched from common law pleading to statutory pleading and no one asked why. Now I know the answer, and it depresses me to no end." ~ Ralph G. Mitchell, JD, Attorney at Law, St. Augustine, Florida.
Category: Law

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Author : Richard W. Carson
ISBN : 9781620180181
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 20.21 MB
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Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, The True Story of Murder in a Small Town,begins on a steamy August night with two teenagers, brother and sister, on an evil mission deep in a rural Michigan forest. For one desperate moment headlights appear on the lonely access road. Will they be found out? Thus the story of one ofstate’s strangest criminal cases unfolds. Girl breaks up with boyfriend. He turns violent. She disappears without a trace. Then state police investigators set out on what at first looks like a fool’s journey. The story is colored by a bizarre Ouija board death prophesy and the roles of two psychics, a former practicing witch and a handsome young artist who is suspected of Satanism. The canny and elusive suspect taunts police and seems always to be one step ahead of them. When a key witness is daunted by uncharacteristic injuries, a mysterious medium tells him he is the victim of black magic practiced by the suspect’s grandmother. And when, after eight years,the suspect finally is brought to trial, he is represented by a Roman Catholic priest.
Category: True Crime

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Author : Kerri Mellifont
ISBN : STANFORD:36105134514350
Genre : Law
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"...The importance of derivative evidence and the way that courts treat its admissibility cannot be underestimated. In many cases, the determination of whether or not derivative evidence will be admitted has the functional effect of deciding the outcome of a trial. ..." M Wiseman, "The Derivative Imperative: An Analysis of Derivative Evidence in Canada" (1997) 39 Criminal Law Quarterly 435, 491.The fate of a criminal trial can be determined by a decision by the trial judge to exclude evidence which has come about by illegal or improper investigative means. An exclusion of a confession obtained involuntarily, or drugs located in an illegal search, can result in the collapse of a case against an accused.Although much has been written in Australia on the rule and discretions to exclude such evidence, little has been written on a particular species of such evidence, that is, evidence which is derived from evidence which has been obtained by illegal or improper investigative means. This is so even though a criminal law practitioner is not infrequently faced with a brief of evidence which contains evidence which has been derived from other evidence which itself was illegally or improperly obtained.Described variously in overseas literature as "derivative evidence" or "fruit of the poisonous tree", this species of evidence gives rise to considerations which are peculiar to it when applying the exclusionary rule and discretions. Thus, the second or subsequent confession obtained after in consequence of an improperly obtained confession may require the judge to think differently on the question of exclusion. Similarly, the bank records located in consequence of scraps of paper found during an illegal search of an accused person's residence may call into play additional factors to weigh in the balance required by the public policy discretion.This text provides practitioners with a readily comprehensible analysis of the operation of the exclusionary rule and discretions in Australia, including the factors which come in to play generally with respect to all evidence illegally and improperly obtained, and more specifically with respect to derivative evidence.
Category: Law

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Author : Florian Geyer
ISBN : 9789290797128
Genre : Detention of persons
File Size : 24.50 MB
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Category: Detention of persons

Fruit Of A Poisonous Tree

Author : Norm Harris
ISBN : 9781588209634
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When a young Navy SEAL is savagely murdered in a Seattle alley, presumably by a Marine Corps war hero, Navy lawyer Faydra Green is ordered to investigate. Although this is her first homicide assignment, it does not take Faydra long to decide the accused man is innocent. Someone wants her investigation to quietly disappear, but Faydra is determined to clear the accused man's name, discover why she has been made an accessory to a cover up, and find out who is responsible. But she will need all her wits about her to unravel the intricate web of lies and deception that stand between her and the answers she seeks. Faydra's quest for the truth launches her on a heart-pounding voyage across the world in a desperate race against time. Along the way, she will contend with the murky backwaters of governmental dirty deals and international intrigue, follow every lead, and risk her life in a bid to halt a catastrophic conflict that has three nations on the brink of war.
Category: Fiction

Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

Author : Joyce and Jim Lavene
ISBN : 1101500344
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Meet Peggy Lee: botanist, detective’s widow, and owner of The Potting Shed, an urban gardener’s paradise in downtown Charlotte. Mild winters keep the store thriving all year round, but there are plenty of people with colder intentions… What made Peggy’s lifelong friend Park Lamonte drive off a ramp to his death? Park’s aged mother suspects his wife Beth of killing him for the ten-million-dollar insurance policy. The police think so too. But Peggy has a growing suspicion that there’s more to the story. She’s convinced Beth is innocent—even after Park’s mother is also killed, and evidence emerges that seems to point to Beth. Can Peggy maintain her gardening business, teach her botany classes, nurture her relationship with her new man, deal with her unruly Great Dane, and still find time to extract the truth? GARDENING TIPS INCLUDED!
Category: Fiction

Dakota S Diary The Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Author : M. T. Connolly
ISBN : 0985737115
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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I stopped at a Starbuck's on 2nd Avenue in New York City on the upper east side. I purchased a grande and went over to a vacant table near the window that had two empty chairs. I sat down in the closest one and intended to put my computer on the other chair. I pulled back the chair and saw this notebook lying on its seat. It contained the story of a woman, named Dakota, who tried to save her marriage but ended up not only losing that but also so much of what she believed she stood for that she was unable to look at herself in the mirror. She told this tale to this notebook looking for help.
Category: Fiction

Reasons Why Donald Sterling Is Right

Author : MR Johnie B Williams
ISBN : 0985060956
Genre :
File Size : 40.74 MB
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With his 35 plus years of helping black people, is Donald Sterling really a racist or victim of a crime of passion? In this historical text that considers Donald Sterling's remarks as a contribution to the community; author Johnie Williams lays out a solid foundation to begin reconsidering the legacy of Donald Sterling. The e-book, which is now available will take an objective approach, examining the body of Donald Sterling's work. The author contrasts the results with rich black people only to reveal that several of Donald Sterling's observations are true. The book, like Donald Sterling, questions the efforts made by the black community to end it's plight. It also questions if all those who could have assisted in ending this plight have really done all that they can do. "Donald Sterling should not be asking what the black celebrities have done for the black community; black people should be asking black celebrities what they have really done for the black community." The book includes chapters like, "The Black Monetary Fund," "In Some Instances Discrimination is Fair Game," "Jews vs. Black People," and a whole lot more. In this page turning thriller readers will be convinced that America needs the Donald Sterlings of today.