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From Roman To Early Christian Thessalonike

Author : Laura Nasrallah
ISBN : 9780674053229
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 32.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume brings together international scholars of religion, archaeologists, and scholars of art and architectural history to investigate social, political, and religious life in Roman and early Christian Thessalonike, an important metropolis in the Hellenistic, Roman, and early Christian periods and beyond. This volume is the first broadly interdisciplinary investigation of Roman and early Christian Thessalonike in English and offers new data and new interpretations by scholars of ancient religion and archaeology. The book covers materials usually treated by a broad range of disciplines: New Testament and early Christian literature, art historical materials, urban planning in antiquity, material culture and daily life, and archaeological artifacts from the Roman to the late antique period.
Category: Architecture

Saint Demetrios Of Thessaloniki

Author : James Constantine Skedros
ISBN : 1563382814
Genre : Religion
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"The late antique city of Thessaloniki claimed particular devotion to a local Christian hero and martyr of the early fourth century named Demetrios. Hagiographical texts depict Demetrios as a young Roman citizen who was arrested, jailed, and martyred during a visit by the emperor Galerius to Thessaloniki in the first decade of the fourth century. A popular local veneration of the saint quickly developed, and by the middle of the seventh century St. Demetrios was venerated as a divine patron and protector of Thessaloniki." "Through examination of archaeological, art-historical, and textual evidence, this book seeks to analyze the process by which Demetrios rose to the status of divine urban patron. The evidence shows how the cult of St. Demetrios developed in a manner quite different from other contemporary martyr cults, thus suggesting wider implications for the history of martyr veneration in early Christianity."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Category: Religion

Ephesos Metropolis Of Asia

Author : Helmut Koester
ISBN : OCLC:755261701
Genre : Ephesus (Extinct city)
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Category: Ephesus (Extinct city)

Life Death And Representation

Author : Jaś Elsner
ISBN : 9783110202137
Genre : History
File Size : 40.60 MB
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The volume presents essays on different aspects of Roman sarcophagi. These varied approaches produce freshinsights into a subject which has received increased interest in English-language scholarship, with a new awareness of the important contribution that sarcophagi can make to the study of the social use and production of Roman art. Metropolitan sarcophagi are the main focus of the volume, which will cover a wide time range from the first century AD to post classical periods (including early Christian sarcophagi and post-classical reception). Other papers will look at aspects of viewing and representation, iconography, and marble analysis.
Category: History

Prejudice And Christian Beginnings

Author : Laura Nasrallah
ISBN : 9781451412857
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.71 MB
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While scholars of the New Testament and its Roman environment have recently focused attention on ethnicity, on the one hand, and gender on the other, the two questions have often been discussed separately-and without reference to the contemporary critical study of race theory. This interdisciplinary volume addresses this lack by drawing together new essays by prominent scholars in the fields of New Testament, classics, and Jewish studies. These essays push against the marginalization of race and ethnicity studies and put the received wisdom of New Testament studies squarely in the foreground.
Category: Religion

Confessions Of A Confirmed Extensionalist

Author : Willard Van Orman Quine
ISBN : 0674030842
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51.36 MB
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In the twenty years between his last collection of essays and his death in 2000, Quine continued his work and occasionally modified his position on central philosophical issues. This volume collects the main essays from this last, productive period of Quine s prodigious career."
Category: Philosophy

Christian Responses To Roman Art And Architecture

Author : Laura Salah Nasrallah
ISBN : 9780521766524
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 59.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Laura Nasrallah argues that early Christian literature is best understood when read alongside the archaeological remains of Roman antiquity.
Category: Architecture

Histories Of Peirene

Author : Betsey Ann Robinson
ISBN : 9780876619650
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 65.82 MB
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The Peirene Fountain as described by its first excavator, Rufus B. Richardson, is the most famous fountain of Greece. Here is a retrospective of a wellspring of Western civilization, distinguished by its long history, service to a great ancient city, and early identification as the site where Pegasus landed and was tamed by the hero Bellerophon. Spanning three millennia and touching a fourth, Peirene developed from a nameless spring to a renowned source of inspiration, from a busy landmark in Classical Corinth to a quiet churchyard and cemetery in the Byzantine era, and finally from free-flowing Ottoman fountains back to the streams of the source within a living ruin. These histories of Peirene as a spring and as a fountain, and of its watery imagery, form a rich cultural narrative whose interrelations and meanings are best appreciated when studied together. The author deftly describes the evolution of the Fountain of Peirene framed against the underlying landscape and its ancient, medieval, and modern settlement, viewed from the perspective of Corinthian culture and spheres of interaction. Published with the assistance of the Getty Foundation. Winner of the 2011 Prose Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence in the category of Archaeology/Anthropology. The Prose Awards are given annually by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing division of the American Association of Publishers.
Category: Architecture

The Dynamics Of Masters Literature

Author : Wiebke Denecke
ISBN : 0674056094
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 37.28 MB
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The importance of the rich corpus of âeoeMasters Literatureâe that developed in early China since the fifth century bce has long been recognized. But just what are these texts? Scholars have often approached them as philosophy, but these writings have also been studied as literature, history, and anthropological, religious, and paleographic records. How should we translate these texts for our times? This book explores these questions through close readings of seven examples of Masters Literature and asks what proponents of a âeoeChinese philosophyâe gained by creating a Chinese equivalent of philosophy and what we might gain by approaching these texts through other disciplines, questions, and concerns. What happens when we remove the accrued disciplinary and conceptual baggage from the Masters Texts? What neglected problems, concepts, and strategies come to light? And can those concepts and strategies help us see the history of philosophy in a different light and engender new approaches to philosophical and intellectual inquiry? By historicizing the notion of Chinese philosophy, we can, the author contends, answer not only the question of whether there is a Chinese philosophy but also the more interesting question of the future of philosophical thought around the world.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Eerdmans Encyclopedia Of Early Christian Art And Archaeology

Author : Finney
ISBN : 9780802890160
Genre : Art, Early Christian
File Size : 61.72 MB
Format : PDF
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More than 400 distinguished scholars, including archaeologists, art historians, historians, epigraphers, and theologians, have written the 1,455 entries in this monumental encyclopedia--the first comprehensive reference work of its kind. From Aachen to Zurzach, Paul Corby Finney's three-volume masterwork draws on archaeological and epigraphic evidence to offer readers a basic orientation to early Christian architecture, sculpture, painting, mosaic, and portable artifacts created roughly between AD 200 and 600 in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Clear, comprehensive, and richly illustrated, this work will be an essential resource for all those interested in late antique and early Christian art, archaeology, and history. --
Category: Art, Early Christian