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Author : Shawn Chesser
ISBN : 0986430277
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"A gut-wrenching, hard hitting series that will leave you breathless." John O'Brien - Author of the New World series "Shawn Chesser is a master of the zombie genre." Mark Tufo - Author of the Zombie Fallout series "Through a combination of tight, well-structured plots and fully realized characters, Chesser has emerged as one of the top indie writers in the business." Joe McKinney - Two time Bram Stoker Award winner, and best-selling author of the Dead World series Frayed: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Edited by Monique Happy Editorial Services 139,000 words Frayed, Book 9 in the bestselling Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series, picks up three weeks after Ghosts, Book 8, left off. Outbreak - Day1 Like a fragile house of cards in a hurricane, Presidents, Premiers, entire governments and their ruling bodies disappeared instantly. Some had ensconced themselves in deep underground bunkers or remained holed up in fortified strongholds, but history would tell that most had been swallowed up by the dead - never to be heard from again. Since that last normal Saturday in July, the Omega virus has indiscriminately delivered destruction and death to all four points of the compass-the latter having recently been visited upon former Delta Force soldier Cade Grayson and the small group of civilian survivors making their home in the subterranean compound near Eden, Utah. In the three weeks since mounting a brash rescue mission to a zombie-infested Los Angeles and returning home to find lives of loved ones hanging in the balance, Cade has occupied himself with runs outside the wire to procure supplies necessary to ride out what the Farmer's Almanac predicts will be a long, cold winter. As Cade and his team seize an unforeseen opportunity provided by the plummeting temperatures, he quickly realizes they are in a race against time-and nature's fickle whims. And as they all labor to make the most of this gift horse, little does he know, even as Old Man Winter covers the valley with the first snow of the season, the infamous Mister Murphy is about to hurl a wicked curveball his way. Because like the fabled butterfly effect-a single action from the past is about to set in motion a chain of events that could at once spell doom for Eden as a sanctuary and scatter the entire group into the wind. Come along and see if our tenacious little group will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for one more precious day.

The Complex The Reanimates Book 1

Author : J. Rudolph
ISBN : 9781618687562
Genre : Fiction
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Cali Anglin, RN, had a great life. It may have been nothing special to the rest of the world, but she loved it. That was on a Wednesday. By Friday, it was gone forever. With the government gone, electricity extinguished, and the food supply dwindling, she has to face questions she’s never asked herself before–just how far would she go to save her family, her friends and her rapidly collapsing community? Would she kill for them? Would she die for them? She’s about to find out.
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Kingdoms Of The Dead

Author : Ian Woodhead
ISBN : 1502395975
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Kingdomsa of the Dead: The zombie apocalypse like you've never seen it before. The plague destroyed nine-tenths of the population, and the dead refuse to rot. The survivors learn that each and every one of them carries a death sentence: the virus circulating in their very bloodstreams. Just how far will one scientist go - how many people's lives will he destroy in his quest to save the human race? The fates of several worlds hang in the balance. *** It had only been a week after the twins' thirteenth birthday party when the whole world had gone to complete shit. At first, both Mortimer and Daniel had thought that witnessing the dead coming back to life and eating folks was probably the most awesome thing ever to happen in their lives. Seeing all those zombies killing people on the nightly news was far better than anything that their video games could have come up with. Their excitement took a serious blow when the news hit the Internet that a select few were turning without getting bitten. The fear became more profound when these select few began growing daily. When the outbreak reached their hometown, their terror increased exponentially. Will the twins and their older brother, Martin, survive? Will they learn the truth about the infection that decimated the world's population, and their role in saving the human race? *** "Every single one of those things is a chemical disaster. As long as the zombies still shuffle about, their bodies stay together. It's only when the things are truly dead when the fun and games begin. Their flesh is nothing more than a foul concoction of highly toxic and corrosive chemicals." Tony looked at his wife. "How on earth do you dispose of countless millions of corpses that refuse to rot?" Tony must battle to find the answers before time runs out for all of them. *** Even after four long, miserable years, Kenny's mind and body wouldn't allow him to forget his impossible resurrection. Of all the millions of souls the plague of death had taken, Kenny believed that only he had risen with his humanity hanging by a thread. Right now, his thread had frayed to the point of snapping. If he didn't get his injection, Kenny's joints would stiffen and the cold would grip his body, and this time the sickness would not release him. He'd be dead for sure this time. After that, there would be no stopping that urge to bite into sweet human meat. Join Kenny and his sister, Diane, as they attempt to navigate - the Kingdoms of the Dead.

Fantasy Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105014747732
Genre : Fantasy fiction
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