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Foundations Of Christianity

Author : Karl Kautsky
ISBN : 0902869930
Genre : History
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Kautsky is probably the first Marxist to interest himself both in the movement and the enigmatic personality of the crucified prophet. His "Foundations of Christianity" is one of the most popular Marxist theoretical works due to the interest of socialist militants to see a vision of the origins of Christianity which permits the modern workers movement to appropriate to itself the figure of Jesus as a prophet and martyr for the proletarian cause. (Christian)
Category: History

Behind The Myths

Author : John Pickard
ISBN : 9781481783637
Genre : Religion
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There has never been a more important time for a study of the social, economic, and political origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the three important world religions that share a common root. This book adopts a Marxist, that is a materialist, view of human development, so it takes as its starting point the idea that gods, angels, miracles, and other supernatural phenomena do not exist in the real world and therefore cannot be taken as explanations for the origin and rise of these faiths. It looks instead at the material conditions at appropriate periods in antiquity and the social and economic forces that were at work, to outline the real foundations of these three doctrines. In doing so, it challenges the historicity of key figures like Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. This is a unique book that draws on the research, knowledge, and expertise of hundreds of historians, archaeologists, and scholars to create a new synthesis that is both coherent and completely based on a materialist world outlook. It is a book written by an unbeliever for other unbelievers as a contribution to a discussion among atheists and secularists as to the real origins of the so-called Abramic faiths. It will be a revelatory read, even to those already firmly of an atheist or secularist persuasion, underpinning their nonreligious views, and it will provide a valuable resource for all those who might be coming to question the hold that organized religion has had on human society.
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Paul And Economics

Author : Thomas R. Blanton IV
ISBN : 9781506406046
Genre : Religion
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The social context of Paul’s mission and congregations has been the study of intense investigation for decades, but only in recent years have questions of economic realities and the relationship between rich and poor come to the forefront. In Paul and Economics, leading scholars address a variety of topics in contemporary discussion, including an overview of the Roman economy; the economic profile of Paul and of his communities, and stratification within them; architectural considerations regarding where they met; food and drink; idol meat and the Lord’s Supper; material conditions of urban poverty; patronage; slavery; travel; gender and status; the collection for Jerusalem; and the role of Marxist theory and the question of political economy in Paul scholarship.
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Are The Jews A Race

Author : Karl Kautsky
ISBN : 1388965658
Genre : History
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An early attempt by one of the world's leading Jewish Communist theoreticians to counter early twentieth century anti-Semitism-which argued that Jews were an alien non-European race-by attempting to prove that the Jews do not constitute a specific race, but are rather a mixture of many different groups. In this book, Karl Kautsky analyses physical traits and behavioural patterns among Jews and non-Jews alike, sets out what he sees as the definition of pure and mixed races, and then posits Jewish history over these two frameworks to draw his conclusion that the Jews are of mixed racial origins. He also discusses the mental attributes of Jews and their propensity to urbanized commercial life-an attribute which Kautsky ascribes to centuries of selective in-breeding in the mercantile classes. Although parts of this work have now been superseded by modern DNA tests (which have proven that Jews do indeed share a great genetic commonality), Kautsky's discussion of Zionism, antiSemitism, and the future of Palestine and the assimilationist trends of World Jewry are still highly relevant and of importance to the present-day. About the author: Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) was recognized as among the most authoritative promulgators of Orthodox Marxism after the death of Friedrich Engels and was called by some the "Pope of Marxism." Following the First World War, Kautsky became an outspoken critic of the Bolshevik Revolution and its excesses, engaging in polemics with V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky on the nature of the Soviet state. A principal figure in the history of the Internationalist Socialist movement, he first became famous as editor of the fourth volume of Karl Marx's economic critique of capitalism, Das Kapital.
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Handbook Of Global Contemporary Christianity

Author :
ISBN : 9789004310780
Genre : Religion
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The Handbook of Contemporary Christianity: Movements, Institutions & Allegiance traces how the largest religion in the world is increasingly expressed in energetic global forms – leading to fresh modes of organisation, belonging, believing, and traditional and syncretic movements.
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Atheism In Christianity

Author : Ernst Bloch
ISBN : 1844673944
Genre : Philosophy
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"Only an atheist can be a good Christian and only a Christian can be a good atheist," wrote Ernst Bloch. Yet unlike Dawkins and Hitchens, who perceive religion as an opiate handed out by repressive priest- and mullah-run states, it was not enough for Bloch to posit religious belief as a delusion. Belief for him rested in social context. It could not simply be dismissed as "the sigh of the oppressed creature in a hostile world" without recognizing that the sigh contained the pre-illumination of a different, better world. Atheism in Christianity is a detailed historical study of the Bible and its long standing fascination across classes, locating its appeal in the stories that oppose the under-classes to authority and that promise transcendence. A new introduction by Terry Eagleton will bring this classic up to date for modern audiences.
Category: Philosophy

Chinese Theology

Author : Chloë Starr
ISBN : 9780300224931
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36.42 MB
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This major new study examines the history of Chinese theologies as they have navigated dynastic change, anti-imperialism, and the heights of Maoist propaganda In this groundbreaking and authoritative study, Chloë Starr explores key writings of Chinese Christian intellectuals, from philosophical dialogues of the late imperial era to sermons and micro blogs of theological educators and pastors in the twenty-first century. Through a series of close textual readings, she sheds new light on the fraught issues of Chinese Christian identity and the evolving question of how Christianity should relate to Chinese society.
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