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Forum Non Conveniens

Author : Ronald A. Brand
ISBN : 9780195329278
Genre : Law
File Size : 81.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides and in-depth analysis of the common law doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens as it has evolved in the four major common law countries.
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The Nature And Enforcement Of Choice Of Court Agreements

Author : Mukarrum Ahmed
ISBN : 9781509914463
Genre : Law
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Format : PDF
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"This constitutes a work of impressive scholarship that will become a major reference point for future discourse on choice of court agreements. Dr Ahmed advances a firm thesis in a lucid manner that will satisfy both academics and practitioners. The discussion is supported by a monumental foundation of underpinning research. Ahmed's monograph throughout shows clear understanding of underlying substantive laws and in Chapter 11 displays a refreshing willingness to engage in intelligent speculation on the implications of Brexit." Professor David Milman, University of Lancaster. This book examines the fundamental juridical nature, classification and enforcement of choice of court agreements in international commercial litigation. It is the first full-length attempt to integrate the comparative and doctrinal analysis of choice of court agreements under the Brussels I Recast Regulation, the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements ('Hague Convention') and the English common law jurisdictional regime into a theoretical framework. In this regard, the book analyses the impact of a multilateral and regulatory conception of private international law on the private law enforcement of choice of court agreements before the English courts. In the process, it both pre-empts and offers innovative solutions to issues that may arise under the jurisprudence of the emergent Brussels I Recast Regulation and the Hague Convention. The need to understand the nature and enforcement of choice of court agreements before the English courts from the perspective of the EU private international law regime and the Hague Convention cannot be understated. This important new study aims to fill an existing gap in the literature in relation to an account of choice of court agreements which explores and reconnects arguments drawn from international legal theory with legal practice. However, the scope of the work remains most relevant for cross-border commercial lawyers interested in crafting pragmatic solutions to the conflicts of jurisdictions.
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Transaction Planning Using Rules On Jurisdiction And The Recognition And Enforcement Of Judgments

Author : Ronald A. Brand
ISBN : 9789004268111
Genre : Law
File Size : 58.53 MB
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Also available as an e-book Private international law is normally discussed in terms of rules applied in litigation involving parties from more than one State. Those same rules are fundamentally important, however, to those who plan crossborder commercial transactions with a desire to avoid having a dispute arise — or at least to place a party in the best position possible if a dispute does arise. This makes rules regarding jurisdiction, applicable law, and the recognition and enforcement of judgments vitally important to contract negotiations. It also makes the consideration of transactional interests important when developing new rules of private international law. These lectures examine rules of jurisdiction and rules of recognition and enforcement of judgments in the United States and the European Union, considering their similarities, their differences, and how they affect the transaction planning process.
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Civil Litigation In A Globalising World

Author : X.E. Kramer
ISBN : 9789067048163
Genre : Law
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Globalization of legal traffic and the inherent necessity of having to litigate in foreign courts or to enforce judgments in other countries considerably complicate civil proceedings due to great differences in civil procedure. This may consequently jeopardize access to justice. This triggers the debate on the need for harmonization of civil procedure. In recent years, this debate has gained in importance because of new legislative and practical developments both at the European and the global level. This book discusses the globalization and harmonization of civil procedure from the angles of legal history, law and economics and (European) policy. Attention is paid to the interaction with private law and private international law, and European and global projects that aim at the harmonization of civil procedure or providing guidelines for fair and efficient adjudication. It further includes contributions that focus on globalization and harmonization of civil procedure from the viewpoint of eight different jurisdictions. This book is an unique combination of theory and practice and valuable for academic researchers in the area of civil procedure, private international law, international law as well as policy makers (national and EU), lawyers, judges and bailiffs.
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Encyclopedia Of Private International Law

Author : Jürgen Basedow
ISBN : 1782547223
Genre : Comparative law
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The Encyclopedia of Private International Law quite simply represents the definitive reference work in the field. Bringing together 195 authors from 57 countries the Encyclopedia sheds light on the current state of Private International Law around the globe, providing unique insights into the discipline and how it is affected by globalization and increased regional integration.The role and character of Private International Law has changed tremendously over the past decades. With the steady increase of global and regional inter-connectedness the practical significance of the discipline has grown. And so has the number of legislative activities on the national, international and, most importantly, the European level.The Encyclopedia is a rich and varied resource in four volumes. The first two volumes provide comprehensive coverage of topical aspects of Private International Law in the form of 247 alphabetically arranged entries. The third volume provides insightful detail on the national Private International Law regimes of 80 different countries. The fourth volume presents invaluable, and often unique, English language translations of the national codifications and provisions of Private International Law in those countries.Key Features:* 247 substantive entries* 80 national reports* Entries organized alphabetically for ease of navigation * Fully cross-referenced* Entries written by the world's foremost scholars of Private International Law* National codifications in English collected together into a single volume for quick reference* World class editor team.
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The 2005 Hague Convention On Choice Of Court Agreements

Author : Ronald A. Brand
ISBN : 9781139470438
Genre : Law
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The Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements was concluded on June 30, 2005, and promises to become an important instrument in judicial relations throughout the world, making choice of forum clauses both more likely to be honored and more likely to lead to judgments that will be recognized and enforced around the globe. The Convention, and the proposed treatise, will serve as an indispensable source for both transactions lawyers drafting the transnational commercial contracts of the future and for litigators involved in the resolution of disputes between parties to important transnational commercial transactions.
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International Jurisdiction And Commercial Litigation

Author : Hélène van Lith
ISBN : 9067043036
Genre : Law
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avoiding gaps and provide a claimant with limited forum shopping possibilities. In that same vein, the paradigm proposed by Ms. Van Lith ought to shift to special grounds of jurisdiction based on sufficient connection between the defendant and the forum state. In that respect, she proposes jurisdiction at the place where the defendant has a fixed place of business from which he carries out business activities directly related to the claimant’s contractual claim. Absent such a place of business, jurisdiction is to be vested in the courts of the country where the defendant is engaged in substantial business activities in relation to the contract with a limited forum shopping for a claimant in favour of the court of the defendant’s home country. Other general or special grounds for jurisdiction (such as claimant-related connections or property-based connections) are rejected because they do not meet the proposed paradigm of sufficient connection. As to exceptions to international jurisdiction rules as proposed, Ms. Van Lith comes to the conclusion that a general escape provision is to be avoided except for the ‘tra- acting business’ rule where – in accordance with the paradigm proposed – international jurisdiction can be avoided in favour of the defendant’s home court when the dispute is insufficiently connected with the forum making it unfair under the circumstances to expect the defendant to be subjected to the jurisdiction of that court. In this respect, a balanced approach to predictability and flexibility is being proposed.
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Procedure And Private International Law

Author : Wendy Collins Perdue
ISBN : 1785361449
Genre :
File Size : 73.84 MB
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This collection brings together leading English language journal articles in the area of private international law. It focuses on a range of procedural issues that have particular salience for international litigation including the location of proceedings and discovery, class actions and the aggregation of claims, and the professional responsibility challenges for lawyers practicing in multiple jurisdictions. The articles are accompanied by an original introduction, which provides valuable context and insight for the issues addressed. This comprehensive new title is an essential tool for universities, academic institution libraries and international law scholars.

Human Rights In Business

Author : Juan José Álvarez Rubio
ISBN : 9781351979153
Genre : Law
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The capacity to abuse, or in general affect the enjoyment of human, labour and environmental rights has risen with the increased social and economic power that multinational companies wield in the global economy. At the same time, it appears that it is difficult to regulate the activities of multinational companies in such a way that they conform to international human, labour and environmental rights standards. This has partially to do with the organization of companies into groups of separate legal persons, incorporated in different states, as well as with the complexity of the corporate supply chain. Absent a business and human rights treaty, a more coherent legal and policy approach is required. Faced with the challenge of how to effectively access the right to remedy in the European Union for human rights abuses committed by EU companies in non-EU states, a diverse research consortium of academic and legal institutions was formed. The consortium, coordinated by the Globernance Institute for Democratic Governance, became the recipient of a 2013 Civil Justice Action Grant from the European Commission Directorate General for Justice. A mandate was thus issued for research, training and dissemination so as to bring visibility to the challenge posed and moreover, to provide some solutions for the removal of barriers to judicial and non-judicial remedy for victims of business-related human rights abuses in non-EU states. The project commenced in September 2014 and over the course of two years the consortium conducted research along four specific lines in parallel with various training sessions across EU Member States. The research conducted focused primarily on judicial remedies, both jurisdictional barriers and applicable law barriers; non-judicial remedies, both to company-based grievance. The results of this research endeavour make up the content of this report whose aim is to provide a scholarly foundation for policy proposals by identifying specific challenges relevant to access to justice in the European Union and to provide recommendations on how to remove legal and practical barriers so as to provide access to remedy for victims of business-related human rights abuses in non-EU states.
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Family Law In India

Author : K. B. Agrawal
ISBN : 9789041132925
Genre : Law
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After an informative general introduction, the book proceeds to an in-depth discussion ofthe sources and instruments of family and succession law, the authorities that adjudicateand administer the laws, and issues surrounding the person as a legal entity and the legaldisposition of property among family members. Such matters as nationality, domicile, andresidence; marriage, divorce, and cohabitation; adoption and guardianship; successionand inter vivos arrangements; and the acquisition and administration of estates are alltreated to a degree of depth that will prove useful in nearly any situation likely to arise inlegal practice.
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