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Forgotten Vilcabamba

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Genre : History
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FORGOTTEN VILCABAMBA is an entertaining new addition to the annals of archaeological exploration in the high Andes of Peru by architect/explorer Vincent R. Lee describing lost Vilcabamba, the once-powerful Incas' mysterious redoubt in the jungles of the Upper Amazon. Woven together are the region's bloody history in the aftermath of the Spanish Conquest, the saga of intrepid early efforts to unlock Vilcabamba's secrets three centuries later and the author's long but successful campaign to bring the hidden ruins of the Incas' long-forgotten final stronghold back to life." "A modern-day scientific adventure story set against a fascinating historical backdrop, FORGOTTEN VILCABAMBA has 515 pages, including 48 color plates, 60 pages of maps and drawings and a 65 page 'Guide to Inca Vilcabamba,' an invaluable key to this newly popular trekker's alternative to the badly over-crowded Inca Trail and Machu Picchu." "John Hemming, well-known British author of 'The Conquest of the Incas,' says in his Foreword to FORGOTTEN VILCABAMBA: '...Lee has finally revealed the secrets and solved the mysteries of Manco Inco's Vilcabamba. His detective work and conclusions are totally convincing (and his) many wonderful drawings constitute a treasure-house of new information...'
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Trekking Peru

Author : Robert Kunstaetter
ISBN : 9781594858734
Genre : Travel
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• 30 detailed treks—from approachable 1–2 day walks to challenging, extended treks • Includes geography, geology, climate, culture, economy, and more • Detailed information on passports, communications, and other travel needs Among the most dynamic travel destinations in South America, Peru boasts a wealth of trekking opportunities through glaciated mountain ranges, cloud forests, and Amazon jungle. It features the world’s greatest ancient road, the world’s deepest canyon, and the world’s third-highest waterfall. The country’s 15,000-mile Inca road network, extensive archaeological remains, and rich living cultural traditions, combined with 50 million acres of protected natural parks and reserves, make Peru ideally suited to trekking-based travel adventure. Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter, trail-tested authors and adventurous expats, bring the high quality of work they are known for to bear on Peru’s excellent trekking options. This new, full-color guidebook features everything you’ll need to find and plan for treks in the country, including the necessary permits and documentation, cultural tips for responsible trekking, information on trekking infrastructure, maps, public safety, trail safety, staying healthy, and much more! Trekking Peru showcases nine different regions in the country, covering popular areas such as Cusco and Lake Titicaca but also less-traveled areas such as the Great Inca Road and more remote areas in the Central Highlands. The variety the Kunstaetters offer and their insights as locals in the region are what make this guide stand apart and prove especially useful.
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The Last Days Of The Incas

Author : Kim MacQuarrie
ISBN : 9780743260503
Genre : History
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Documents the epic conquest of the Inca Empire as well as the decades-long insurgency waged by the Incas against the Conquistadors, in a narrative history that is partially drawn from the storytelling traditions of the Peruvian Amazon Yora people. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.
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Conquest Of The Incas

Author : John Hemming
ISBN : 033042730X
Genre : Incas
File Size : 85.35 MB
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'A superb work of narrative history' Antonia Fraser On 25 September 1513, a force of weary Spanish explorers cut through the forests of Panama and were confronted with an ocean: the Mar del Sur, or the Pacific Ocean. Six years later the Spaniards had established the town of Panama as a base from which to explore and exploit this unknown sea. It was the threshold of a vast expansion. From the first small band of Spanish adventurers to enter the mighty Inca empire, to the execution of the last Inca forty years later, The Conquest of the Incas is a story of bloodshed, infamy, rebellion and extermination, told as convincingly as if it happened yesterday. 'It is a delight to praise a book of this quality which combines careful scholarship with sparkling narrative skill' Philip Magnus, Sunday Times 'A superbly vivid history' The Times
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In Arabian Nights

Author : Tahir Shah
ISBN : 9780553904536
Genre : Travel
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Tahir Shah’s The Caliph’s House, describing his first year in Casablanca, was hailed by critics and compared to such travel classics as A Year in Provence and Under the Tuscan Sun. Now Shah takes us deeper into the heart of this exotic and magical land to uncover mysteries that have been hidden from Western eyes for centuries.… In this entertaining and penetrating book, Tahir sets out on a bold new journey across Morocco that becomes an adventure worthy of the mythical Arabian Nights. As he wends his way through the labyrinthine medinas of Fez and Marrakesh, traverses the Sahara sands, and tastes the hospitality of ordinary Moroccans, Tahir collects a dazzling treasury of traditional stories, gleaned from the heritage of A Thousand and One Nights. The tales, recounted by a vivid cast of characters, reveal fragments of wisdom and an oriental way of thinking that is both enthralling and fresh. A link in the chain of scholars and teachers who have passed these stories down for centuries like a baton in a relay race, Shah reaches layers of culture that most visitors hardly realize exist, and eventually discovers the story living in his own heart. Along the way he describes the colors, characters, and the passion of Morocco, and comes to understand why it is such an enchanting land. From master masons who labor only at night to Sufi wise men who write for soap operas, and Tuareg guides afflicted by reality TV, In Arabian Nights takes us on an unforgettable journey, shining a light on facets of a society that are normally left in darkness. From the Hardcover edition.
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Inca Gold

Author : Clive Cussler
ISBN : 9781416525721
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.70 MB
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Saving the lives of two American archaeologists who nearly drown in a sacrificial pool in the Andes Mountains, Dirk Pitt becomes unwittingly involved in a sinister crime organization that has discovered an ancient treasure.
Category: Fiction

Machu Picchu

Author : Richard L. Burger
ISBN : 9780300097634
Genre : History
File Size : 65.9 MB
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Details the status of contemporary research on Incan civilization, and addresses mysteries of the founding and abandonment of Machu Picchu, charting its archaeological history from 1911 to the present.
Category: History

Lost City Of The Incas

Author : Hiram Bingham
ISBN : 9780297865339
Genre : History
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First published in the 1950s, this is a classic account of the discovery in 1911 of the lost city of Machu Picchu. In 1911 Hiram Bingham, a pre-historian with a love of exotic destinations, set out to Peru in search of the legendary city of Vilcabamba, capital city of the last Inca ruler, Manco Inca. With a combination of doggedness and good fortune he stumbled on the perfectly preserved ruins of Machu Picchu perched on a cloud-capped ledge 2000 feet above the torrent of the Urubamba River. The buildings were of white granite, exquisitely carved blocks each higher than a man. Bingham had not, as it turned out, found Vilcabamba, but he had nevertheless made an astonishing and memorable discovery, which he describes in his bestselling book LOST CITY OF THE INCAS.
Category: History

Andean Cocaine

Author : Paul Gootenberg
ISBN : 080788779X
Genre : History
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Illuminating a hidden and fascinating chapter in the history of globalization, Paul Gootenberg chronicles the rise of one of the most spectacular and now illegal Latin American exports: cocaine. Gootenberg traces cocaine's history from its origins as a medical commodity in the nineteenth century to its repression during the early twentieth century and its dramatic reemergence as an illicit good after World War II. Connecting the story of the drug's transformations is a host of people, products, and processes: Sigmund Freud, Coca-Cola, and Pablo Escobar all make appearances, exemplifying the global influences that have shaped the history of cocaine. But Gootenberg decenters the familiar story to uncover the roles played by hitherto obscure but vital Andean actors as well--for example, the Peruvian pharmacist who developed the techniques for refining cocaine on an industrial scale and the creators of the original drug-smuggling networks that decades later would be taken over by Colombian traffickers. Andean Cocaine proves indispensable to understanding one of the most vexing social dilemmas of the late twentieth-century Americas: the American cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and, in its wake, the seemingly endless U.S. drug war in the Andes.
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Author : Anthony Horowitz
ISBN : 0439680050
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Having escaped from Hong Kong, fifteen-year-old Matt and four other Gatekeepers take an ultimate stand against a destructive evil force that has unleashed a decimating storm as part of a plot to end the world.
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