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Forensic Metrology

Author : Ted Vosk
ISBN : 9781439826201
Genre : Law
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Forensic metrology is the application of scientific measurement to the investigation and prosecution of crime. Forensic measurements are relied upon to determine breath and blood alcohol and drug concentrations, weigh seized drugs, perform accident reconstruction, and for many other applications. Forensic metrology provides a basic framework for the performance and critical evaluation of all forensic measurements. It enables forensic scientists to better develop, perform and communicate forensic measurements; lawyers to better understand, present and cross-examine the results of forensic measurements; and judges to better subject testimony and evidence based on forensic measurements to the appropriate gatekeeping analysis. Forensic Metrology Scientific Measurement and Inference for Lawyers, Judges, and Criminalists sets forth the metrological framework required to reach sound conclusions based on measured results and the inferences those results support. Armed with this knowledge, scientists and nonscientists alike can: Engage in critical analysis of forensic measurements across a broad spectrum Better understand what measured results represent Successfully prepare and present testimony and/or cases that involve such evidence Recognize poor measurement practices and prevent bad science from undermining the search for truth in the courtroom The book begins by introducing and developing metrological principles and concepts. Next, it presents advanced and mathematically rigorous principles and methods of inference in metrology. Throughout the book, scientific and legal aspects of measurements are addressed and accompanied by examples. The accompanying CD includes an in-depth Primer on Forensic Metrology and provides practice materials for legal and forensic professionals that include court decisions, legal motions, and expert reports. A basic understanding of forensic metrology will improve the practices of both legal and forensic professionals, helping to ensure the integrity of the legal system, its fact-finding functions, and the practice of justice in the courtroom.
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Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium Proms 2015 Conference Proceedings

Author : Quan Zhang
ISBN : 9789811016875
Genre : Psychology
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This book collects and organizes the original studies presented at PROMS 2015 conference on theories and applications of Rasch model. It provides useful examples of the Rasch model used to address practical measurement problems across a range of different disciplines including Item Response Theory (IRT), philosophy of measurement, dimensionality, the role of fit statistics and residuals, application, educational application, language testing, health-related research, business and industrial application and Rasch-based computer software. PROMS 2015 (Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium) was held from August 20-24th 2015, in Fukuoka, Japan. The goal of this conference is to bring together the researchers from academia, universities, hospitals, industry, management sector as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of Rasch Model.
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Fingerprints And Other Ridge Skin Impressions Second Edition

Author : Christophe Champod
ISBN : 9781498728959
Genre : Law
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Since its publication, the first edition of Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions has become a classic in the field. This second edition is completely updated, focusing on the latest technology and techniques—including current detection procedures, applicable processing and analysis methods—all while incorporating the expansive growth of literature on the topic since the publication of the original edition. Forensic science has been challenged in recent years as a result of errors, courts and other scientists contesting verdicts, and changes of a fundamental nature related to previous claims of infallibility and absolute individualization. As such, these factors represent a fundamental change in the way training, identifying, and reporting should be conducted. This book addresses these questions with a clear viewpoint as to where the profession—and ridge skin identification in particular—must go and what efforts and research will help develop the field over the next several years. The second edition introduces several new topics, including Discussion of ACE-V and research results from ACE-V studies Computerized marking systems to help examiners produce reports New probabilistic models and decision theories about ridge skin evidence interpretation, introducing Bayesnet tools Fundamental understanding of ridge mark detection techniques, with the introduction of new aspects such as nanotechnology, immunology and hyperspectral imaging Overview of reagent preparation and application Chapters cover all aspects of the subject, including the formation of friction ridges on the skin, the deposition of latent marks, ridge skin mark identification, the detection and enhancement of such marks, as well the recording of fingerprint evidence. The book serves as an essential reference for practitioners working in the field of fingermark detection and identification, as well as legal and police professionals and anyone studying forensic science with a view to understanding current thoughts and challenges in dactyloscopy.
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Professional Issues In Forensic Science

Author : Max M. Houck
ISBN : 9780128006238
Genre : Law
File Size : 35.8 MB
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Professional Issues in Forensic Science will introduce students to various topics they will encounter within the field of Forensic Science. Legal implications within the field will focus on expert witness testimony and procedural rules defined by both legislative statute and court decisions. These decisions affect the collection, analysis, and court admissibility of scientific evidence, such as the Frye and Daubert standards and the Federal Rules of Evidence. Existing and pending Forensic Science legislation will be covered, including laws governing state and national DNA databases. Ethical concerns stemming from the day-to-day balancing of competing priorities encountered by the forensic student will be discussed. Such competing priorities may cause conflicts between good scientific practice and the need to expedite work, meet legal requirements, and satisfy client’s wishes. The role of individual morality in Forensic Science and competing ethical standards between state and defense experts will be addressed. Examinations of ethical guidelines issued by various professional forensic organizations will be conducted. Students will be presented with examples of ethical dilemmas for comment and resolution. The management of crime laboratories will provide discussion on quality assurance/quality control practices and the standards required by the accreditation of laboratories and those proposed by Scientific Working Groups in Forensic Science. The national Academy of Sciences report on Strengthening Forensic Science will be examined to determine the impact of the field. Professional Issues in Forensic Science is a core topic taught in forensic science programs. This volume will be an essential advanced text for academics and an excellent reference for the newly practicing forensic scientist. It will also fit strategically and cluster well with our other forensic science titles addressing professional issues. Introduces readers to various topics they will encounter within the field of Forensic Science Covers legal issues, accreditation and certification, proper analysis, education and training, and management issues Includes a section on professional organizations and groups, both in the U.S. and Internationally Incorporates effective pedagogy, key terms, review questions, discussion question and additional reading suggestions
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Die Lehre Von Der Einheitst Terschaft

Author : Florian Hempel
ISBN : 9783640405732
Genre : Law
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2006 im Fachbereich Jura - Strafrecht, Note: 14 Punkte, Universität Leipzig (Juristische Fakultät), Veranstaltung: Seminar: "Täterschaft und Teilnahme", Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: „Die Idee, Täterschaft und Teilnahme in einem formlosen Urheber- oder Einheitstäterbegriff aufgehen zu lassen, kann keinen Beifall finden.“ Mit diesen Worten schloss Dr. Paul Bockelmann seine Betrachtungen bezüglich der modernen Entwicklung der Begriffe Täterschaft und Teilnahme. Als er seine Arbeit veröffentlichte, war bereits absehbar, dass auch die Große Strafrechtskommission, welcher er unter anderem auch angehörte, die Unterscheidung zwischen Täterschaft, Anstiftung und Beihilfe für den zu erarbeitenden Neuentwurf des Allgemeinen Teiles des StGB vorschlagen würde. In der Tat wurde dann im sog. E 1962, sowie im 2. StrRG an dieser Lösung festgehalten. Seither kennt das deutsche StGB für die Unterscheidung zwischen Täterschaft und Teilnahme sowie für die Beurteilung einzelner Tatbeiträge nur noch das sogenannte Dualistische Beteiligungssystem. Darin ist jedoch keineswegs eine generelle Abkehr vom Einheitstätermodell zu sehen. Dieses herrscht nach wie vor im OWiG, wie § 14 zeigt. Auch wird das Einheitstätermodell ungebrochen in manchen europäischen Staaten als Zentralgestalt von Täterschaft und Teilnahme angewendet. In nachstehender Seminararbeit soll neben einer Gegenüberstellung der Lehre von der Einheitstäterschaft und des Dualistischen Beteiligungssystems vor allem die Frage beantwortet werden, warum im Jahre 1958 erste Stimmen gegen das bis dahin vorherrschende Einheitstätermodell laut wurden und warum sich auch der Gesetzgeber schließlich dagegen entschied, warum selbiges aber im Gegenzug nach wie vor ungebrochen im OWiG Anwendung findet. Daneben sollen Ausblicke auf unsere europäischen Nachbarstaaten sowie auf die verschiedenen Lösungsansätze im Rahmen des Völkerstrafrechts gegeben werden.
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Empathische Trauerarbeit

Author : Lore Wehner
ISBN : 9783709115893
Genre : Medical
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Wenn ein Mensch stirbt, bleiben trauernde Angehörige und Freunde zurück. In geriatrischen oder anderen Pflegeeinrichtungen sind auch Mitbewohner und betreuende Pflegekräfte vom Verlust langjährig nahestehender Menschen betroffen. Trauernde Kinder oder Eltern, die ein Kind, Bruder oder Schwester verloren haben, sind in ganz besonderer Weise mit der überwältigenden, oft auch tabuisierten Emotion konfrontiert, der das Umfeld oft hilflos gegenübersteht. Dieses Buch bietet im einführenden Teil allgemeine Informationen zum Thema Trauer und Trauerarbeit. Im Praxisteil werden viele praxisnahe Beispiele für einen empathischen und lebensnahen Umgang mit der Trauer verschiedener Personengruppen in unterschiedlichen Settings aufgezeigt. Kranken- und Altenpflegekräfte, Sozialarbeiter, Pädagogen, Psychologen, Personen in Kriseninterventionsteams und Seelsorge usw. finden Anregungen, wie sie Angehörige und andere Bezugspersonen eines Verstorbenen aktiv begleiten und in ihrer Trauer empathisch unterstützen können.
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Medizinische Mikrobiologie Und Infektiologie

Author : Sebastian Suerbaum
ISBN : 9783662486788
Genre : Medical
File Size : 34.65 MB
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In diesem Lehrbuch wird die medizinische Mikrobiologie von den allgemeinen Grundlagen über die Immunologie, die Diagnostik bis hin zur Chemotherapie dargestellt. Dabei sind die Kapitel zu den einzelnen Erregern besonders übersichtlich gestaltet. Um den klinischen Bezug deutlich zu machen, gibt es eine eigene große Sektion zu den Krankheitsbildern. Ein durchdachtes Konzept macht das Lernen leicht.
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E Business Management

Author : Ralph Berndt
ISBN : 9783642567070
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.26 MB
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