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Regulating Food Law

Author : Anna Szajkowska
ISBN : 9789086861941
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78.7 MB
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Food Law

Author : Katharine Thompson
ISBN : 1780438214
Genre : Law
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Written by experts Food Law, 4th edition is the only book covering food and feed law in England and Wales. Written for practitioners and students, Food Law covers developments, discusses matters of particular difficulty, explains the torrent of legislation putting it in to context and covers relevant case law using illustrative examples where possible. The scope of food and feed law in England and Wales is ever widening. With stringent legislation in place, both nationally and emanating from the EU, the obligations in relation to food and feed law are increasingly onerous and constantly changing. Food Law also covers the law in related fields such as marketing standards for agricultural products, Community consumer protection as well as changes in the machinery of Government and covers the powers that have been given to DEFRA and the Department of Health and the decision by the Scottish Government to legislate and to take full control of Food Law for Scotland as a result of these powers. Contents: 1 The development of modern food law; 2 Central and local government control of food; 3 General principles and requirements of Community Food Law;; 4 Food Safety Act 1990: extent, subordinate, legislative powers, interpretation and presumptions; 5 Food Safety: rendering food injurious to health and inspection and seizure of suspected food; 6 Food Safety: unhygienic food businesses; 7 Hazards, warning systems, emergencies and crisis management; 8 Consumer protection: general offences; 9 Food labelling and advertising; 10 Food standards and descriptions; 11 Food claims and nutrition; 12 Food safety: additives, contaminants, flavourings, contact materials, residues and other substances in food; 13 Food hygiene: General; 14 Food hygiene: production and importation of products of animal origin for human consumption; 15 Food preparation and temperature controls: miscellaneous provisions; 16 Quantity and price marking requirements; 17 Feeding stuffs; 18 Enforcement: official controls on food and feed; 19 Enforcement: prosecutions and evidence; 20 Strict liability, defences, etc; 21 Civil remedies.
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Eu Food Law

Author : CaoimhÃn MacMaoláin
ISBN : 9781847313515
Genre : Law
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This is the first comprehensive analysis of the European Union law of food regulation. It details the way in which EU law impacts upon the production and sale of food throughout the Union. It examines the legal protection accorded to the free movement of food within the EU, discussing those circumstances in which Member States may derogate from this principle, in particular where this is done to protect human health or safeguard consumer interests. Chapter four discusses and places in context the international trade law influences on EU food law. Chapter five describes EU responses to recent food safety crises - avian influenza and BSE. The book also deals with issues such as nutrition law and policy, obesity, GMOs, organic food, animal welfare and food naming and labelling. This book offers an account of the historical, political, sociological and jurisprudential context of European Union food law. The author, who is an academic and consultant in this area, translates the legal and scientific complexities of food law into a lucid and compelling narrative. The resulting work will also prove an indispensable guide to the practitioner.
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Food Law

Author : Caoimhín MacMaoláin
ISBN : 9781782256106
Genre : Law
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This book provides a broad conspectus on the application of EU and international regulation of the food sector on English law. It is aimed at practitioners and students of this vital and emerging branch of law, which has become an important part of current political and legal debate. It is written not just for lawyers as a statement of current law, but is also aimed at all those involved or interested in the food industry who wish to familiarise themselves with how the law is applied practically in this jurisdiction. The book commences with a short conceptual framework for the study of food law. It then provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of current English law, explaining fully the detailed processes by which both international and national law and EU decision making have impacted upon most aspects of the production, sale and consumption of food in England. The book explains and assesses the operation of the current law by describing in detail the roles of Government, the Food Standards Agency and local enforcement authorities in the making and enforcing of laws concerning food. The work contains full outlines of the developments in the most significant areas of food law. It concentrates specifically on topics such as food labelling and advertising, quality and compositional requirements, geographical food names, genetic modification, organic production, animal welfare and also the role of law in tackling poor health, obesity, and diet-related disease. The book, though primarily designed as a law text, goes beyond the usual confines of such works. It sets out to explain and describe the impact of successive food crises, such as BSE and the use of horsemeat in beef products, on food safety and transparency requirements. The book considers and assesses how the existing rules on the chemical and biological safety of food impact on our law, and concludes with a review of the developing legal issues concerning the environmental impacts of current and proposed food law, in particular the relationship between food law, climate change and food security.
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Eu Food Law

Author : K Goodburn
ISBN : 9781855736306
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Given its fragmented development, EU food law can be seen as both complex and confusing. With its distinguished team of contributors, EU food law highlights the key issues so those non-specialists can understand the legislation and what it means for them. It is designed to help readers ask the right questions when developing and marketing products in the European Union, and to provide answers to those questions. The book begins with an overview of the development of EU food law, and then describes the main institutions involved in framing food legislation and the legislative process. This discussion is designed to provide a context for the chapters on specific aspects of EU food law that follow. Part one there are a series of chapters on legislation controlling food safety, ranging from the way food products are manufactured (hygiene and the control of contaminants) to food composition and packaging (additives and food contact materials). Part two considers how EU food law ensures that consumers are properly informed about the food products they buy. There are chapters on labelling, nutrition information, the increasingly important area of health claims, and the handling of foods for particular nutritional purposes. Part three of the book contains two case studies illustrating how these various strands of EU food law impact in practice on a particular food product, looking at both an established food ingredient and the emerging area of functional foods. EU food law provides an authoritative introduction and guide to a complex subject. It will be widely welcomed by all those designing food products for and selling food products in the European Union.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Eu Food Law And Policy

Author : Debra Holland
ISBN : 9789041121240
Genre : Law
File Size : 85.47 MB
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To all appearances, Europe is at present undergoing a crisis of consumer confidence with respect to the food industry. Recent food scares, the genetically-modified food controversy, a growing public awareness of the environmental footprint of intensive farming methods, and a perceived threat to the deeply-held European cultural values surrounding diet and cuisine all have combined to expose the vulnerability of consumers in the very ordinary activity of purchasing food. Although the creation of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in February 2002 can be viewed as an EU response to this crisis, it in fact represents an inevitable milestone in a body of food-specific European legislation and case law that has been growing for many years. The EFSA does, however, clearly establish food law as an autonomous branch of EU law. This is the first book to survey and analyse this body of law in depth, drawing together the relevant laws and cases and taking stock of the trends and likely future developments in this dynamic and emotive area of law and policy. elucidates the scope of European food law by investigating several avenues and facets of the subject, including the following: its underpinnings in Article 3 of the EC Treaty, on the free movement of goods;the principle of mutual recognition among Member States;case law developments concerning composition of foodstuffs, labelling, sales promotion, advertising, and other aspects of food production and distribution;aims and policies of the January 2000 White Paper on Food Safety issued by the European Commission;appropriate hygiene standards; andauthorisation and labelling of GMOs. Because food is such a central and essential element in society, food law has far-reaching economic, social, and environmental consequences. And because Europe's new food safety regime is intended, by an extraordinary unanimity of Member States and major political groups, to be the most up-to-date and effective in the world, a broad range of legal practitioners and scholars, social scientists, and policymakers will greatly appreciate this thoroughgoing and insightful analysis.
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Foundations Of Eu Food Law And Policy

Author : Alberto Alemanno
ISBN : 9781317133681
Genre : Law
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This volume presents the viewpoints of academics, food lawyers, industry and consumer representatives as well as those of EU policymakers on the first ten years of activity of one of the most prominent European agencies. Its broader purpose, however, is to discuss the future role played by EFSA within the rapidly-evolving area of EU food law and policy. By revisiting and discussing the milestones in the history of EFSA, the collection provides forward-looking views of food leaders and practitioners on the future scientific and regulatory challenges facing the European Union. In particular, by presenting a critical assessment of the agency’s activities within its different areas of work, the book offers readers a set of innovative tools for evaluating policy recommendations and better equips experts and the public to address pressing regulatory issues in this emotive area of law and policy. Despite its celebratory mood, the book’s focus is more about the future than the past of EU food law and policy. Each chapter discusses how EFSA’s role has evolved and identifies what it should have done differently while presenting an overall assessment of how the agency has discharged its mandate.
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Food Law And Policy

Author : Jacob E. Gersen
ISBN : 9781454858058
Genre : Law
File Size : 75.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Food Law and Policy surveys the elements of modern food law. It broadens the coverage of traditional food and drug law topics of safety, marketing, and nutrition, and includes law governing environment, international trade, and other legal aspects of the modern food system. The result is the first casebook that provides a comprehensive treatment of food law as a unique discipline. Key Features: Draws together cases with other regulatory materials such as rulemaking documents and agency requests for proposals for grant funding. Focuses on federal law and includes discussion of innovations in food law happening at the municipal, state and federal level. Covers the latest developments in food law.
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International Food Law And Policy

Author : Gabriela Steier
ISBN : 9783319075426
Genre : Law
File Size : 21.61 MB
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International Food Law and Policy is the first interdisciplinary piece of academic literature of its kind with a comprehensive, reader-friendly approach to teaching the major aspects of food regulation, law, policy, food safety and environmental sustainability in a global context. The sections are grouped by continents and focus on a range of cross-disciplinary subjects, such as public health, international food trade, the right to food, intellectual property and global regulatory aspects of food production. With its systematic approach, this book will be a valuable resource both for professionals working in food regulation and anyone interested in the subject. It provides a solid foundation for courses and master’s programs in environmental management, food law, policy and regulation, and sustainable development around the world.
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Food Law

Author : Dominique Lauterburg
ISBN : 9781859415245
Genre : Law
File Size : 75.9 MB
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The international trade in food and the role of the World Trade Organisation are analyzed and the book also contains a section devoted to the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms, in which the legal, ethical and political issues arising in relation to the genetic modification of crops, with regard to both consumer protection and protection of the environment, are examined.
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