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Fleeing Herod

Author : James Cowan
ISBN : 9781612613376
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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When the Holy Family fled to Egypt to escape the wrath of King Herod Antipas, they journeyed for three years throughout Egypt, mainly along the Nile, to keep Herod’s agents at bay. Using an ancient 4th century text written by Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria as his guide, Cowan takes the reader on a fascinating journey through modern-day Egypt in the footsteps of the Holy Family, about the Delta region and up the Nile to a place called Mount Qussqam, where Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus resided for six months. The itinerary, according to Coptic tradition, was revealed to Theophilus in a dream. Documenting his journey, Cowan finds himself in the midst of a spiritual revolution going on in Egypt itself. He meets with monks and health workers, desert mystics and visionaries, all of whom have a stake in the story of the Holy Family’s journey, as they know it. Through their eyes the reader is drawn into a dramatic story of escape and miraculous interventions.
Category: Religion

Twenty Six Reasons Why Jews Don T Believe In Jesus

Author : Asher Norman
ISBN : 0977193705
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this seminal work, an attorney puts Jesus on trial, explaining to Jews, Christians and the theologically curious; why Jesus did not qualify as the Jewish messiah; why believing in Jesus cuts Jews off from G-d forever in the World To Come; how the Christian Bible has strategically mistranslated key verses in the "Old Testament" to shoehorn Jesus into the text." This compelling new book calls "unorthodox" Jews back to Torah Judaism. Black, White and Read Publishing.
Category: Religion

Incomplete Commentary On Matthew Opus Imperfectum

Author : James A. Kellerman
ISBN : 9780830829019
Genre : Religion
File Size : 68.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Despite some gaps in coverage, the Incomplete Commentary on Matthew has long been prized for its early and lengthy exposition of the Gospel of Matthew. Thomas Aquinas noted that he would rather have a complete copy of the Incomplete Commentary on Matthew" than to be mayor of Paris. The commentary, which is of sufficient length to require 2 volumes in translation, is offered here for the first time in English translation and is designed for pastors, teachers, students and lay people interested in the early church's interpretation of Matthew's Gospel.
Category: Religion

The Case For Catholicism

Author : Trent Horn
ISBN : 9781681497891
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and thorough defense of the Catholic Church against Protestant objections in print. This book is especially relevant as the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation draws near and discussion of the arguments made against the Church during that time in history receive renewed interest. The Case for Catholicism answers arguments put forward by early Reformers like Luther and Calvin as well as contemporary defenders of Protestantism like Norm Geisler and R.C. Sproul. It provides a meticulous defense of the biblical and historical nature of Catholic doctrines from Scripture and church history. Finally, in both answering Protestant objections to Catholicism and in providing evidence for the Faith, The Case for Catholicism cites modern Protestant scholars who question Reformation assumptions and show how evidence from Scripture and church history support aspects of Catholic theology. This book is divided into four sections, with each answering a key question Christians have asked about the nature of their faith. Those key questions are: What is my authority? What is the Church? How am I saved? Who belongs to the body of Christ? The Case for Catholicism will become a reliable, resource for any Catholic who desires a well-researched, readable, and persuasive answer to Protestant arguments made against the Catholic faith.
Category: Religion

Who Do People Say I Am

Author : Vernon K. Robbins
ISBN : 9780802868398
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Spanning early Christian writings from the Gospel of Mark to the Acts of John, this book by Vernon Robbins explores the various ways early Christians explained their understanding of the special nature of Jesus beyond the canonical Gospels. Who Do People Say I Am? shows how second-and third-century Christian authors of additional Gospels and Gospel-like writings expanded and elaborated on Jesus divinity in the context of his earthly existence. According to Robbins, these Christian authors thought that the New Testament Gospel writers could and should have emphasized the divinity of Jesus more than they did. Throughout the book Robbins asks and answers questions such as these: If Jesus introduced new beliefs and practices, what did second- and third-century believers find unresolved in the New Testament Gospels about those beliefs and practices, and how did they try to resolve them? What gaps in the storylines of the New Testament Gospels did second- and third-century Christian writers think could be filled in, and how did they fill them in? If Jesus really were fully divine when he came to earth and lived among his disciples, what experiences did his disciples have that the New Testament Gospels do not tell us? Learning activities and a bibliography at the end of each chapter help make this book a valuable resource for students and any other interested readers.
Category: Religion

Malachi S Child

Author : Hiram K. Myers
ISBN : 1465323015
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The holy land of Herod I, the Great, is a time of religious zealotry and turmoil; a time of brutality, of incest, and of superstition. Into this mix comes Mary, daughter of Rebekah, whose beauty and power of healing gives her unwanted power over all who come under her influence. When her cousin Elisabeth is sold into marriage and her mother killed by the High Priest, Marys loneliness drives her to seek forbidden love. Soon she is with child, but her lover dies and she is alone again with a secret she cannot tell. Herod steals Mary to his bedside. She must heal him. If he dies she will be blamed, but if he lives, she will fall victim to his lust. Joseph rescues her. When the king discovers that Mary is gone, he rages and offers a fortune for her return. The hunted pair fall exhausted into a lonely cave near Bethlehem where Mary starts premature labor. Can Elisabeth, who rushes to Marys side, save the dying girl and her child? Malachis Child is a startling and provocative alternative to the traditional story of Mary and the birth of Jesus.
Category: Fiction

A Christian S View Of The Torah

Author : Matt P. Simmons
ISBN : 9781449735456
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"A Christian's View of the Torah" is a series of essays illustrating how the Torah uses numerous literary devices often seen in great works of art, such as symbolism, parallelism, reflections, and repeated themes. This book presents the Bible (or at least the Torah) as a unified whole with consistent underlying themes rather than a collection of disjointed stories. And it shows, from the Christian point of view, how the Torah points toward Christ and His church. Most biblical study guides fall into two extremes. At one end of the spectrum, they are directed toward the uninitiated or new Christian and are therefore so simplistic that they give no new insights to a Christian wanting to grow. At the other extreme, they are so academic that a doctorate in divinity is required to get anything out of them. A few strive to touch the middle ground, which allows the average Christian to grow and to add to his faith. "A Christian's View of the Torah" is an attempt to strike the middle ground. This book is not intended as an evangelistic tool but as an aid for those who wish to move from the milk to the meat of the Word and gain some new insights to old familiar stories. It is intended for those who have a working knowledge of the Bible, particularly the Torah, the Historical Books, the Gospels, Acts, and the Epistles-in short, Genesis through Second Chronicles and Matthew through Jude. This is a single Christian's point of view.
Category: Religion

Literary Territories Cartographical Thinking In Late Antiquity

Author : Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
ISBN : 9780190493349
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 73.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Literary Territories introduces readers to a wide range of literature from 200-900 CE in which geography is a defining principle of literary art. From accounts of Holy Land pilgrimage, to Roman mapmaking, to the systematization of Ptolemys scientific works, Literary Territories argues that forms of literature that were conceived and produced in very different environments and for different purposes in Late Antiquity nevertheless shared an aesthetic sensibility which treated the classical inhabited world, the oikoumene, as a literary metaphor for the collection and organization of knowledge. This type of cartographical thinking stresses the world of knowledge that is encapsulated in the literary archive. The archival aesthetic coincided with an explosion of late antique travel and Christian pilgrimage which in itself suggests important unifying themes between visual and textual conceptions of space. Indeed, by the end of Late Antiquity the geographical mode appears in nearly every type of writing in multiple Christian languages (Greek, Latin, Syriac, and others). The diffusion of cartographical thinking throughout the real-world oikoumene, now the Christian Roman Empire, was a fundamental intellectual trajectory of Late Antiquity.
Category: Literary Criticism

Thirty Days In The Land With Jesus Sampler

Author : Charles H Dyer
ISBN : 9780802486356
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Enjoy these SAMPLE pages from Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus - What encouragement we receive when the truth of the Bible meets us where we are--just imagine how much more eye-opening it is when we encounter the Bible where it was written! Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus, takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the Holy Word and the Holy Land, guided by renowned expert and author Dr. Charles Dyer. Complemented by vivid, full-color photography, each day draws new insight and inspiration from the ancient sites that framed the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. Your understanding of the person, work, and words of Jesus Christ takes on an added dimension with this day by day exploration of the world in which He walked.
Category: Religion

Comic Commentators

Author : Haydon R. Manning
ISBN : 9781920845483
Genre : Australia
File Size : 74.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Essays on contemporary political cartooning in Australia."--Provided by publisher.
Category: Australia