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Fission And Properties Of Neutron Rich Nuclei

Author : Joseph H. Hamilton
ISBN : 9789812833426
Genre : Science
File Size : 84.55 MB
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Fission And Properties Of Neutron Rich Nuclei

Author : J H Hamilton
ISBN : 9789814485449
Genre : Science
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This book presents more than 100 papers devoted to the understanding of fission processes and neutron-rich nuclei. All forms of fission, from spontaneous fission of 252Cf to high-energy fragmentation, are included. Together with studies on properties of neutron-rich nuclei and astrophysics, the book also features new experimental techniques, directions and the emerging new radioactive beam facilities. Contents:Nuclear StructureNuclear AstrophysicsFragmentation and FissionNew Experimental Techniques and DirectionsMass Measurements and Mass FormulaSuperheavy NucleiRadioactive Ion Beam Facilities Readership: Graduate students and researchers in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry. Keywords:Fission;Nuclear Structure;Nuclear Astrophysics;Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities;Experimental Techniques
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Fission And Properties Of Neutron Rich Nuclei

Author : Ramayya Akunuri V
ISBN : 9789813229433
Genre : Science
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The aim and scope of the conference and book were to bring world leaders in the areas of fission, structure of neutron-rich nuclei, superheavy elements, astrophysics and new facilities for these research areas to present the latest developments in both theory and experiment to serve as benchmarks for future research. World leaders describe the latest research including development of new facilities under construction to point out the latest and future direction in research. These proceedings are published following the conferences every four to five years since 1997.
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Proceedings Of The International Workshop Fission Dynamics Of Atomic Clusters And Nuclei

Author : Jo?o da Providˆncia
ISBN : 9812811125
Genre : Science
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In this volume, the main results of the last sixty years of research in nuclear fission are summarized, showing how ideas advanced from the beginning, for nuclei have also found useful applications in the new area of atomic clusters. The present status of the physics of fission is discussed in depth, and perspectives for further research are outlined. Contents: Fission Studies with Large Detector Arrays (J K Hwang et al.); Fission, Decay of Nuclei and the Extension of the Periodic System (W Greiner); Neutron Halo of Fissile Nuclei (V I Serov et al.); Decay Channels of Hot Nuclei and Hot Metalic Clusters (P FrAbrich); Cluster Radioactivity (A A Ogloblin et al.); Static and Dynamical Properties of Simple Metal Clusters: Analogies with Atomic Nuclei (J A Alonso et al.); The Role of Exotica in Studying Nuclear Fission (F F Karpeshin); Particle-Accompanied Fission (M Mutterer et al.); Quaternary Fission (F GAnnenwein et al.); Bremsstrahlung Emission in Alpha-Decay (D M Brink); A Model for Particle Induced Fission (F B Malik); Fusion-Fission Reactions of Heaviest Nuclei. Synthesis of Superheavy Elements with Z=114 and Z=116 (Yu Ts Oganessian et al.); and other papers. Readership: Students and researchers in atomic, molecular and nuclear physics."
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Nuclear Physics At Border Lines

Author : Giovanni G. Fazio
ISBN : 9810247788
Genre : Science
File Size : 60.83 MB
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This is a collection of invited talks and oral contributions presented by the leading scientists in their fields, summarizing the most recent progress of, and new prospects for, nuclear physics research.It covers a broad range of the recent developments in nuclear physics: reactions between massive nuclei leading to superheavy element formation; radioactive beams and neutron-rich systems; exotic nuclei and nuclear astrophysics; new states of nuclear matter.
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Handbook Of Nuclear Properties

Author : Professor at the Institute of Theoretical Physics Dorin Poenaru
ISBN : 0198517793
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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The need for this handbook is a direct consequence of a very large accumulation of new theoretical and experimental data on nucleur properties. The first five chapters are devoted to the presentation of experimental and theoretical aspects of the following topics: atomic masses of stable andradioactive nuclides; an intuitive way to understand the empirical trends of masses, based on a microscopic theory; Penning traps used as a modern mass spectrometer of high resolving power, accuracy and sensitivity; basic theoretical concepts and experimental techniques used to measure the nucleurshape parameters; new decay modes by hadron and cluster emission; the proton (p), and the beta-delayed particle emissions: neutron (n), 2n, 3n, 4n, p, 2p, 3p, d, t, etc. A series of tables are given in the second part of the handbook: fundamental constants and energy conversion factors; the decay modes of Gauge and Higgs bosons, leptons, quarks, mesons, baryons, and searches for free quarks, monoples, supersymmetries, compositeness, etc; selected alpha particleemitters; recommended data on y-ray and X-ray standards used for detector calibrations; a comprehensive table of all known nuclides (spin, parity, mass excess, half-life, or abundance for stable nuclei, and the main decay modes with the corresponding branching ratios).
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