First Pennsylvanians

Author : Kurt William Carr
ISBN : 0892711507
Genre : History
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In First Pennsylvanians, Kurt Carr and Roger Moeller provide a broad, accessible, and wide-ranging overview of the archaeological record of Native Americans in Pennsylvania from early prehistory through the Paleoindian, Archaic, Transitional, Woodland, and Contact periods, stretching from 16,500 years ago to 1750 C.E. The authors present and analyze specific traits of each archaeological time period covered and use the archaeological record to provide a glimpse of Native Americans&’ daily life in Pennsylvania. First Pennsylvanians also includes personal stories and anecdotes from archaeologists about their experiences in the field as well as a wealth of illustrations and diagrams. The chapters examine the environment, social groups, tools, subsistence, and settlement patterns of Native Americans in Pennsylvania and describe how these factors profoundly affected the populations and cultures of these early inhabitants of the region.
Category: History

Native Americans In The Susquehanna River Valley Past And Present

Author : David J. Minderhout
ISBN : 9781611484885
Genre : History
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This first volume in the new Stories of the Susquehanna Valley series describes the Native American presence in the Susquehanna River Valley, a key crossroads of the old Eastern Woodlands between the Great Lakes and the Chesapeake Bay in northern Appalachia. Combining archaeology, history, cultural anthropology, and the study of contemporary Native American issues, contributors describe what is known about the Native Americans from their earliest known presence in the valley to the contact era with Europeans. They also explore the subsequent consequences of that contact for Native peoples, including the removal, forced or voluntary, of many from the valley, in what became a chilling prototype for attempted genocide across the continent. Euro-American history asserted that there were no native people left in Pennsylvania (the center of the Susquehanna watershed) after the American Revolution. But with revived Native American cultural consciousness in the late twentieth century, Pennsylvanians of native ancestry began to take pride in and reclaim their heritage. This book also tells their stories, including efforts to revive Native cultures in the watershed, and Native perspectives on its ecological restoration. While focused on the Susquehanna River Valley, this collection also discusses topics of national significance for Native Americans and those interested in their cultures.
Category: History

Carlisle Indian Industrial School

Author : Jacqueline Fear-Segal
ISBN : 9780803295070
Genre : Education
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The Carlisle Indian School (1879-1918) was an audacious educational experiment. Capt. Richard Henry Pratt, the school's founder and first superintendent, persuaded the federal government that training Native children to accept the white man's ways and values would be more efficient than fighting deadly battles. The result was that the last Indian war would be waged against Native children in the classroom. More than 10,500 children from virtually every Native nation in the United States were taken from their homes and transported to Pennsylvania. Carlisle provided a blueprint for the federal Indian school system that was established across the United States and served as a model for many residential schools in Canada. The Carlisle experiment initiated patterns of dislocation and rupture far deeper and more profound and enduring than its initiators ever grasped. Carlisle Indian Industrial School offers varied perspectives on the school by interweaving the voices of students' descendants, poets, and activists with cutting-edge research by Native and non-Native scholars. These contributions reveal the continuing impact and vitality of historical and collective memory, as well as the complex and enduring legacies of a school that still touches the lives of many Native Americans.
Category: Education

Archaeology Of The Appalachian Highlands

Author : Lynne P. Sullivan
ISBN : 1572331429
Genre : History
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"This volume is a major synthesis of the archaeology of the Appalachian region and includes much material that was previously unpublished or underpublished. The information and interpretations presented will be very useful for archaeologists working in eastern North American who are interested in this diverse region."--C. Clifford Boyd, Jr., Radford University "Archaeology of the Appalachian Highlands reveals that every part of Appalachia yields archaeological evidence significant to understanding the broad prehistoric sweep of the American Indians. In this most welcome volume, editors Lynn Sullivan and Susan Prezzano have assembled the most current interpretations of archaeological theory, technology, and cultural history as these occour in the highlands of eastern North America. . . . This volume to shatteer myths about Appalachian and its past."--David S. Brose, Director, Schiele Museum of Natural History
Category: History

Historic Pennsylvania

Author : William Pencak
ISBN : 9781893619883
Genre : History
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Category: History

A Greene Country Towne

Author : Alan C. Braddock
ISBN : 9780271078922
Genre : Literary Criticism
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An unconventional history of Philadelphia that operates at the threshold of cultural and environmental studies, A Greene Country Towne expands the meaning of community beyond people to encompass nonhuman beings, things, and forces. By examining a diverse range of cultural acts and material objects created in Philadelphia—from Native American artifacts, early stoves, and literary works to public parks, photographs, and paintings—through the lens of new materialism, the essays in A Greene Country Towne ask us to consider an urban environmental history in which humans are not the only protagonists. This collection reimagines the city as a system of constantly evolving constituents and agencies that have interacted over time, a system powerfully captured by Philadelphia artists, writers, architects, and planners since the seventeenth century. In addition to the editors, contributors to this volume are Maria Farland, Nate Gabriel, Andrea L. M. Hansen, Scott Hicks, Michael Dean Mackintosh, Amy E. Menzer, Stephen Nepa, John Ott, Sue Ann Prince, and Mary I. Unger.
Category: Literary Criticism

Der Letzte Mohikaner

Author : James Fenimore Cooper
ISBN : 9788892570665
Genre : Fiction
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"Der letzte Mohikaner" ist ein 1826 erstmals erschienener historischer Roman des amerikanischen Schriftstellers James Fenimore Cooper (1789–1851), dessen Handlung zur Zeit des Siebenjährigen Krieges in Nordamerika angesiedelt ist. Er ist der zweite Roman aus der "Lederstrumpf"-Serie um den Trapper Natty Bumppo. Nicht nur im Titel thematisiert der Roman auch den Untergang nordamerikanischer Indianerstämme durch die vorrückenden europäischen Siedler. Schon im 19. Jahrhundert in Deutschland populär, wurde das geflügelte Wort "der letzte Mohikaner" für viele letztüberlebende Zeitzeugen oder Anhänger einer Idee sprichwörtlich.
Category: Fiction

Die Abendr Te Im Westen

Author : Cormac McCarthy
ISBN : 9783644055612
Genre : Fiction
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Ein an historische Ereignisse angelehnter Roman über die Indianerkriege und die amerikanische Expansion nach Westen, voller Gewalt und Grausamkeit; ein mythisches Weltuntergangsepos mit Bildern wie von Hieronymus Bosch. Hauptfigur ist ein vierzehnjähriger Junge, der 1850 nach Texas kommt und sich einer Bande marodierender Exsoldaten, Desperados und Abenteurer anschließt, die Komantschen, Apachen und friedliche Siedler abschlachten. «Das ist der Autor, an dem sich alle amerikanischen Autoren messen lassen müssen.» (The Guardian) «Der Roman ist großartig in seiner Sprachkraft und seinem Bilderreichtum, er ist grandios in seinen Landschaftsbeschreibungen, verstörend in seiner Darstellung nackter Gewalt.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) «McCarthy erzählt so spannend wie Joseph Conrad und so elegant wie William Faulkner.» (Der Spiegel) «Ich beneide alle Leser, die ihre erste Erfahrung mit der Prosa dieses Autors noch vor sich haben; es ist eine Erfahrung, als habe man die Welt bislang durch Milchglas betrachtet. McCarthys Sprache klärt den Blick.» (Klaus Modick, Süddeutsche Zeitung) «Das erinnert mich an das Beste von Thomas Pynchon. (...) Das größte Buch seit Faulkners ‹Als ich im Sterben lag›.» (Harold Bloom)
Category: Fiction

Fun Home

Author : Alison Bechdel
ISBN : 3551713766
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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