Feminist Literary Theory And Criticism

Author : Sandra M. Gilbert
ISBN : 0393927903
Genre : Literary Criticism
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With selections by more than 100 writers and scholars, the Reader is an ideal companion for literature surveys where critical and theoretical texts are featured, as well as a rich, flexible core text for advanced courses in feminist theory and criticism. The Reader can be packaged with the Norton Anthology of Literature by Women, Third Edition, at a substantial discount.
Category: Literary Criticism

Feminisms Redux

Author : Diane Price Herndl
Genre : Feminism and literature
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Category: Feminism and literature

Literary Theory The Basics

Author : Hans Bertens
ISBN : 9781135052980
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This third edition of Hans Bertens’ bestselling book is an essential guide to the often confusing and complicated world of literary theory. Exploring a broad range of topics from Marxist and feminist criticism to postmodernism and new historicism Literary Theory: The Basics covers contemporary topics including: reception theory and reader response theory the new criticism of postmodernism the ‘after theory’ debate post-humanism, biopolitics and animal studies aesthetics Literary Theory: The Basics helps readers to approach the many theories and debates in this field with confidence. Now with updated case studies and further reading this is an essential purchase for anyone who strives to understand literary theory today.
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Author : Pablo Valdivia Orozco
ISBN : 9783110308242
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This study, focusing on Latin American literature, discusses the motif of a variety of worlds as a key concept of the modern novel in terms of genre, culture, and fiction theory: the world of the modern novel is always already in contact with another one. This concept, developed against the backdrop of (literary) history, goes hand in hand with the theoretical assumption that modern novel forms have brought about a turn in genre theory. Differently from genuine poetics, genre theory is always also concerned with and contingent on a certain history/back story.
Category: Literary Criticism

Rereading Women Thirty Years Of Exploring Our Literary Traditions

Author : Sandra M. Gilbert
ISBN : 9780393082586
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 38.72 MB
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A collection of essays that reexamine literature through a feminist gaze from "one of our most versatile and gifted writers" (Joyce Carol Oates). "We think back through our mothers if we are women," wrote Virginia Woolf. In this groundbreaking series of essays, Sandra M. Gilbert explores how our literary mothers have influenced us in our writing and in life. She considers the effects of these literary mothers by examining her own history and the work of such luminaries as Charlotte Brontë, Emily Dickinson, and Sylvia Plath. In the course of the book, she charts her own development as a feminist, demonstrates ways of understanding the dynamics of gender and genre, and traces the redefinitions of maternity reflected in texts by authors such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning and George Eliot. Throughout, Gilbert asks major questions about feminism in the twentieth century: Why and how did its ideas become so necessary to women in the sixties and seventies? What have those feminist concepts come to mean in the new century? And above all, how have our intellectual mothers shaped our thoughts today?
Category: Literary Criticism

The Case For The Humanities

Author : Eric Touya de Marenne
ISBN : 9781475825039
Genre : Education
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Countering the perception that the humanities are unessential, this volume contends that their well-being has not only academic but also cultural, political, and existential ramifications. Our technologically-driven world possesses the means of its own destruction, while economic and financial policies undermine the very existence of our democracy. At the same time, the postmodern and post-human age fundamentally challenges our ability and legitimacy to conceive future ideals. It is within this context that the humanities provide essential paths through which the teaching and knowledge of other academic fields such as STEM and economics must be re-envisioned. In short, the humanities must be brought back to the center of academic life. The political and pedagogical implications of this interdisciplinary study thus entail a renewed critique to rethink the relation between higher education, society, and the world at large (politically, economically, scientifically, and technologically) and the importance of the humanities within it.At the heart of this reconsideration, the humanities’ and humanity’s fate and future become one.
Category: Education

Mobilizing Metaphor

Author : Christine Kelly
ISBN : 9780774832823
Genre : Social Science
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Mobilizing Metaphor illustrates how radical and unconventional forms of activism, including art, are reshaping the rich and vibrant tradition of disability mobilization in Canada. The artists, activists, and scholars in Mobilizing Metaphor reveal how their work is distinctive as both art and social action, and how disability activism is as varied as the population it represents. Sketching the shifting contours of Canadian disability politics, the authors challenge perceptions of disability and the politics that surround it, leading us to re-examine how we define oppression and how we enact change.
Category: Social Science

Queering The Shakespeare Film

Author : Anthony Guy Patricia
ISBN : 9781474237055
Genre : Literary Criticism
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A range of mainstream and independent English language film productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Twelfth Night, and The Merchant of Venice take centre stage in Queering the Shakespeare Film. This study critiques the various representations of the queer – broadly understood as that which is at odds with what has been deemed to be the normal, the legitimate, and the dominant, particularly – but not exclusively – as regards sexual matters, in the Shakespeare film. The movies chosen for analysis correspond deliberately with those Shakespeare plays that, as written texts, have been subjected to a great deal of productive study in a queer context since the beginnings of queer theory in the early 1990s. Thus the book extends the ongoing queer discussion of these written texts to their counterpart cinematic texts. Queering the Shakespeare Film is a much-needed alternative and complementary critical history of the Shakespeare film genre.
Category: Literary Criticism

A Medieval Woman S Companion

Author : Susan Signe-Morrison
ISBN : 9781785700804
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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What have a deaf nun, the mother of the first baby born to Europeans in North America, and a condemned heretic to do with one another? They are among the virtuous virgins, marvelous maidens, and fierce feminists of the Middle Ages who trail-blazed paths for women today. Without those first courageous souls who worked in fields dominated by men, women might not have the presence they currently do in professions such as education, the law, and literature. Focusing on women from Western Europe between c. 300 and 1500 CE in the medieval period and richly carpeted with detail, A Medieval Woman’s Companion offers a wealth of information about real medieval women who are now considered vital for understanding the Middle Ages in a full and nuanced way. Short biographies of 20 medieval women illustrate how they have anticipated and shaped current concerns, including access to education; creative emotional outlets such as art, theater, romantic fiction, and music; marriage and marital rights; fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, contraception and gynecology; sex trafficking and sexual violence; the balance of work and family; faith; and disability. Their legacy abides until today in attitudes to contemporary women that have their roots in the medieval period. The final chapter suggests how 20th and 21st century feminist and gender theories can be applied to and complicated by medieval women's lives and writings. Doubly marginalized due to gender and the remoteness of the time period, medieval women’s accomplishments are acknowledged and presented in a way that readers can appreciate and find inspiring. Ideal for high school and college classroom use in courses ranging from history and literature to women's and gender studies, an accompanying website with educational links, images, downloadable curriculum guide, and interactive blog will be made available at the time of publication.
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Women S Irony

Author : Tarez Samra Graban
ISBN : 9780809334186
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 29.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Women's Irony: Rewriting Feminist Rhetorical Histories,author Tarez Samra Graban synthesizes three decades of scholarship in rhetoric, linguistics, and philosophy to present irony as a critical model for feminist rhetorical historiography that is not linked to humor, lying, or intention. Graban challenges critical methods in rhetoric, asking scholars in rhetoric and its related disciplines to rethink how they produce historical knowledge and use archives to recover women's performances in political situations.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines