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Author : Leon Trotsky
ISBN : 8187879440
Genre : Fascism
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Fascism, Which First Triumphed In Italy And Later In Germany And Afterwards In Many Countries As A Counter Revolutionary Mass Movement Showed Its Brutal Nature In Form Of A Bloody Dictatorship. It Proved Itself The Most Reactionary Rule Of The Bourgeoisie And Most Detrimental To The Working Class Movement. Today When The Advanced Capitalist Countries Also Facing The Economic Crisis, They Continuously Place Their Burden On The Underdeveloped Countries. As A Result Working Class And Toiling Masses Of Both Advanced And Backward Countries Face Immense Oppression. Alongside That The Fascist Movement Raises Its Head Everywhere. In India We Have Already Felt The Sound Of The Boots Of Indian Nazis And Seen The Terror Of Saffron Flag Bearers.This Pamphlet Is A Part Of Trotsky S Writings On Fascism. Trotsky, Along With Lenin, Developed The Theory Of Permanent Revolution In 1905, Later Was Expelled From Soviet Russia During Stalinist Regime. He Fought With His Marxist Analysis Within The Third International, But Defeated To The Bureaucratic Apparatus Of The Party. After The Communist Parties Under Moscow S Direction Made A Decisive Right Turn To Collaborate With Bourgeois Democracy Against Fascism And Thus Subordinated The Proletarian Struggle, Trotsky Founded The Fourth International In 1938. Trotsky S Ideas Still Presents Itself Between Latin American And European Mass Movements And In Some Cases In Asia Also.This New Edition Features An Introduction Looking An Eye On Indian Context With An Objective Of Reorienting The Programmatic Debate Within The Indian Left
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The Menace Of Fascism

Author : Ted Grant
ISBN : LCCN:gb79010845
Genre : Fascism
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Fascism Fight It Now

Author : Labour Research Department
ISBN : UCAL:B3269103
Genre : Germany
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Fighting Fascism The British Left And The Rise Of Fascism 1919 39

Author : Keith Hodgson
ISBN : 9781847797575
Genre : History
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In the years between the two world wars, the parties of the left had to confront new and frightening movements which were intent on their complete destruction. Fascism triumphed in Italy, Germany, Spain and elsewhere, coming to power after intense struggles with the labour movements of those countries. Yet in Britain, the left was able to confront the challenge of fascism effectively by understanding the nature of the threat, and by evolving tactics which played a crucial role in preventing British fascist movements from growing and developing as they had elsewhere. This book examines the analyses of fascism put forward by British socialists and communists, explains the anti-fascist strategies they proposed, and assesses the reasons for their effectiveness. In recounting the theories and actions of the Labour Party, the TUC, the Communist Party of Great Britain and other left-wing groups, the work seeks to explain their different approaches, while at the same time highlighting the common thread that linked all their interpretations of fascism. The author seeks to redress an imbalance which has led to the ideas and actions of British anti-fascists being less well covered than those of their counterparts in Europe. The work is also a contribution to the ongoing debate regarding the nature of fascism, and of its neglected antithesis, anti-fascism. It will appeal to students and scholars of British history and politics in the inter-war period, as well as to those interested in the political ideologies of the left and the right.
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Building Unity Against Fascism

Author : Leon Trotsky
ISBN : 0902869817
Genre : History
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In 2007, French fascist Le Pen won almost four million votes. In 2009 the British National Party won almost a million votes while Germany's fascist NPD won over 750,000. In 2010, fascist-led organisations like the Engish Defence League and Italy's Future and Freedom party emerged. To help activists understand this twenty-first century wave of fascism, this book gathers together the most important analyses from the 20th century.In "Building unity against fascism" you can read: * German socialist Clara Zetkin, Bolshevik leader Karl Radek and Italian communist Antonio Gramsci on the birth on fascism in the early 1920s* Leon Trotsky's article, including "Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It," explaining why neither capitalist nor Stalinist parties were able to stop fascism in Italy, Germany and Spain in the 1930s.* Maurice Spector's detailed analysis of German fascism in power* Daniel Guerin's 1939 "Fascism and Big Business" and his 1945 preface to its French edition* Ted Grant's booklet, "The Menace of Fascism," which discussed British fascism, the second World War and the Jewish community in Britain* Analysis by Felix Morrow, James P Cannon and Farrell Dobbs of the rise and fall of fascist organisations in the USA in the 20th century.
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Two Communist Brothers From Washington New Hampshire And Their Fight Against Fascism

Author : Donald H. Forbes
ISBN : 9781304192103
Genre : Communists
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"These two brothers, Joe and Homer Chase, brought up on a working farm in Washington, New Hampshire, could never be referred to as 'country boys'. They learned sophisticated lessons of politics and economics at their parents' knees. Each spent his life fighting for the working class. Joe, the elder, fought on the European front in World War II against the fascist threat. At home, he worked in union jobs in the Boston area exposing the evils of the Smith and Taft-Hartley Acts while attending to his duties as a representative of his fellow workers in the Railroad Brotherhoods. Homer, the younger sibling, fought against fascism by joining the Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight in Spain in the late 1930s, and in World War II as a paratrooper with the 17th Airborne. After his return from the battlefields of Europe, Homer continued the fight for social justice - for Afro-Americans' right to vote and for workers' rights to unionize in the South in the 1940s and 1950s, and later in the North."--P. 4 of cover.
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Believe Obey Fight

Author : Tracy H. Koon
ISBN : 9781469610146
Genre : History
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The Fascist regime under Mussolini regarded its youth as its best hope for the future. Young people were courted more assiduously than any other group in the society and their political socialization became a central concern of the government. Believe, Obey, Fight discusses the various tools used by the Fascist regime from 1922 to 1943 to shape the political values and environment of the young. Tracy Koon focuses on the secondary agents of socialization, including the party, the educational establishment, youth groups, and the media of political communication. She shows that the response to this socialization ranged from apparent consent to dissent and finally to open opposition. The regime employed several methods to produce consensus among the young. Koon's analysis begins with a discussion of the rhetorical style of Mussolini's message and the key political myths manipulated by his propaganda machine: fascism as continuing revolution and social justice, the glories of ancient Rome, the hygienic function of war and violence, the religious spirit of the new creed, and the omniscience of the leader. She then describes the pre-Fascist educational system, the "most Fascist" Gentile reforms of 1923, and the later revision of those reforms by zealous party men engaged in the Fascist regimentation of teachers and students and the militarization and politicization of curricula and textbooks. Equally important agents of socialization were the Fascist groups organized for young people from their earliest years through the university level, including the annual national competitions and forums in which members could express their ideas on a range of issues. The regime provided physical, military, sports, and political training to strengthen the new Fascist society. Fascist socialization did for a time create a superficial consensus by appealing to both the love of conformity that marks the very young and the economic fears that caused students to conform in the hope of jobs. But Koon argues that the regime's attempt to exert totalitarian control over the young deprived them of personal identity. As time passed, the contradictions of the regime became clearer, the chasm between Fascist rhetoric and reality more obvious. In the end, the majority of young people came to believe that the regime had given them nothing to believe in, no one to obey, and nothing for which to fight. Originally published in 1985. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.
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