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Everything You Know About Indians Is Wrong

Author : Paul Chaat Smith
ISBN : 9780816656011
Genre : Art
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In this sweeping work of memoir and commentary, leading cultural critic Paul Chaat Smith illustrates with dry wit and brutal honesty the contradictions of life in “the Indian business.” Raised in suburban Maryland and Oklahoma, Smith dove head first into the political radicalism of the 1970s, working with the American Indian Movement until it dissolved into dysfunction and infighting. Afterward he lived in New York, the city of choice for political exiles, and eventually arrived in Washington, D.C., at the newly minted National Museum of the American Indian (“a bad idea whose time has come”) as a curator. In his journey from fighting activist to federal employee, Smith tells us he has discovered at least two things: there is no one true representation of the American Indian experience, and even the best of intentions sometimes ends in catastrophe. Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong is a highly entertaining and, at times, searing critique of the deeply disputed role of American Indians in the United States. In “A Place Called Irony,” Smith whizzes through his early life, showing us the ironic pop culture signposts that marked this Native American's coming of age in suburbia: “We would order Chinese food and slap a favorite video into the machine—the Grammy Awards or a Reagan press conference—and argue about Cyndi Lauper or who should coach the Knicks.” In “Lost in Translation,” Smith explores why American Indians are so often misunderstood and misrepresented in today's media: “We're lousy television.” In “Every Picture Tells a Story,” Smith remembers his Comanche grandfather as he muses on the images of American Indians as “a half-remembered presence, both comforting and dangerous, lurking just below the surface.” Smith walks this tightrope between comforting and dangerous, offering unrepentant skepticism and, ultimately, empathy. “This book is called Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong, but it's a book title, folks, not to be taken literally. Of course I don't mean everything, just most things. And 'you' really means we, as in all of us.”
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The Oxford Handbook Of American Indian History

Author : Frederick E. Hoxie
ISBN : 9780199858897
Genre : Indians of North America
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"Everything you know about Indians is wrong." As the provocative title of Paul Chaat Smith's 2009 book proclaims, everyone knows about Native Americans, but most of what they know is the fruit of stereotypes and vague images. The real people, real communities, and real events of indigenous America continue to elude most people. The Oxford Handbook of American Indian History confronts this erroneous view by presenting an accurate and comprehensive history of the indigenous peoples who lived-and live-in the territory that became the United States. Thirty-two leading experts, both Native and non-Native, describe the historical developments of the past 500 years in American Indian history, focusing on significant moments of upheaval and change, histories of indigenous occupation, and overviews of Indian community life. The first section of the book charts Indian history from before 1492 to European invasions and settlement, analyzing US expansion and its consequences for Indian survival up to the twenty-first century. A second group of essays consists of regional and tribal histories. The final section illuminates distinctive themes of Indian life, including gender, sexuality and family, spirituality, art, intellectual history, education, public welfare, legal issues, and urban experiences. A much-needed and eye-opening account of American Indians, this Handbook unveils the real history often hidden behind wrong assumptions, offering stimulating ideas and resources for new generations to pursue research on this topic.
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100 Questions 500 Nations A Guide To Native America

Author : Native American Journalists Association with the Michigan State University School of Journalism
ISBN : 9781939880420
Genre : Education
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*100 Questions, 500 Nations: A Guide to Native America* is by the Native American Journalists Association as part of the Michigan State University School of Journalism series in cultural competence. This guide has sections on tribes, reservations, sovereignty, treaties, federal offices, casinos, education, language, religion and culture. The guide is intended for people in business, schools, places of worship, government, medicine, law enforcement, human resources and journalism—anywhere it is important to know more about communities. We hope this guide works for individuals who just have questions about the people around them. Questions include: Who is an American Indian? Where did American Indians come from originally? Why are native peoples referred to as Indians? Which is correct: American Indian or Native American? How many American Indians and Natives are there? What are the reasons for rising population? Why does the government refer to most indigenous people in Alaska as Alaska Natives instead of as American Indians? Are Native Hawaiians considered American Indians? What is a tribe? How many tribes are there? Which is the largest tribe? Are Indian tribes and Indian nations the same? What powers do the tribes, as nations, hold? What kind of governments do the tribes run? What is the tribal council? What is a reservation? Why is it called a reservation? Hoe many American Indians live on reservations? How much land do tribes hold? What is Indian Country? What are the living conditions in Indian Country? What is tribal sovereignty? What is sovereign immunity? Do states have jurisdiction over American Indians or their land? Do American Indians have to obey the same laws as non-Indians? Are Indian Americans U.S. citizens? Can American Indians vote? Do Native Americans pay state or federal taxes? What are treaties? What agreements did the treaties contain? Why did European settlers enter into treaties with the tribes? Why did the tribes agree to the treaties? Are Native Americans affected by the Affordable Care Act? Are treaties still valid? Do treaties grant Native Americans special rights today? Are treaties being challenged? What organizations represent tribal interests? What does the Bureau of Indians Affairs do? Do American Indians have the right to hold elective office? Do Native Americans serve in the U.S. armed forces? Who regulates Indian casinos? Do all tribes have casino gambling? Do the tribes pay taxes on their revenues? Are individual tribes getting rich from casinos? How do tribes use gaming revenue? Why are Indian casinos a popular enterprise among the tribes? Do all American Indians favor gaming? What is a tribal school? How many American Indian students attend public schools off the reservation? How many American Indians are high school graduates? What is a tribal college? How do graduation rates for American Indians compare with the general population? Do Native Americans get a free college education? Do American Indians speak their own language? How many American Indian languages are still spoken? Which are the most common languages? Were there written Indian languages? What is being done to preserve American Indian languages? Is there an American Indian religion? How many American Indians identify themselves as Christians? Are Native Americans free to practice their native religion? What is a sweat lodge? What is a vision quest? How does tobacco figure in American Indian religion? What is cultural misappropriation? Why do Native Americans object to the use of Indian symbols, like feathers and face paint, in U.S. sports? Why do American Indians object to the term “redskin” used by the Washington NFL franchise? What is a peace pipe? Why is an eagle feather significant to American Indians? How do American Indians obtain the feathers of a protected bird like the eagle? What is a medicine bundle? What is a powwow? What are teepees? How can a person trace his or her Indian ancestry?
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The Oxford Handbook Of Indigenous American Literature

Author : James Howard Cox
ISBN : 9780199914036
Genre : Literary Criticism
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"This book explores Indigenous American literature and the development of an inter- and trans-Indigenous orientation in Native American and Indigenous literary studies. Drawing on the perspectives of scholars in the field, it seeks to reconcile tribal nation specificity, Indigenous literary nationalism, and trans-Indigenous methodologies as necessary components of post-Renaissance Native American and Indigenous literary studies. It looks at the work of Renaissance writers, including Louise Erdrich's Tracks (1988) and Leslie Marmon Silko's Sacred Water (1993), along with novels by S. Alice Callahan and John Milton Oskison. It also discusses Indigenous poetics and Salt Publishing's Earthworks series, focusing on poets of the Renaissance in conversation with emerging writers. Furthermore, it introduces contemporary readers to many American Indian writers from the seventeenth to the first half of the nineteenth century, from Captain Joseph Johnson and Ben Uncas to Samson Occom, Samuel Ashpo, Henry Quaquaquid, Joseph Brant, Hendrick Aupaumut, Sarah Simon, Mary Occom, and Elijah Wimpey. The book examines Inuit literature in Inuktitut, bilingual Mexicanoh and Spanish poetry, and literature in Indian Territory, Nunavut, the Huasteca, Yucatán, and the Great Lakes region. It considers Indigenous literatures north of the Medicine Line, particularly francophone writing by Indigenous authors in Quebec. Other issues tackled by the book include racial and blood identities that continue to divide Indigenous nations and communities, as well as the role of colleges and universities in the development of Indigenous literary studies".
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Author : Louise Erdrich
ISBN : 9783841217134
Genre : Fiction
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»Es gibt kaum eine so gefühlvolle und zugleich scharfsinnige Autorin wie Louise Erdrich.« Anne Tyler. »Liebeszauber« ist die Geschichte der Kashpaws und der Lamartines, zweier Familien, deren Schicksal unauflösbar miteinander verknüpft ist. Sie sind Nachfahren der Ojibwe-Indianer und Überlebende einer rauen Welt. Zwischen Tradition und Moderne, Abenteuerlust und Heimatverbundenheit erzählen die einzelnen Familienmitglieder mal unerbittlich und düster, mal humorvoll und lakonisch ihre Geschichten. Eine Mischung, die Louise Erdrichs Debütroman „schon nach wenigen Seiten unwiderstehlich“ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) macht. »Nur die Schönheit dieses Romans rettet uns davor, von seiner gewaltige Kraft vollkommen erschüttert zu werden.« Toni Morrison
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Indigenous Peoples Of North America

Author : Robert J. Muckle
ISBN : 9781442604162
Genre : Social Science
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Most books dealing with North American Indigenous peoples are exhaustive in coverage. They provide in-depth discussion of various culture areas which, while valuable, sometimes means that the big picture context is lost. This book offers a corrective to that trend by providing a concise, thematic overview of the key issues facing Indigenous peoples in North America, from prehistory to the present. It integrates a culture area analysis within a thematic approach, covering archaeology, traditional lifeways, the colonial era, and contemporary Indigenous culture. Muckle also explores the history of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and anthropologists with rigor and honesty. The result is a remarkably comprehensive book that provides a strong grounding for understanding Indigenous cultures in North America.
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Das Haus Des Windes

Author : Louise Erdrich
ISBN : 9783841207654
Genre : Fiction
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National Book Award für den besten Roman des Jahres. Ein altes Haus, eine ungesühnte Schuld und die Brüste von Tante Sonja – Louise Erdrich, liebevolle Chronistin der amerikanischen Ureinwohner, führt uns nach North Dakota. Im Zentrum ihres gefeierten Romans steht der 14jährige Joe, der ein brutales Verbrechen an seiner Mutter rächt und dabei zum Mann wird. Im Sommer 1988 wird die Mutter des 14-jährigen Joe Coutts Opfer eines brutalen Verbrechens. Sie schließt sich in ihrem Zimmer ein und verweigert die Aussage. Vater und Sohn wissen nicht, wie sie sie zurück ins Leben holen können. Da sich der Überfall auf der Nahtstelle dreier Territorien ereignet hat, sind drei Behörden mit den Ermittlungen befasst. Selbst Joes Vater sind als Stammesrichter die Hände gebunden. So beschließt Joe, den Gewalttäter selbst zu finden. Mit seinen Freunden Cappy, Angus und Zack unternimmt er teils halsbrecherische, teils urkomische Ermittlungsversuche. Bei seiner aufreizenden Tante und im Kreis katholischer Pfadfinderinnen begegnet er der Liebe – und in alten Akten dem Schlüssel des Verbrechens. Monatelang auf der New-York-Times-Bestsellerliste, ausgezeichnet als bester Roman des Jahres, überhäuft mit Kritiker- und Leserlob: Eine der großen Autorinnen unserer Tage hat ihr brillantestes Buch geschrieben – zart, sehr traurig und sehr lustig. „Eine beeindruckende menschliche Geschichte. Erdrich dringt in den dunkelsten Winkel eines Menschen und so zum Grund der Wahrheit über eine ganze Gemeinschaft vor“ Maria Russo, New York Times Book Review.
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Gott Ist Rot

Author : Vine Deloria
ISBN : 3889774598
Genre :
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Der Sang Von Hiawatha

Author : Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
ISBN : NYPL:33433082169354
Genre : Indians of North America
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