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The most durable of medieval morality plays, along with 3 other classics: The Second Shepherd’s Play, Noah’s Flood and Hickscorner. All from standard texts.
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Complete Essays

Author : Francis Bacon
ISBN : 9780486145679
Genre : Philosophy
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DIVThe Elizabethan sage offers wise, witty observations on truth, adversity, love, ambition, fame, and many other topics. Short but thought-provoking, these essays constitute an excellent combination of style and substance. /div
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Author : Arthur C. Cawley
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Genre : Drama
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Three Late Medieval Morality Play

Author : G.A. Lester
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"Take example, all ye that this do hear or see…" The Morality Play was popular in England between 1400 and 1600. It offers moral instruction and spiritual teaching with personal abstractions representing good and evil. Surviving plays from that period number about sixty and the three in this edition were among the first ten. Mankindis a plain, honest farming man who struggles against worldly and spiritual temptation. The bawdy humour and violent action in the play serve to make the moral point and instruct by example. Everyman portrays a man's struggles in the face of death to raise himself to a state of grace so that he may experience everlasting life. It is exceptional among the Moralities for this narrow focus on the last phase of life, and conveys its message with awe-inspiring seriousness. Mundus et Infansis more typical of the Morality genre. It shows an arrogant, bullying protagonist led astray by a single evildoer into a life of debauchery, before the inevitable conversion to virtue. In showing the whole of man's life it is the antithesis of Everyman, the action of which seems to take place in a single day.
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Elizabethan Tragedies

Author : Inc. Dover Publications
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This anthology collects sterling examples of the era's tragedies, dramas that both informed and were influenced by Shakespeare's work. Five plays include works by Kyd, Marlowe, Webster, and others.
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Doctor Faustus And Other Plays

Author : Christopher Marlowe
ISBN : 0199537062
Genre : Drama
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Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593), a man of extreme passions and a playwright of immense talent, is the most important of Shakespeare's contemporaries. This edition offers his five major plays, which show the radicalism and vitality of his writing in the few years before his violent death.
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Promise Of Fidelity

Author : Alessandro Manzoni; Omero Sabatini
ISBN : 9780759653429
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The story is set in the seventeenth century, in the Duchy of Milan, then a Spanish possession in northern Italy; however, the plot is merely a pretext for the author to weave a timeless and universal tale that touches on every human feeling, passion, and behavior. In compelling fashion, love, hate, prejudice, vengeance, forgiveness, fear, courage, crime, punishment, redemption, treachery, loyalty, religion, superstition, love of country, devotion to duty, generosity, greed, art, science, politics, economics, and emigration come together in this book, making it, unquestionably, one of the giants of foreign literature. The book opens as two of Don Rodrigo’s toughs order the local parish priest, Father Abbondio, not to marry Lucia to Renzo--she a beautiful, honest and deeply religious country girl, he a sensible, upright and God-fearing craftsman. Don Rodrigo is an arrogant aristocrat able to impose his will on those around him thanks to an overall social structure that favors the powerful and preys on the downtrodden. He has forbidden the marriage because he has bet his cousin that he will seduce Lucia, and has set a deadline for his deed. The fearful priest obeys Don Rodrigo’s order, but a saintly monk, Brother Christopher, tries to dissuade him from lusting after the girl. Irritated by the friar’s plea, Don Rodrigo decides to kidnap Lucia, to be certain of possessing her before the expiration of the bet deadline. He fails because Lucia is not at home at the time of the attempted abduction. Trying to take advantage of a loophole in the law which allows two people to declare themselves man and wife (provided a priest is present), she and Renzo have gone to Father Abbondio’s residence, to force him to witness their exchange of vows. However, Father Abbondio, afraid of Don Rodrigo’s retribution, foils the two young people’s attempt. His screams cause his sexton to ring out the general alarm from the church’s bell tower. The fiancés, the would-be kidnappers, and the entire village are thrown in total disarray. Brother Christopher helps Lucia find safe haven in a convent, and makes arrangements for Renzo to find work in Milan, away from Don Rodrigo’s fury. Immediately after arriving in Milan, Renzo is, however, caught up in a bread riot sparked by a government-decreed price increase. He is framed and arrested as one of the riot ringleaders, but is able to escape to a neighboring country, where he is forced to disguise his identity. Since Don Rodrigo’s is not powerful enough to infiltrate Lucia’s place of asylum, he seeks the help of another man, "whose long arm often reached farther than his enemies’ eyes." Lucia is treacherously abducted and taken to this ferocious overlord’s castle, from where she is to be turned over to Don Rodrigo. However, the overlord has secretly been harboring serious concerns over his past crimes. Lucia’s plight and pleadings help precipitate his crisis of conscience. He goes to see Cardinal Federigo, who is on a pastoral visit in a nearby village, and, with the Cardinal’s encouragement, decides to change his way of life. Lucia is freed unharmed, but is still unable to return home because of the ever present threat from Don Rodrigo. So, she goes to live in Milan, under the protection of a powerful, well meaning, but rather eccentric couple. There, she has to wage a constant struggle with herself, because on the night of her abduction she had made a vow that she would remain a virgin if she could safely come out of that predicament. Though still deeply in love with Renzo, she is determined to keep her vow because of her strong religious faith. War, famine and pestilence further complicate the lives of the two young people but, at long last, Renzo is able to go looking for Lucia, and finds her in a hospital, recovering from the plague. Brother Christopher, who had gone to that same place to care for the diseased and the moribund, counsels Lucia on her vow, and releases her from it. Don Rodrigo dies from the plague, and the two fiancés are finally free to marry. They move to Renzo’s adopted country and from then on lead a comfortable and serene life, made all the more pleasant by their past suffering and their trust in God.
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Everyman And Other Medieval Miracle And Morality Plays

Author : Anonymous
ISBN : 1420931245
Genre : Drama
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The medieval morality play, which became popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th century, is a allegorical drama in which personal attributes are personified and the moral of choosing good over evil is generally conveyed. In this volume you will find one of the most famous examples of this genre in the play "Everyman" along with the following other plays: "The Deluge", "Abraham, Melchisedec, And Isaac", "The Wakefield Second Shepherds' Play", "The Coventry Nativity Play", "The Wakefield Miracle-Play Of The Crucifixion", "The Cornish Mystery-Play Of The Three Maries", "The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene And The Apostles", "The Wakefield Pageant Of The Harrowing Of Hell", and "God's Promises."
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Second Shepherd S Play

Author : Lisl Beer
ISBN : 082831246X
Genre : Drama
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The play is a fusion of the rough peasant humour of the period, and simple religious faith. The play can be done with hand puppets or marionettes (various cast: People or puppets).
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