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European Imperialism 1830 1930

Author : Alice L. Conklin
ISBN : UOM:39015059575723
Genre : History
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Consisting principally of thematically organized selections from the most recent historical work on French, British, and Dutch imperialism. The chronology and bibliography highlight the critical moments in European expansion and the resistance that the colonizers met from the colonized.
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The Industrial Revolution

Author : Steven M. Beaudoin
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114284032
Genre : Business & Economics
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A volume in the Problems in European Civilization series, this book features a collection of secondary-source essays that focus on various aspects of the Industrial Revolution. This text takes a broad view of industrialization, looking at countries other than England and examining causation back to the 16th century.
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Greater France

Author : Robert Aldrich
ISBN : 9781349247295
Genre : France
File Size : 48.47 MB
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The British Imperial Century 1815 1914

Author : Timothy H. Parsons
ISBN : 9780742572171
Genre : History
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Ideal for adoption in introductory and upper-level classes in European and world history, this book provides a concise narrative account of the rise and fall of British imperialism. Focusing on the transition from informal to formal empire which broadened and intensified Britain's relations with Asia and Africa, Timothy Parsons describes the establishment of extensive colonies and protectorates in Egypt, India, China, and the Ottoman Empire. Parsons explores the cultural, political, economic, and social implications of British authority in these areas and he describes the various ways in which subject peoples contested and adapted to the expansion of the British Crown. This book is an excellent introduction to the subject of imperialism, and will be extremely useful for those studying this history of Britain, Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Far East.
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Heavy Metal Islam

Author : Mark LeVine
ISBN : 9780307449603
Genre : Social Science
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“We play heavy metal because our lives are heavy metal.” —Reda Zine, one of the founders of the Moroccan heavy-metal scene “Music is the weapon of the future.” —Fela Kuti An eighteen-year-old Moroccan who loves Black Sabbath. A twenty-two-year-old rapper from the Gaza Strip. A young Lebanese singer who quotes Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” They are as representative of the world of Islam today as the conservatives and extremists we see every night on the news. Heavy metal, punk, hip-hop, and reggae are each the music of protest, and in many cases considered immoral in the Muslim world. This music may also turn out to be the soundtrack of a revolution unfolding across that world. Why, despite governmental attempts to control and censor them, do these musicians and fans keep playing and listening? Partly, of course, for the joy of self-expression, but also because, in this region, everything is political. In Heavy Metal Islam, Mark LeVine explores the influence of Western music on the Middle East through interviews with musicians and fans, introducing us young Muslims struggling to reconcile their religion with a passion for music and a desire for change. The result is a revealing tour of contemporary Islamic culture through the evolving music scene in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Heavy Metal Islam is a surprising, wildly entertaining foray into a historically authoritarian region where music just might be the true democratizing force. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Social Science

France And Its Empire Since 1870

Author : Alice L. Conklin
ISBN : 9780199384440
Genre : History
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Providing an up-to-date synthesis of the history of an extraordinary nation--one that has been shrouded in myths, many of its own making--France and Its Empire Since 1870 seeks both to understand these myths and to uncover the complicated and often contradictory realities that underpin them. It situates modern French history in transnational and global contexts and also integrates the themes of imperialism and immigration into the traditional narrative. Authors Alice L. Conklin, Sarah Fishman, and Robert Zaretsky begin with the premise that while France and the U.S. are sister republics, they also exhibit profound differences that are as compelling as their apparent similarities. The authors frame the book around the contested emergence of the French Republic--a form of government that finally appears to have a permanent status in France--but whose birth pangs were much more protracted than those of the American Republic. Presenting a lively and coherent narrative of the major developments in France's tumultuous history since 1870, the authors organize the chapters around the country's many turning points and confrontations. They also offer detailed analyses of politics, society, and culture, considering the diverse viewpoints of men and women from every background including the working class and the bourgeoisie, immigrants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims, Bretons and Algerians, rebellious youth, and gays and lesbians.
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Of Revelation And Revolution Volume 2

Author : John L. Comaroff
ISBN : 0226114678
Genre : Social Science
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In the second of a proposed three-volume study, John and Jean Comaroff continue their exploration of colonial evangelism and modernity in South Africa. Moving beyond the opening moments of the encounter between the British Nonconformist missions and the Southern Tswana peoples, Of Revelation and Revolution, Volume II, explores the complex transactions—both epic and ordinary—among the various dramatis personae along this colonial frontier. The Comaroffs trace many of the major themes of twentieth-century South African history back to these formative encounters. The relationship between the British evangelists and the Southern Tswana engendered complex exchanges of goods, signs, and cultural markers that shaped not only African existence but also bourgeois modernity "back home" in England. We see, in this volume, how the colonial attempt to "civilize" Africa set in motion a dialectical process that refashioned the everyday lives of all those drawn into its purview, creating hybrid cultural forms and potent global forces which persist in the postcolonial age. This fascinating study shows how the initiatives of the colonial missions collided with local traditions, giving rise to new cultural practices, new patterns of production and consumption, new senses of style and beauty, and new forms of class distinction and ethnicity. As noted by reviewers of the first volume, the Comaroffs have succeeded in providing a model for the study of colonial encounters. By insisting on its dialectical nature, they demonstrate that colonialism can no longer be seen as a one-sided relationship between the conquering and the conquered. It is, rather, a complex system of reciprocal determinations, one whose legacy is very much with us today.
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Rule Of Darkness

Author : Patrick Brantlinger
ISBN : 0801497671
Genre : History
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A major contribution to the cultural and literary history of the Victorian age, Rule of Darkness maps the complex relationship between Victorian literary forms, genres, and theories and imperialist, racist ideology. Critics and cultural historians have usually regarded the Empire as being of marginal importance to early and mid-Victorian writers. Patrick Brantlinger asserts that the Empire was central to British culture as a source of ideological and artistic energy, both supported by and lending support to widespread belief in racial superiority, the need to transform "savagery" into "civilization," and the urgency of promoting emigration. Rule of Darkness brings together material from public records, memoirs, popular culture, and canonical literature. Brantlinger explores the influence of the novels of Captain Frederick Marryat, pioneer of British adolescent adventure fiction, and shows the importance of William Makepeace Thackeray's experience of India to his novels. He treats a number of Victorian best sellers previously ignored by literary historians, including the Anglo-Indian writer Philip Meadows Taylor's Confessions of a Thug and Seeta. Brantlinger situates explorers' narratives and travelogues by such famous author-adventurers as David Livingstone and Sir Richard Burton in relation to other forms of Victorian and Edwardian prose. Through readings of works by Arthur Conan Doyle, Joseph Conrad, H. Rider Haggard, Rudyard Kipling, John Hobson, and many others, he considers representations of Africa, India, and other non-British parts of the world in both fiction and nonfiction. The most comprehensive study yet of literature and imperialism in the early and mid-Victorian years, Rule of Darkness offers, in addition, a revisionary interpretation of imperialism as a significant factor in later British cultural history, from the 1880s to World War I. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with Victorian culture and society and, more generally, with the relationship between Victorian writers and imperialism, 'and between racist ideology and patterns of domination in modern history.
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The Women S War Of 1929

Author : Toyin Falola
ISBN : 1594609314
Genre : History
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This book offers a narrative and analysis of a central event in the colonial history of Nigeria – the Women's War of 1929, also called the Aba Women's Riots by colonial officials. The Women's War of 1929 addresses the historical debates related to the causes and consequences of the event with assessments of each side's strengths and weaknesses. Focusing mainly on the actions of African participants, the book explains the cultural, social, and economic issues that led to the Women's War and the reasons why women used specific strategies. It also evaluates the aftermath of the conflict and how the protest practices used by Igbo and Ibibio women influenced British colonial policy. The book goes further than other historical accounts of the Women's War by evaluating subsequent women's protests into the 1930s. The volume includes a large collection of primary documents reproduced for print from archives in Nigeria and London. A chapter designed for students gives context to the documents and offers a short guide on how to use them effectively. The document collection offers insights into more than just the Women's War, owing to firsthand accounts and opinions from Igbo and Ibibio people, as well as how colonial officials described life under British colonialism. The documents section is designed to be a primary resource for students and professors of African Studies, African History, British Imperial Studies, and Gender Studies so that readers interested in the subject have the chance to read the actual words of African women and colonial officials. This book is part of the African World Series, edited by Toyin Falola, Frances Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professor in History, University of Texas at Austin.
Category: History