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Ethno Erotic Economies

Author : George Paul Meiu
ISBN : 9780226491202
Genre : Social Science
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Ethno-erotic Economies explores a fascinating case of tourism focused on sex and culture in coastal Kenya, where young men deploy stereotypes of African warriors to help them establish transactional sexual relationships with European women. In bars and on beaches, young men deliberately cultivate their images as sexually potent African men to attract women, sometimes for a night, in other cases for long-term relationships. George Paul Meiu uses his deep familiarity with the communities these men come from to explore the long-term effects of markets of ethnic culture and sexuality on a wide range of aspects of life in rural Kenya, including kinship, ritual, gender, intimate affection, and conceptions of aging. What happens to these communities when young men return with such surprising wealth? And how do they use it to improve their social standing locally? By answering these questions, Ethno-erotic Economies offers a complex look at how intimacy and ethnicity come together to shape the pathways of global and local trade in the postcolonial world.
Category: Social Science

Ethno Erotic Economies Crafting Samburu Futures In Postcolonial Kenya

Author : George Paul Meiu
ISBN : 1303423219
Genre :
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This dissertation examines how a people long venerated and vilified for their ethnic and sexual difference use that very same difference to produce livelihoods. Since the 1980s, young men from the Samburu District of northern Kenya migrated to beach resorts to sell souvenirs and perform traditional dances for tourists. They sought to capitalize on the colonial image of the exotic Maa-speaking male "warrior" or moran, who had become a core brand of East Africa as a tourist destination. Most of them hoped to meet European women for transactional sex. As more and more women from Western Europe had relationships with Samburu men, some of these men acquired spectacular wealth in a very short time. Through gifts of money from their partners, men built houses, bought land, livestock, and cars, and opened various businesses. Many of them paid bridewealth and married one or two local wives. Some jumped across age grades by paying for an early initiation into elderhood. Others funded elections and became regional councilors. In a time when most people in Samburu District struggled to produce livelihoods in face of a declining cattle economy, rapid population growth, the alienation of land, and unemployment, the wealth of these "young big-men" became a salient object of moral contestation.

Women And Islamic Revival In A West African Town

Author : Adeline Masquelier
ISBN : 9780253003461
Genre : Religion
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In the small town of Dogondoutchi, Niger, Malam Awal, a charismatic Sufi preacher, was recruited by local Muslim leaders to denounce the practices of reformist Muslims. Malam Awal's message has been viewed as a mixed blessing by Muslim women who have seen new definitions of Islam and Muslim practice impact their place and role in society. This study follows the career of Malam Awal and documents the engagement of women in the religious debates that are refashioning their everyday lives. Adeline Masquelier reveals how these women have had to define Islam on their own terms, especially as a practice that governs education, participation in prayer, domestic activities, wedding customs, and who wears the veil and how. Masquelier's richly detailed narrative presents new understandings of what it means to be a Muslim woman in Africa today.
Category: Religion

Email From Ngeti

Author : James H. Smith
ISBN : 9780520281103
File Size : 62.61 MB
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Cover; Email from Ngeti; Title; Copyright; CONTENTS; Acknowledgments; 1 Emails from the Field: An Introduction; 2 English Makes You See Far; 3 God Helps Those That Help Themselves; 4 Good Ants, Bad Milk, and Ugly Deeds; 5 The Power of Prayer; 6 Works and Days; 7 A Confrontation; 8 Reflections; Appendix of Names; Notes; Bibliography. Email from Ngeti is a captivating story of sorcery, redemption, and transnational friendship in the globalized twenty-first century. When the anthropologist James Smith returns to Kenya to begin fieldwork for a new research project, he meets Ngeti Mwadime, a young man from the Taita Hills who is as interested in the United States as Smith is in Taita. Ngeti possesses a savvy sense of humor and an unusual command of the English language, which he teaches himself by watching American movies and memorizing the Oxford English Dictionary. Smith and Mwadime soon develop a friendship th.

Beads Bodies And Trash

Author : David Redmon
ISBN : 9781317653097
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Beads, Bodies, and Trash merges cultural sociology with a commodity chain analysis by following Mardi Gras beads to their origins. Beginning with Bourbon Street of New Orleans, this book moves to the grim factories in the tax-free economic zone of rural Fuzhou, China. Beads, Bodies, and Trash will increase students’ capacity to think critically about and question everyday objects that circulate around the globe: where do objects come from, how do they emerge, where do they end up, what are their properties, what assemblages do they form, and what are the consequences (both beneficial and harmful) of those properties on the environment and human bodies? This book also asks students to confront how the beads can contradictorily be implicated in fun, sexist, unequal, and toxic relationships of production, consumption, and disposal. With a companion documentary, Mardi Gras Made in China, this book introduces students to recording technologies as possible research tools.
Category: Social Science

Ethnic Economies

Author : Ivan Hubert Light
ISBN : 0122871553
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.9 MB
Format : PDF
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The phenomenon of increasingly visible groups of immigrant entrepreneurs raises a host of questions. What are the causes of immigrant entrepreneurship? What are its consequences, especially as regards upward mobility and inter-ethnic relations? And what accounts for differences in entrepreneurship among ethnic groups? Ethnic Economies provides a broad overview of ethnicity and entrepreneurship, connecting it with broader studies of economic life.
Category: Business & Economics

Allah Made Us

Author : Rudolf Pell Gaudio
ISBN : 9781444356625
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A rich and engrossing account of 'sexual outlaws' in the Hausa-speaking region of northern Nigeria, where Islamic law requires strict separation of the sexes and different rules of behavior for women and men in virtually every facet of life. The first ethnographic study of sexual minorities in Africa, and one of very few works on sexual minorities in the Islamic world Engagingly written, combining innovative, ethnographic narrative with analyses of sociolinguistic transcripts, historical texts, and popular media, including video, film, newspapers, and song-poetry Analyzes the social experiences and expressive culture of ‘yan daudu (feminine men in Nigerian Hausaland) in relation to local, national, and global debates over gender and sexuality at the turn of the twenty-first century Winner of the 2009 Ruth Benedict Prize in the category of "Outstanding Monograph"
Category: Social Science

Ethnic America

Author : Thomas Sowell
ISBN : 0786723157
Genre : History
File Size : 51.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This classic work by the distinguished economist traces the history of nine American ethnic groups--the Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, Chinese, African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans.
Category: History

Purity And Exile

Author : Liisa H. Malkki
ISBN : 9780226190969
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this study of Hutu refugees from Burundi, driven into exile in Tanzania after their 1972 insurrection against the dominant Tutsi was brutally quashed, Liisa Malkki shows how experiences of dispossession and violence are remembered and turned into narratives, and how this process helps to construct identities such as "Hutu" and "Tutsi." Through extensive fieldwork in two refugee communities, Malkki finds that the refugees' current circumstances significantly influence these constructions. Those living in organized camps created an elaborate "mythico-history" of the Hutu people, which gave significance to exile, and envisioned a collective return to the homeland of Burundi. Other refugees, who had assimilated in a more urban setting, crafted identities in response to the practical circumstances of their day to day lives. Malkki reveals how such things as national identity, historical consciousness, and the social imagination of "enemies" get constructed in the process of everyday life. The book closes with an epilogue looking at the recent violence between Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda and Burundi, and showing how the movement of large refugee populations across national borders has shaped patterns of violence in the region.
Category: Social Science

I Say To You

Author : Gabrielle Lynch
ISBN : 9780226498096
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83.31 MB
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In 2007 a disputed election in Kenya erupted into a two-month political crisis that led to the deaths of more than a thousand people and the displacement of almost seven hundred thousand. Much of the violence fell along ethnic lines, the principal perpetrators of which were the Kalenjin, who lashed out at other communities in the Rift Valley. What makes this episode remarkable compared to many other instances of ethnic violence is that the Kalenjin community is a recent construct: the group has only existed since the mid-twentieth century. Drawing on rich archival research and vivid oral testimony, I Say to You is a timely analysis of the creation, development, political relevance, and popular appeal of the Kalenjin identity as well as its violent potential. Uncovering the Kalenjin’s roots, Gabrielle Lynch examines the ways in which ethnic groups are socially constructed and renegotiated over time. She demonstrates how historical narratives of collective achievement, migration, injustice, and persecution constantly evolve. As a consequence, ethnic identities help politicians mobilize support and help ordinary people lay claim to space, power, and wealth. This kind of ethnic politics, Lynch reveals, encourages a sense of ethnic difference and competition, which can spiral into violent confrontation and retribution.
Category: Social Science