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Ethnicities Personalities And Politics In The Ethnic Chinese Worlds

Author : Ching-hwang Yen
ISBN : 9789814603034
Genre : Social Science
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The rise of the economic power of the ethnic Chinese, known also as overseas Chinese, Chinese overseas or Chinese diaspora, was a late 20th century phenomenon. It was partly the result of the rise of the Four Little Asian Dragons in the 1970s, and was speeded up by the tempo of globalization towards the end of that century. This book explores the ethnic identity and boundary of the Chinese as minority groups in foreign lands, and as sub-groups among the Chinese themselves. It examines prominent personalities that had wielded considerable influence in the ethnic Chinese communities in the economic, social and educational arenas. It also discusses the type of politics that had impacted their relationship with their mother country — China. Containing 16 papers presented at various international conferences in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan as keynote speeches and research findings which are predominantly unpublished in English, this book provides fresh perspectives and re-interpretations on the issues of ethnicity, leadership and politics in the ethnic Chinese worlds.
Category: Social Science

Islam In China

Author : Raphael Israeli
ISBN : 073910375X
Genre : History
File Size : 82.40 MB
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"Are they really Muslims?" Islam in China reveals the struggle for identity of the small yet vital Muslim community of China, a little studied minority on the fringes of the Islamic world now thrust into the spotlight by the opening of China to the world and the rise of independent Muslim republics on China's western borders. Both timely and important, the multifaceted essays- collection of over twenty years of Raphael Israeli's scholarship on Chinese Muslims offer detailed insight into the relationship between China's non-Muslim majority and an increasingly self-confident guest culture. The work uncovers a history of uneasy ethnic, philosophical, and ideological coexistence, the gradual sinification of the Chinese Muslim creed, and the increasing accommodation of Islam by a modern, westernizing China. In addition, it highlights a religious group riddled with sectarianism; factional rifts that reveal the doctrinal, social, and political diversity at the core of Chinese Islam."
Category: History

Governing China S Multiethnic Frontiers

Author : Morris Rossabi
ISBN : 9780295804057
Genre : Social Science
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Upon coming to power in 1949, the Chinese Communist government proclaimed that its stance toward ethnic minorities--who comprise approximatelyeight percent of China�s population--differed from that of previous regimes and that it would help preserve the linguistic and cultural heritage of the fifty-five official "minority nationalities." However, minority culture suffered widespread destruction in the early decades of the People�s Republic of China, and minority areas still lag far behind Han (majority) areas economically. Since the mid-1990s, both domestic and foreign developments have refocused government attention on the inhabitants of China�s minority regions, their relationship to the Chinese state, and their foreign ties. Intense economic development of and Han settlement in China�s remote minority regions threaten to displace indigenous populations, post-Soviet establishment of independent countries composed mainly of Muslim and Turkic-speaking peoples presents questions for related groups in China, freedom of Mongolia from Soviet control raises the specter of a pan-Mongolian movement encompassing Chinese Mongols, and international groups press for a more autonomous or even independent Tibet. In Governing China�s Multiethnic Frontiers, leading scholars examine the Chinese government�s administration of its ethnic minority regions, particularly border areas where ethnicity is at times a volatile issue and where separatist movements are feared. Seven essays focus on the Muslim Hui, multiethnic southwest China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet. Together these studies provide an overview of government relations with key minority populations, against which one can view evolving dialogues and disputes.
Category: Social Science

Negotiating Ethnicity In China

Author : Chih-yu Shih
ISBN : 9781134455041
Genre : Political Science
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This challenging study brings together anthropology and political science to examine how ethnic minorities are constructed by the state, and how they respond to such constructions. Disclosing endless mini negotiations between those acting in the name of the Chinese state and those carrying the images of ethnic minority, this book provides an image of the framing of ethnicity by modern state building processes. It will be of vital interest to scholars of political science, anthropology and sociology, and is essential reading to those engaged in studying Chinese society.
Category: Political Science

In The Land Of The Eastern Queendom

Author : Tenzin Jinba
ISBN : 9780295804842
Genre : History
File Size : 79.43 MB
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The story underlying this ethnography began with the recent discovery and commercialization of the remnant of an ancient �queendom� on the Sichuan-Tibet border. Recorded in classical Chinese texts, this legendary matriarchal domain has attracted not only tourists but the vigilance of the Chinese state. Tenzin Jinba�s research examines the consequences of development of the queendom label for local ethnic, gender, and political identities and for state-society relations.
Category: History

Guest People

Author : Nicole Constable
ISBN : 9780295805450
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.41 MB
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The essays in this volume analyze and compare what it means to be Hakka in a variety of sociocultural, political, geographical, and historical contexts including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Taiwan, and contemporary China.
Category: Social Science

Ethnicity And Conflict In A Post Communist World

Author : Peter King
ISBN : 9781349222131
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27.24 MB
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The post-Communist world has seen a dramatic revival of ethnicity and nationalism. The volume explores the contemporary sources, scope and intensity of nationality conflicts in the context of a disintegrating Soviet Empire. The authors address themselves to the resurgence of ethnicity and nationalism within the former Soviet imperium, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria and China and examine the consequences of perestroika and glasnost. Central issues involve identity formation, the nature and implications of ethnic and internal conflicts and possible paths toward resolution.
Category: Political Science

The Making Of Southeast Asian Nations

Author : Leo Suryadinata
ISBN : 9789814612982
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.85 MB
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The idea of the ‘nation’ is a Western concept which has been applied to Southeast Asia. It is a project which has been in progress since the last century but is still incomplete. Various theoretical frameworks which are associated with nation and nation-building in the Southeast Asian region have been briefly dealt with. The book aims to examine the making of the nations in Southeast Asia using both historical and political science approaches. Concepts related to nation such as ethnicity, state, indigenism and citizenship have also been analysed in the Southeast Asian context. Specific examples of nation-building in five major Southeast Asian countries are presented. Problems and prospects of Southeast Asia's nation-building and citizenship building in the era of globalisation are also discussed. Contents:Multi-Ethnic Society, Conflict Regulation and Nation-BuildingNation, State, Ethnicity and IndigenismNation, Citizenship and IndigenismEthnicity, Indigenism and Southeast Asia's Citizenship LawsEthnic Chinese and the Formation of Southeast Asian NationsChina's Citizenship Laws and Southeast Asian ChineseNation-Building or Citizenship-Building in Singapore?Indigenism, Islam and Nation-Building in MalaysiaEthnicity, Religion and Nation-Building in IndonesiaThe Philippines and Thailand: Ethnicity and Islam in Nation-BuildingCitizenship, Nation-State and Nation-Building in Globalizing Southeast AsiaAppendices:Ethnic and Religious Compositions of Southeast Asian CountriesCitizenship Law of Brunei DarussalamCitizenship Law of CambodiaCitizenship Law of IndonesiaCitizenship Law of LaosCitizenship Law of Malaysia (The Citizenship Section of Constitution)Citizenship Law of MyanmarCitizenship Law of the Philippines (The Citizenship Information in the Constitution)Citizenship Law of SingaporeCitizenship Law of ThailandCitizenship Law of Vietnam Readership: Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, academics, and members of the general public who are interested in Southeast Asian politics, in particular, the topic of nation-building. Key Features:The book is written by a Southeast Asian scholar, familiar with both Asian and Western culturesThe making of Southeast Asian nations is topical as many nations, including Singapore, are celebrating their “nationhood”The discussion on citizenship is based on the Citizenship Laws of the Southeast Asian statesKeywords:Nations;State;Ethnicity;Indigenism;Citizenship;Southeast AsiaReviews: “Professor Suryadinata has spent much of his life studying the modern polity called a nation. This volume brings together his thoughts on the multiple aspects of that very elusive ideal. It will provide generations of students with a useful guide through the labyrinth of the new forces at work in our region. It therefore gives me great pleasure to welcome his contributions here.” Professor Wang Gungwu
Category: Political Science

The Business Of Politics And Ethnicity

Author : Sikko Visscher
ISBN : 9971693658
Genre : History
File Size : 50.52 MB
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This book describes the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce's changing relationship with the state and with businesses in the region. Some of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen in Singapore and Malaysia have served as leaders of the Chamber. Drawing on archival materials and extensive interviews, Visscher provides lively biographical sketches that highlight the circumstances and personal values that propelled these and other leading Chinese businessmen to success and to prominence. He also examines Chinese business practices, considering cultural elements as well as state and market forces, and highlights unique features of the Chinese experience in Singapore. By viewing Singapore from the perspective of a well established non-governmental organisation as it struggled, negotiated and cooperated with the state, this book offers an alternative to conventional political histories.
Category: History

Cultural Encounters On Chinas Ethnic Frontiers

Author : Stevan Harrell
ISBN : 9780295804088
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 22.31 MB
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China's exploitation by Western imperialism is well known, but the imperialist treatment within China of ethnic minorities has been little explored. Around the geographic periphery of China, as well as some of the less accessible parts of the interior, and even in its cities, live a variety of peoples of different origins, languages, ecological adaptations, and cultures. These people have interacted for centuries with the Han Chinese majority, with other minority ethnic groups (minzu), and with non-Chinese, but identification of distinct groups and analysis of their history and relationship to others still are problematic. Cultural Encounters on China's Ethnic Frontiers provides rich material for the comparative study of colonialism and imperialism and for the study of Chinese nation-building. It represents some of the first scholarship on ethnic minorities in China based on direct research since before World War II. This, combined with increasing awareness in the West of the importance of ethnic relations, makes it an especially timely book. It will be of interest to anthopologists, historians, and political scientists, as well as to sinologists.
Category: Social Science