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Ethnic Politics And State Power In Africa

Author : Philip Roessler
ISBN : 9781107176072
Genre : Political Science
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This book models the trade-off that rulers of weak, ethnically-divided states face between coups and civil war. Drawing evidence from extensive field research in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo combined with statistical analysis of most African countries, it develops a framework to understand the causes of state failure.
Category: Political Science

Institutions And Ethnic Politics In Africa

Author : Daniel N. Posner
ISBN : 9781316582978
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39.86 MB
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This book presents a theory to account for why and when politics revolves around one axis of social cleavage instead of another. It does so by examining the case of Zambia, where people identify themselves either as members of one of the country's seventy-three tribes or as members of one of its four principal language groups. The book accounts for the conditions under which Zambian political competition revolves around tribal differences and under which it revolves around language group differences. Drawing on a simple model of identity choice, it shows that the answer depends on whether the country operates under single-party or multi-party rule. During periods of single-party rule, tribal identities serve as the axis of electoral mobilization and self-identification; during periods of multi-party rule, broader language group identities play this role. The book thus demonstrates how formal institutional rules determine the kinds of social cleavages that matter in politics.
Category: Political Science

Property And Political Order In Africa

Author : Catherine Boone
ISBN : 9781107040694
Genre : Law
File Size : 34.89 MB
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In sub-Saharan Africa, property relationships around land and access to natural resources vary across localities, districts, and farming regions. These differences produce patterned variations in relationships between individuals, communities, and the state. This book captures these patterns in an analysis of structure and variation in rural land tenure regimes. In most farming areas, state authority is deeply embedded in land regimes, drawing farmers, ethnic insiders and outsiders, lineages, villages, and communities into direct and indirect relationships with political authorities at different levels of the state apparatus. The analysis shows how property institutions - institutions that define political authority and hierarchy around land - shape dynamics of great interest to scholars of politics, including the dynamics of land-related competition and conflict, territorial conflict, patron-client relations, electoral cleavage and mobilization, ethnic politics, rural rebellion, and the localization and "nationalization" of political competition.
Category: Law

Dictators And Democracy In African Development

Author : A. Carl LeVan
ISBN : 9781107081147
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.90 MB
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This book argues that the structure of the policy-making process in Nigeria explains variations in government performance better than other commonly cited factors.
Category: Political Science

Beyond Ethnic Politics In Africa

Author : Dominika Koter
ISBN : 9781107171497
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 90.12 MB
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Focussing on Sub-Saharan Africa, Dominika Koter analyses why ethnic politics emerge in some ethnically diverse societies, but not in others.
Category: Political Science

Multi Ethnic Coalitions In Africa

Author :
ISBN : 9781107021112
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 34.33 MB
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Africa's long-ruling incumbents stay in power because opposition politicians struggle to secure the finances required to build electoral coalitions.
Category: Political Science

States And Power In Africa

Author : Jeffrey Herbst
ISBN : 9781400841530
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 28.28 MB
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Theories of international relations, assumed to be universally applicable, have failed to explain the creation of states in Africa. There, the interaction of power and space is dramatically different from what occurred in Europe. In his groundbreaking book, Jeffrey Herbst places the African state-building process in a truly comparative perspective, examining the problem of state consolidation from the precolonial period, through the short but intense interlude of European colonialism, to the modern era of independent states. Herbst's bold contention--that the conditions now facing African state-builders existed long before European penetration of the continent--is sure to provoke controversy, for it runs counter to the prevailing assumption that colonialism changed everything. In identifying how the African state-building process differs from the European experience, Herbst addresses the fundamental problem confronting African leaders: how to extend authority over sparsely settled lands. Indeed, efforts to exert control over vast, inhospitable territories of low population density and varied environmental and geographical zones have resulted in devastating wars, millions of refugees, and dysfunctional governments perpetrating destructive policies. Detailing the precise political calculations of distinct African leaders, Herbst isolates the basic dynamics of African state development. In analyzing how these leaders have attempted to consolidate power, he is able to evaluate a variety of policy alternatives for dealing with the fundamental political challenges facing African states today.
Category: Political Science

Imperialism And Ethnic Politics In Nigeria 1960 1996

Author : Pade Badru
ISBN : 0865436045
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74.67 MB
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Badru examines the class dimension of the Nigerian political crisis since 1960, when this culturally diverse nation became independent. He claims that the ruling elite, whether constituted in the military or the civil society, consistently used ethnicity to secure its own class domination in the absence of a coherent class ideology.
Category: Political Science

Ethnic Nationalism And State Power

Author : M. Suzman
ISBN : 9780230598089
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 41.53 MB
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This controversial book rejects the view that the growth of Irish nationalism, Afrikaner nationalism and Zionism was due primarily to issues of race, religion or language. Instead, drawing on a new analytical framework and close historical analysis, it shows how their ultimate success was the result of political, economic and organisational factors conditioned by sustained conflict with the existing state and other ethnic groups.
Category: Political Science