Eskimos And Explorers

Author : Wendell H. Oswalt
ISBN : 0803286139
Genre : Social Science
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Corrects misconceptions about Eskimo life, analyzes early accounts by European explorers, and evaluates the impact these explorers had on Eskimo culture
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Author : Claus M. Naske
ISBN : 9780806186139
Genre : History
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The largest by far of the fifty states, Alaska is also the state of greatest mystery and diversity. And, as Claus-M. Naske and Herman E. Slotnick show in this comprehensive survey, the history of Alaska’s peoples and the development of its economy have matched the diversity of its land- and seascapes. Alaska: A History begins by examining the region’s geography and the Native peoples who inhabited it for thousands of years before the first Europeans arrived. The Russians claimed northern North America by right of discovery in 1741. During their occupation of “Russian America” the region was little more than an outpost for fur hunters and traders. When the czar sold the territory to the United States in 1867, nobody knew what to do with “Seward’s Folly.” Mainland America paid little attention to the new acquisition until a rush of gold seekers flooded into the Yukon Territory. In 1906 Congress granted Alaska Territory a voteless delegate and in 1912 gave it a territorial legislature. Not until 1959, however, was Alaska’s long-sought goal of statehood realized. During World War II, Alaska’s place along the great circle route from the United States to Asia firmly established its military importance, which was underscored during the Cold War. The developing military garrison brought federal money and many new residents. Then the discovery of huge oil and natural-gas deposits gave a measure of economic security to the state. Alaska: A History provides a full chronological survey of the region’s and state’s history, including the precedent-setting Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, which compensated Native Americans for their losses; the effect of the oil industry and the trans-Alaska pipeline on the economy; the Exxon Valdez oil spill; and Alaska politics through the early 2000s.
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Encounters On The Passage

Author : Dorothy Eber
ISBN : 9780802092755
Genre : History
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In Encounters on the Passage, present day Inuit tell the stories that have been passed down from their ancestors of the first encounters with European explorers.
Category: History

Ancient People Of The Arctic

Author : Robert McGhee
ISBN : 0774808543
Genre : History
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The Palaeo-Eskimos have left far more than the hundreds of pieces of art recovered by archaeologists and the evidence of human ingenuity and endurance on the perimeter of the habitable world. Their most valuable legacy lies in the realization that these two things occurred together and were part of the same phenomenon. They provide an example of lives lived richly and joyfully amid dangers and insecurities that are beyond the imagination of the present world.
Category: History

Erikson Eskimos And Columbus

Author : James Robert Enterline
ISBN : 9780801875472
Genre : History
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Drawing on an exhaustive chronological survey of pre-Columbian maps, including the controversial Yale Vinland Map, this book boldly challenges conventional accounts of Europe's discovery of the New World.
Category: History

The Western Interior Of Canada

Author : John Warkentin
ISBN : 9780773591530
Genre : Science
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This volume consists of excerpts from journals, diaries and reports of geographical explorations into the western interior of Canada from the first known journeys of Jens Munck and Luke Foxe up to the scientific surveys undertaken in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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The Third Eye

Author : Fatimah Tobing Rony
ISBN : 0822318407
Genre : Performing Arts
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Charting the intersection of technology and ideology, cultural production and social science, Fatimah Tobing Rony explores early-twentieth-century representations of non-Western indigenous peoples in films ranging from the documentary to the spectacular to the scientific. Turning the gaze of the ethnographic camera back onto itself, bringing the perspective of a third eye to bear on the invention of the primitive other, Rony reveals the collaboration of anthropology and popular culture in Western constructions of race, gender, nation, and empire. Her work demonstrates the significance of these constructions—and, more generally, of ethnographic cinema—for understanding issues of identity. In films as seemingly dissimilar as Nanook of the North, King Kong, and research footage of West Africans from an 1895 Paris ethnographic exposition, Rony exposes a shared fascination with—and anxiety over—race. She shows how photographic “realism” contributed to popular and scientific notions of evolution, race, and civilization, and how, in turn, anthropology understood and critiqued its own use of photographic technology. Looking beyond negative Western images of the Other, Rony considers performance strategies that disrupt these images—for example, the use of open resistance, recontextualization, and parody in the films of Katherine Dunham and Zora Neale Hurston, or the performances of Josephine Baker. She also draws on the work of contemporary artists such as Lorna Simpson and Victor Masayesva Jr., and writers such as Frantz Fanon and James Baldwin, who unveil the language of racialization in ethnographic cinema. Elegantly written and richly illustrated, innovative in theory and original in method, The Third Eye is a remarkable interdisciplinary contribution to critical thought in film studies, anthropology, cultural studies, art history, postcolonial studies, and women's studies.
Category: Performing Arts

Nineteenth Century Explorers

Author : Britannica Educational Publishing
ISBN : 9781622750313
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Although the once-fuzzy outlines of the global map had largely been defined by the 19th century, much had yet to be learned. As some explorers continued to search either for resources or for unknown regions, others increasingly embraced a new kind of discovery—that of scientific knowledge. Readers will journey alongside a host of notable explorers, accompanying Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition—during which they both charted much of the United States and identified 178 new plants—and marvelling at Charles Darwin’s revolutionary findings in the Galapagos Islands. Their explorations and many others are chronicled within these pages.
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Writing On Ice

Author : Vilhjalmur Stefansson
ISBN : 1584651199
Genre : Social Science
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An extensive account of the often elusive anthropology of a famed Arctic explorer.
Category: Social Science

The Culture Bound Syndromes

Author : Ronald C. Simons
ISBN : 9789400952515
Genre : Social Science
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In the last few years there has been a great revival of interest in culture-bound psychiatric syndromes. A spate of new papers has been published on well known and less familiar syndromes, and there have been a number of attempts to put some order into the field of inquiry. In a review of the literature on culture-bound syndromes up to 1969 Yap made certain suggestions for organizing thinking about them which for the most part have not received general acceptance (see Carr, this volume, p. 199). Through the seventies new descriptive and conceptual work was scarce, but in the last few years books and papers discussing the field were authored or edited by Tseng and McDermott (1981), AI-Issa (1982), Friedman and Faguet (1982) and Murphy (1982). In 1983 Favazza summarized his understanding of the state of current thinking for the fourth edition of the Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, and a symposium on culture-bound syndromes was organized by Kenny for the Eighth International Congress of Anthropology and Ethnology. The strong est impression to emerge from all this recent work is that there is no substantive consensus, and that the very concept, "culture-bound syndrome" could well use some serious reconsideration. As the role of culture-specific beliefs and prac tices in all affliction has come to be increasingly recognized it has become less and less clear what sets the culture-bound syndromes apart.
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