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ISBN : WISC:89082519075
Genre : Mormon Church
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The Cross And The Ensign

Author : Peter Elliott
ISBN : 9780007352883
Genre : Malta
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Three sets of ocean liners, each destined to be of three vessels, dominated the Atlantic in the Edwardian era. The race to build the biggest and the best began with Mauretania and Lusitania in 1906, followed by the White Star Line's Olympic and Titanic in 1911-12. Each of these pairs was to see a larger sister, developed as a result of changes needed or desired as a result of operating the two earlier vessels, with Cunard's being Aquitania and White Star's, the ill-fated Britannic. Germany's answer to these British behemoths was the Albert-Ballin designed trio of Imperator, Vaterland and Bismarck. Through misfortune or war, two of these vessels would sink but the others led useful lives, with Aquitania surviving two world wars before being scrapped. Designed to be the absolute engineering achievements of their time, these nine vessels dominated the Atlantic. J. Kent Layton tells the story of the Edwardian Superliners in this fabulously illustrated volume, showcasing many images previously unpublished and never before seen. Rarely can one describe a book as definitive, but this volume truly deserves the accolade.
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Ensign Training

Author : Len Kaplan
ISBN : 9780557072170
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System of OutCompete Innovation ranks is based on personal accomplishments and capabilities. This is the training book for the first Innovation rank, OutCompete Ensign. This training enables Subject Matter Experts to efficiently, in disciplined way participate in innovation projects, solve "unsolvable" problems and handle objections. Read, learn, use - and OutCompete!

The Ensign Locker

Author : John Zerr
ISBN : 9781450243858
Genre : Fiction
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In 1966, the destroyer USS Manfred is bound for Vietnam. For junior ensign Jon Zachery, life is simple. He wants the American dream for his wife and for himself, and the navy is just the first step along the way. After the ship enters the combat zone, however, Zachery lands in hot water with his superior officers. At the same time, he begins to have troubles with his wife. He finds himself in challenging combat situations with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong, but he is most distressed when he discovers that one of his roommates is rabidly anti-war. Following two months in the combat zone, the ship gets a new commanding officerand a new set of problems face Zachery and his shipmates. At first, his new commanding officer distrusts only the five ensigns in the ensign locker, but eventually he begins to distrust the entire wardroom. What happens next has a huge affect on the entire crewultimately resulting in the ship returning home to San Diego. Now Zachery must face the anti-war sentiments at home, and it may be the last straw for him.
Category: Fiction

Ensign May 2015

Author : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Genre : Religion
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General Women's Session Filling Our Homes with Light and Truth By Cheryl A. Esplin The Family Is of God By Carole M. Stephens The Family is Ordained of God The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Defenders of the Family Proclamation By Bonnie L. Oscarson The Comforter By President Henry B. Eyring Saturday Morning Session “Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?” By President Henry B. Eyring The Plan of Happiness By President Boyd K. Packer We’ll Ascend Together By Linda K. Burton The Parable of the Sower By Elder Dallin H. Oaks Choose to Believe By Elder L. Whitney Clayton Why Marriage and Family Matter—Everywhere in the World By Elder L. Tom Perry Saturday Afternoon Session The Sustaining of Church Officers Presented by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Church Auditing Department Report, 2014 Presented by Kevin R. Jergensen Statistical Report, 2014 Presented by Brook P. Hales Therefore They Hushed Their Fears By Elder David A. Bednar Why Marriage, Why Family By Elder D. Todd Christofferson The Music of the Gospel By Elder Wilford W. Andersen Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying By Elder Dale G. Renlund Truly Good and without Guile By Elder Michael T. Ringwood The Lord Is My Light By Elder Quentin L. Cook General Priesthood Session The Greatest Generation of Young Adults By Elder M. Russell Ballard Yes, We Can and Will Win! By Elder Ulisses Soares Fatherhood—Our Eternal Destiny By Larry M. Gibson On Being Genuine By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Priesthood and Personal Prayer By President Henry B. Eyring The Priesthood—a Sacred Gift By President Thomas S. Monson Sunday Morning Session Blessings of the Temple By President Thomas S. Monson Returning to Faith By Rosemary M. Wixom Seeking the Lord By Elder José A. Teixeira Is It Still Wonderful to You? By Bishop Gérald Caussé Waiting for the Prodigal By Elder Brent H. Nielson Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland The Gift of Grace By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Sunday Afternoon Session Preserving Agency, Protecting Religious Freedom By Elder Robert D. Hales Stay by the Tree By Elder Kevin W. Pearson The Eternal Perspective of the Gospel By Elder Rafael E. Pino Thy Kingdom ComeBy Elder Neil L. Andersen If You Will Be Responsible By Elder Jorge F. Zeballos Be Fruitful, Multiply, and Subdue the Earth By Elder Joseph W. Sitati The Sabbath Is a Delight By Elder Russell M. Nelson
Category: Religion

And The Lord Shall Raise An Ensign

Author : Phyllis Gildston
ISBN : 9780595376568
Genre : Fiction
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"Gordon floated out of the commander's office. He sensed his fortunes had turned 180 degrees. On the pinnacle of a phenomenal high, incandescing like lights on Broadway, he now believed that the backbreaking labor he had performed for his father on the roofs of Brooklyn had a larger purpose. His feet carried him to where his prayer book lay open to the well-worn page containing the sentence" and the Lord shall raise an ensign " "And the Lord Shall Raise an Ensign" is a World War II male Cinderella story of sorts-with seductive and serendipitous twists. Charles Gordon, a handsome, well-spoken Jew from a poor working-class Yankee family, enters a naval officer's program along with almost exclusively southern classmates.With some fairy-godmother luck and remarkable feats of derring-do, accomplished despite the erection of malicious and prejudicial obstacles, Gordon eventually becomes an oddball hero among awestruck peers and admiring superiors.After earning the rank of ensign, an unexpected sequence of events ends with the virgin officer serving brilliantly as the Navy's youngest lead fighter director on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific war zone. Unforeseen and unjust consequences of dangerous liaisons, however, threaten to destroy him completely.
Category: Fiction

Ensign Flandry

Author : Poul Anderson
ISBN : 9780575108806
Genre : Fiction
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Dominic Flandry had a great future ahead of him as saviour of the civilised universe. In later years his talent for swift, decisive action would give him an intergalactic reputation. But at the age of nineteen and straight out of naval academy, he was just another raw ensign. The mighty Merseian Empire had sworn to wipe the Earth from the face of the universe. The attack had already been launched, but no one knew how or where the ravening power of the savage green skinned aliens would strike. Only Ensign Flandry had the answer, in the form of a code which he might - or might not - be able to decipher. And so the Merseians were coming after Flandry with every weapon in their terrible arsenal. And just to make things worse, Earth's own armadas were after him too - for desertion, high treason and other assorted crimes. Even for a future saviour, times were looking pretty tough.
Category: Fiction

White Ensign Flying

Author : Roger Litwiller
ISBN : 9781459710405
Genre : History
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Tells the story of one of Canada's warship corvettes that served during World War II and brought its crew home every time they went out. It was the last Canadian ship to be attacked by the U.S. Navy, and it was eventually sunk, along with most of its crew, by a German submarine.
Category: History

Ensign In Italy

Author : Philip Burton
ISBN : 9781473813946
Genre : History
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In 1943, aged 18, Philip Brutton relinquished his place at Cambridge to volunteer for the Welsh Guards. He was commissioned the same year and was Ensign of the Guard as St James's Palace when a near miss by the Luftwaffe hit and badly damaged the surrounding area. At 19, in early 1944, he was sent to Italy where he joined his Regiment and was soon on patrol in the dead-man's-land of the Cassino ruins, threading his way nightly through the minefields, under constant threat of enemy attack, shelling and mortaring. He survived to fight with the 3rd Battalion Welsh Guards as a young battle-hardened platoon commander throughout the major encounters of the Italian campaign involving 1st Guards' Brigade. In Austria, under orders, he handed over the Croatian Government and then 2000 men plus their families to their communist executioners: the Great Betrayal. A regular officer, he was stationed in Palestine before the end of the British Mandate, and after a period with The Prince of Wales's Company, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, he became a Staff Captain at Headquarters 1st Guards' Brigade, aged 21.
Category: History