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An Enemy Of The State

Author : Justin Raimondo
ISBN : UOM:39015050749772
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This is the first biography of one of the most interesting and controversial social theorists of our time. Murray N. Rothbard was the founder of the libertarian movement, a radical free marketeer who came of age in the era of collectivism and fought all his life for individualism and laissez-faire against overwhelming odds. The story of his life is at the same time a cavalcade of virtually all of the controversial events, ideas, and personalities of the latter part of the twentieth century. The author of twenty-eight books and thousands of articles, Rothbard's life goal was to found a science of liberty, a comprehensive libertarian system of social thought encompassing philosophy, ethics, economics, and history. This book tells the story of the intellectual adventure that was Rothbard's life, his relationship with the great libertarian economist and philosopher Ludwig von Mises, and his intellectual growth and development as an economist and a thinker. While Rothbard's contributions to the history of social thought are important, his life story is interesting in itself: against almost impossible odds he managed to singlehandedly create the libertarian movement out of thin air at a time when such ideas were considered completely outside the pale. An Enemy of the State traces Rothbard's ideological odyssey, from the Old Right of the Chicago Tribune and the "isolationist" America First Committee, to the conservative movement of the fifties and early sixties, to the New Left of the mid-sixties, and then on to the Libertarian Party and the post-Cold War return to his Old Right roots. Rothbard was that interesting combination, an intellectual system-builder and theorist who was also an intellectual street fighter, a scholar, and a man of action. Anyone interested in the history of ideas, whether or not they agree with Rothbard's ideology, is bound to be captivated by and drawn into the story of his fascinating life.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Enemy Of The State

Author : Prof. Michael A. Newton
ISBN : 1429947098
Genre : Law
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At 12:21 p.m., on October 19, 2005, Saddam Hussein was escorted into the Courtroom of the Iraqi High Tribunal in Baghdad for one of the most important and chaotic trials in history. For a year, two American law professors had led an elite team of experts who prepared the judges and prosecutors for "the mother of all trials." Michael Scharf, a former State Department official who helped create the Yugoslavia Tribunal in 1993, and Michael Newton, then a professor at West Point, would confront such issues as whether the death penalty should apply, how to run a fair trial when political and military passions run so high, and which of Saddam's many crimes should be prosecuted. Newton was in Baghdad in December 2003 when the Tribunal was announced and Saddam was captured. In the following months, Scharf and Newton helped write the rules of the Tribunal, conducted a mock trial in (perhaps appropriately) Stratford-upon-Avon, England, and provided legal analysis on dozens of issues. Newton then returned to Baghdad several times during the trial and appeal. Now, from its two shapers, comes the fascinating inside story of the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein and the attempt to bring the rule of law to post-invasion Iraq.
Category: Law

Rankin Enemy Of The State

Author : John Osier
ISBN : 0140098186
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87.53 MB
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Bounty hunters and security police pursue Rankin through post-nuclear war America for defying the new, dictatorial government
Category: Fiction

Enemies Of The State

Author : Darren J. Mulloy
ISBN : 9781442276529
Genre : History
File Size : 65.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The rise of the alt-right alongside Donald Trump’s candidacy may be seem unprecedented events in the history of the United States, but D. J. Mulloy shows us that the radical right has been a long and active part of American politics during the twentieth century.
Category: History

Enemy Of The State

Author : E. C. Tubb
ISBN : 1444815113
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Security services in the West are jittery with the renewal of the Cold War. Civilization has grown complex and vulnerable to an internal enemy. An act of sabotage could be unleashed on a massive scale - an atom bomb can be carried in a suitcase. This nightmare is realised when an enemy agent plants an atom bomb, set to detonate imminently. It must be located and deactivated before thousands die and an entire town becomes radioactive ash.
Category: Fiction

Creating Enemies Of The State

Author : Acacia Shields
ISBN : 1564322998
Genre : Criminal justice, Administration of
File Size : 48.42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Criminal justice, Administration of

Enemies Of The State

Author : Thomas Rabbitt
ISBN : UOM:39015050158149
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 80.99 MB
Format : PDF
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This Alabama poet's stunning verse takes us on a forced march through the fading millennium. Rabbitt's poems sometimes horrify us but always engage us, and no reader will pass through his world unchallenged or unscathed.
Category: Poetry

Enemies Of The State

Author : Tim Priest
ISBN : 1741108705
Genre : Police
File Size : 48.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tim Priest is a former police detective who was on the front line in the war against crime and drugs in Cabramatta. He uncovers a vast web of scandal, intrigue, deception and illegal activity that will change the public's perception of the NSW police.
Category: Police

An Enemy Of The State

Author : F. Paul Wilson
ISBN : 0976654423
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.9 MB
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A revolutionary leads the overthrow of a repressive government.
Category: Fiction

Enemy Of The State

Author : Vince Flynn
ISBN : 9781476783543
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.10 MB
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“In the world of black-op thrillers, Mitch Rapp continues to be among the best of the best” (Booklist, starred review), and he returns in Vince Flynn’s #1 New York Times bestselling series alone and targeted by a country that is supposed to be one of America’s closest allies. After 9/11, the United States made one of the most secretive and dangerous deals in its history. The evidence against the powerful Saudis who coordinated the attack would be buried. In return, King Faisal would promise to keep the oil flowing and deal with the conspirators in his midst. When the king’s own nephew is discovered funding ISIS, the President—furious but unable to take action against the Saudis—gives Rapp his next mission: he must find out more about which high-level Saudis are involved in the scheme and kill them. The catch? Rapp will get no support from the United States. Forced to make a decision that will change his life forever, Rapp quits the CIA and assembles a group of independent contractors to help him complete the mission. They’ve barely begun unraveling the connections between the Saudi government and ISIS when the brilliant new head of the intelligence directorate discovers their efforts. With Rapp getting too close, he threatens to go public with the details of the post-9/11 agreement between the two countries. Facing an international incident that could end his political career, the President orders America’s intelligence agencies to join the Saudis’ effort to hunt the former CIA man down. Rapp, supported only by a team of mercenaries with dubious allegiances, finds himself at the center of the most elaborate manhunt in history. It’s only a matter of time before he’s caught or killed. Will it be enough to turn the tables on the Saudis and clear his name?
Category: Fiction