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Empire And Honor

Author : W.E.B. Griffin
ISBN : 9781101602171
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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October 1945. The war is over. The OSS has been disbanded. But for Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS, the fight goes on… In the closing months of the war, the United States made a secret deal with Reinhard Gehlen, head of German intelligence’s Soviet section. In exchange for a treasure trove of intelligence on the Soviets and their spies within the U.S. atomic bomb program, Gehlen’s people would be spirited to safety in Argentina. Only a handful of people know about the deal. If word got out, all hell would break loose—and the U.S. would lose some of the most valuable intelligence sources they possess. It is up to Frade and company to keep them safe. But some people have other ideas...
Category: Fiction

Empire And Honor

Author : W. E. B. Griffin
ISBN : 0727882449
Genre : Atomic bomb
File Size : 55.51 MB
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October 1945: The Germans and Japanese have surrendered. For Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS, it should be time to pack up, but they have far more important things to do. In the closing months of the war, the United States made a secret deal with the head of German intelligence's Soviet section. In exchange for a treasure trove of intelligence, including the identity of the Soviet spies in the American atomic bomb program, his people would be spirited to safety. If word got out, all hell would break loose, and the United States would lose some of its best sources, not to mention its most valuable secrets. It is up to Frade and company to keep them all safe. But some people have other ideas.
Category: Atomic bomb

Empire And Honor

Author : W. E. B. Griffin
ISBN : 0399160663
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66.96 MB
Format : PDF
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In the aftermath of the surrenders of Germany and Japan in October 1945, Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS are given the life-threatening task of maintaining security during a covert U.S. deal with Germany for intelligence about the identities of Soviet spies in the American atomic bomb program. By the authors of Covert Warriors.
Category: Fiction

Death And Honor

Author : W. E. B. Griffin
ISBN : 0399154981
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.26 MB
Format : PDF
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Recruited by Wild Bill Donovan to set up an airline that will be an OSS front in 1943 Argentina, Marine pilot Cletus Frade monitors two German operations, including a concentration-camp smuggling ring and a Nazi protection group. 350,000 first printing.
Category: Fiction

Blood And Honor

Author : W. E. B. Griffin
ISBN : 0399141901
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Marine aviator Cletus Frade, Army demolitions expert Anthony Pelosi, and communications genius David Ettinger encounter intrigue in Buenos Aires in April 1943
Category: Fiction

Africa Empire And Globalization

Author : Toyin Falola
ISBN : 1594603529
Genre : History
File Size : 84.47 MB
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This paperback version of Africa, Empire and Globalization has replaced the jacketed hardback version published in 2011.Africa, Empire and Globalization is a set of original essays in honor of the distinguished historian, Professor A. G. Hopkins, whose career of over fifty years covers three main areas that are global in reach, but connect to ideas that are generated in such major cities as Lagos and London. The volume celebrates the key principles that have emerged from the cumulative body of Hopkins' work: searching for originality; extending the frontier of knowledge through new data and interpretations; questioning received assumptions and wisdom; promoting conversations between multiple, often divergent, sets of ideas from different disciplines; presenting ideas such that those within and outside of the academy can benefit; and applying theories drawn from various disciplines to organize the evidence and to present it in digestible form.The first section covers Africa, with essays on the economic history of Lagos and West Africa, the connections between economic change and imperialism, and the role of Africa in the world economy, including the trans-Saharan, trans-Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean World. The role of Africans in creating wealth and responding to new economic opportunities receives prominent attention in some chapters. In the second section, new topics on imperialism are explored, such as the British expansion to India, the role of trade in the Gambia, and the overall impact of the empire. Hopkins' idea of “gentlemanly capitalism” generates considerable debate in various chapters, and is also applied to various contexts and places. The current issues around the theme of globalization are developed in the third section in terms of the relevance of the concept, the contributions that historians can make to the subject, the arguments for and against, and its impact on capitalism and democracy. From peace to war, from economic prosperity to economic decline, from the use of power to nationalist resurgence, the section looks at the dominant concerns of our time.Hopkins' career, as the volume amply demonstrates, is rich, held together by interest in the connections between the local and the national, the national and the regional, and the regional and the global. In thus interconnecting the world, a philosophy of history emerges—how economic forces shape political realities. His work, while being quite broad-ranging spatially, has remained topically focused on economic history, for the most part. This emphasis will be a large part of what he passes on to future scholarly generations. As we pay various tributes through the original essays collected here, we believe that, for our shared benefit, Professor A. G. Hopkins has demonstrated how to remain candidly involved in the debates over one's work, to defend oneself when appropriate, to reconsider one's work when necessary, and continually to build upon one's own body of work in compelling and relevant version.This book is part of the African World Series, edited by Toyin Falola, Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities, University of Texas at Austin.
Category: History

Victory And Honor

Author : W. E. B. Griffin
ISBN : 9780515150988
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27.8 MB
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Facing daunting challenges in the form of political threats against the OSS and the early stirrings of the Cold War, Cletus Frade and his colleague conduct a secret operation to counter the growing ambitions of Joseph Stalin.
Category: Fiction

Empire Of Honour

Author : J. E. Lendon
ISBN : 0199247633
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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J. E. Lendon offers a new interpretation of how the Roman empire worked in the first four centuries AD. A despotism rooted in force and fear enjoyed widespread support among the ruling classes of the provinces on the basis of an aristocratic culture of honour shared by rulers and ruled. The competitive Roman and Greek aristocrats of the empire conceived of their relative standing in terms of public esteem or honour, and conceived of their cities - towards which they felt a warm patriotism- as entities locked in a parallel struggle for primacy in honour over rivals. Emperors and provincial governors exploited these rivalries to gain the indispensable co-operation of local magnates by granting honours to individuals and their cities. Since rulers strove for honour as well, their subjects manipulated them with honours in their turn. Honour - whose workings are also traced in the Roman army - served as a way of talking and thinking about Roman government: it was both a species ofpower, and a way - connived in by rulers and ruled - of concealing the terrible realities of imperial rule.
Category: Political Science

The Honor Of Spies

Author : W. E. B. Griffin
ISBN : 9780515148794
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70.28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Assigned to help a German lieutenant colonel to escape from a Mississippi prisoner-of-war detention center, World War II OSS officer Cletus Frade learns of the colonel's role in a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler and must outmaneuver a plot to kill the man's Nazi-connected parents. Reprint. A best-selling book.
Category: Fiction

Dark Emperor And Other Poems Of The Night

Author : Joyce Sidman
ISBN : 0547529228
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 75.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Come feel the cool and shadowed breeze, come smell your way among the trees, come touch rough bark and leathered leaves: Welcome to the night. Welcome to the night, where mice stir and furry moths flutter. Where snails spiral into shells as orb spiders circle in silk. Where the roots of oak trees recover and repair from their time in the light. Where the porcupette eats delicacies—raspberry leaves!—and coos and sings. Come out to the cool, night wood, and buzz and hoot and howl—but do beware of the great horned owl—for it’s wild and it’s windy way out in the woods!
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction