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Elements Of Insect Ecology

Author : S. S. Yazdani
ISBN : 8173191077
Genre : Science
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Ecology or the relationship of organisms to their environment has in recent years developed into a major biological discipline embracing within its field other disciplines as well. In recent years tendency has been to emphasize the various aspects of ecology from the angle of ecosystem and much stress has been laid on the conservation of natural fauna and flora.The relationship between man and insects dates back since time immemorial. Insects are foes and friends and have always been the subject of interest to human beings. The part played by the insects in any ecosystem, the hazards caused by them and the interest in conserving the beneficial ones form the general theme of the work. Various ecological aspects by taking insects as key animals has been discussed and it is hoped that the book would attract wide attention of students, teachers, researchers and persons involved in environmental as well as integrated pest management.
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Insect Ecology

Author : Peter W. Price
ISBN : 9781139504430
Genre : Science
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Combining breadth of coverage with detail, this logical and cohesive introduction to insect ecology couples concepts with a broad range of examples and practical applications. It explores cutting-edge topics in the field, drawing on and highlighting the links between theory and the latest empirical studies. The sections are structured around a series of key topics, including behavioral ecology; species interactions; population ecology; food webs, communities and ecosystems; and broad patterns in nature. Chapters progress logically from the small scale to the large; from individual species through to species interactions, populations and communities. Application sections at the end of each chapter outline the practicality of ecological concepts and show how ecological information and concepts can be useful in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Each chapter ends with a summary, providing a brief recap, followed by a set of questions and discussion topics designed to encourage independent and creative thinking.
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Insect Ecology

Author : Timothy D. Schowalter
ISBN : 9780080508818
Genre : Science
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Dr. Timothy Schowalter has succeeded in creating a unique, updated treatment of insect ecology. This revised and expanded text looks at how insects adapt to environmental conditions while maintaining the ability to substantially alter their environment. It covers a range of topics- from individual insects that respond to local changes in the environment and affect resource distribution, to entire insect communities that have the capacity to modify ecosystem conditions. Insect Ecology, Second Edition, synthesizes the latest research in the field and has been produced in full color throughout. It is ideal for students in both entomology and ecology-focused programs. NEW TO THIS EDITION: * New topics such as elemental defense by plants, chaotic models, molecular methods to measure disperson, food web relationships, and more * Expanded sections on plant defenses, insect learning, evolutionary tradeoffs, conservation biology and more * Includes more than 350 new references * More than 40 new full-color figures
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Entomology And Pest Management

Author : Larry P. Pedigo
ISBN : 9781478627708
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Pedigo and Rice expertly combine basic and applied entomology in this reader-friendly, pedagogically rich text. Assuming only a background in elementary biology, the authors present the major elements of general entomology before moving on to concepts in insect biology and ecology necessary for understanding insect pest management. Both theory and practice are emphasized as readers explore pertinent topics. The authors discuss pest-management issues—both preventive and curative—as aspects of applied ecology, with solutions considering environmental quality, profitability, and durability. Insect diagnostic boxes with detailed information on distribution, importance, appearance, and life cycles of particular species and groups appear throughout the text. Readers will come away with a comprehensive introduction to applied, sustainable pest management appropriate for whatever commodities they must handle.
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Chemical Ecology Of Insect Parasitoids

Author : Eric Wajnberg
ISBN : 9781118409602
Genre : Science
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Insect parasitoids are a fascinating group of animals in manyrespects. Perhaps the most fascinating point is that these insects,in the course of the evolutionary time, have developed animpressive way to use chemical compounds to dialogue with thedifferent protagonists of their environment (i.e.,conspecifics, their hosts and the plants on which their hosts areliving). Unravelling the evolutionary meaning of such chemicalcommunication networks can give new insights into the ecology ofthese insects and especially on how to improve their use for thecontrol of noxious pests in biological control programmes. Chemical Ecology of Insect Parasitoids is a timelypublication, with organised chapters to present the most importantknowledge and discoveries that have taken place over the lastdecade, and their potential use in pest control strategy.Specific relevant case studies are presented to enhance thereader's experience. Suited to graduate students and professional researchers andpractitioners in pest management, entomology, evolutionary biology,behavioural ecology, and chemical ecology, this book is essentialfor anyone needing information on this important group ofinsects.
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Insect Ecology

Author :
ISBN : 8183562914
Genre :
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Sting Operation and Law is a graphic presentation of legal issues related with different aspects of journalism. The invention of hidden cameras has created a panic in public life. Politicians, police and people dealing with public issues now fear journalists like devils from a different world. So they try to use their power to curtail the freedom of the press. The proposed IT amendment is a step in this direction.

Trace Elements In Soil Plant Animal Systems

Author : D Nicholas
ISBN : 9780323150545
Genre : Science
File Size : 28.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Trace Elements in Soil–Plant–Animal Systems discusses the adverse effects or the essentiality of trace elements in soil, plants, and animals under field and laboratory conditions. The book explores the chemistry, biochemistry, and physics of the availability of trace elements to several organisms, as well as their functions in cell metabolism. Organized into six parts encompassing 24 chapters, the book starts with an overview of the chain of events whereby trace elements are released from different soil and rock sources. The trace elements are then taken up by living organisms, transferred to their sites of action, and function in different metabolic events. The text explores how the trace elements occur in various chemical compounds with varying solubilities. Other chapters explore the principles governing the distribution of elements in minerals and igneous rocks. The final chapter deals with trace element disorders in living organisms. The book is a valuable resource to physicists, chemists, biochemists, geochemists, mineralogists, agriculturists, pedologists, scientists, researchers, and students.
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Ecology And Biogeography Of High Altitude Insects

Author : M.S. Mani
ISBN : 9061931142
Genre : Science
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In my book Introduction to High Altitude Entomology, published in 1962, I summa rized the results of eight years' studies, mainly on the Himalaya. I have since then had the opportunity of studying the collections of high altitude insects from the Alps, Carpathians, Caucasus, Urals, Alai-Pamirs, Tien Shan, Altai and other im portant mountains of the world in different museums and institutions in Europe. Through the courtesy and generosity of the Academy of Sciences of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, I was also able to personally collect insects and make valuable field observations on the Caucasus, the Alai-Pamirs, Ala-Tau and the Tien Shan mountains. Through comparative studies I have tried to synthesize the fundamental principles of high altitude entomology. I have described here the distinctive characters of the high altitude environment, the ecological specializations of the high altitude insects, their ecological inter relations and the outstanding peculiarities of their biogeography. I have also pre sented here an outline of the high altitude entomology of the principal mountains of the world, with brief accounts of their orogeny, geology and vegetation. This book differs from all other contributions in the field in its comparative ecological approach and in the fact that the main emphasis is throughout on the evolution of the high altitude ecosystem as an integral part of the orogeny. High mountains are, in all parts of the world, important and independent centres of origin and differ entiation of distinctive and highly specialized ecosystems and faunas.
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Mosquito Ecology

Author : M. W. Service
ISBN : 9789401118682
Genre : Science
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Numerous methods have been devised to catch mosquitoes and many approaches employed to study their ecology and behaviour but until the first edition of this book in 1976 there was no comprehensive guide to mosquito ecology. New work on the topic has meant that this completely revised and updated second edition was required.
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Integrated Management Of Insects In Stored Products

Author : Bhadriraju Subramanyam
ISBN : 0824795229
Genre : Science
File Size : 88.82 MB
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This work offers a comprehensive presentation of the identification, biology, ecology and sampling of insect pests in stored foods, and provides a balanced ciew of the biological, physical and chemical control methods used in pest management. It furnishes step-by-step procedures for creating individually tailored integrated pest management programmes. Every available method of control is covered.
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