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Author : J. F. Borghouts
ISBN : 9062582249
Genre : Egyptian language
File Size : 62.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Summary: This is a data-oriented grammatical description of Middle Egyptian, a now extinct Pharaonic language, spoken and written in the hieroglyphic and hieratic scripts, between 2100 and 1700 before our era, the period of the Middle Kingdom. Middle Egyptian was regarded by the Egyptians as a classical stage of their language and it remained in use for a long time after that period. Middle Egyptian texts are extremely varied and comprise stories, historical narratives, letters, scientific treatises, and a large number of religious sources. The first volume is a systematic description of the language, illustrated by a great number of quotations from original texts, and provided with word lists and other indexes. The second volume leads the reader in a gradual way in 33 lessons through the grammatical description provided in the first volume, and moreover contains an extensive list of hieroglyphic signs and their values, exercises and, finally, original texts for reading.
Category: Egyptian language

The Language Of Ramesses

Author : Francois Nevue
ISBN : 9781782978688
Genre : History
File Size : 85.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An indispensable guide to learning Late Egyptian, the language of the New Kingdom (c. 1300-700 BC).
Category: History

Coping With Obscurity

Author : James P. Allen
ISBN : 9781937040437
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 27.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Coping with Obscurity publishes the papers discussed at the Brown University Workshop on Earlier Egyptian grammar in March, 2013. The workshop united ten scholars of differing viewpoints dealing with the central question of how to judge and interpret the grammatical value of the written evidence preserved in texts of the Old and Middle Kingdoms (ca. 2350-1650 BC). The nine papers in the volume present orthographic, lexical, morphological, and syntactic approaches to the data and represent a significant step toward a new, pluralistic understanding of Earlier Egyptian grammar.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Ancient Egyptian

Author : Antonio Loprieno
ISBN : 0521448492
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 35.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The language of Ancient Egypt has been the object of careful investigation since its decipherment in the nineteenth century, but this is the first accessible account that uses the insight of modern linguistics. Antonio Loprieno discusses the hieroglyphic system and its cursive varieties, and the phonology, morphology and syntax of Ancient Egyptian, as well as looking at its genetic ties with other languages of the Near East. This book will be indispensable for both linguists and Egyptologists.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Historical Linguistics 2011

Author : Ritsuko Kikusawa
ISBN : 9789027271198
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 83.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume of selected papers from the 20th International Conference on Historical Linguistics (Osaka, Japan, July 2011) presents a set of stimulating and ground-breaking studies on a wide range of languages and language families. As the scope of studies that can be characterized as ‘Historical Linguistics’ has expanded, ICHL conferences have likewise seen a broadening of topics presented, and this conference was no exception, reflected by the inclusion in this volume of a plenary presentation on the grammaticalization of expressions of negation and gendered kinship in American Sign Language. Three other papers propose new views of the role of grammaticalization in English, Chinese, and Niger-Congo languages. Four of the papers discuss specific problems that arise in the comparison and reconstruction of linguistic features in a range of languages from Asia, Europe and South America. The last six studies deal with innovative approaches to the historical development of suppletion in Romance languages, possessive classifiers in Austronesian, universal quantifiers in Germanic, adjectival sequences in English, exaptation in Celtic and Early English, and drift in Ancient Egyptian.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


Author : J. F. Borghouts
ISBN : 9004117679
Genre : History
File Size : 86.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This do-it-yourself introduction to Middle Egyptian promises to become "the practical guide to the language which in Egyptian tradition was considered as the 'classical’ language stage (ca. 2150 - 1650 B.C.) of ancient Egypt’ s rich legacy in religion, literature, history and science. At the same time this new handbook can be used as an extensively indexed, descriptive grammar with thorough and lucid paragraphs on phonology, grammar and syntax. With exercises and reading pieces, examples in hieroglyphic script, all followed by a transliteration and English translation. Each hieroglyphic translation is cross-referenced to the relevant grammar and syntax. Extensive sign lists complete this guide.
Category: History

For His Ka

Author : David P. Silverman
ISBN : UOM:39015032140496
Genre : History
File Size : 48.13 MB
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This volume was dedicated to the memory of Klaus Baer, Professor in the Oriental Institute for over twenty years. The contributors are colleagues and/or students of Professor Baer, and their articles reflect Professor Baer's contributions to a variety of fields. Contents: Pronominal Rhematization (J. P. Allen); Abydos in the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period, Part II (E. Brovarski); A Model for the Political Structure of Ancient Egypt (E. Cruz-Uribe); The Giza Mastaba Niche and Full Frontal Figure of Redi-nes in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (P. Der Manuelian); Ankhtifi and the Description of His Tomb at Mo'alla (E. Doret); Oriental Institute Ostracon 25346 (Ostracon Wilson 100) (J. L. Foster); The Hieratic Wooden Tablet Varille (R. Jasnow); 'Annuity Contracts' and Marriage (J. H. Johnson); Honorific Figures of Amenhotep III in the Luxor Temple Colonnade Hall (W. R. Johnson); Speculations Concerning Interconnections Between the Royal Policy and Reputation of Ramesses IV (C. A. Keller); Joseph Smith and Egyptology: An Early Episode in the History of American Speculation About Ancient Egypt, 1835-1844 (J. A. Larson); Some Remarks on the "Books of the Dead" Composed for the High Priests Pinedjem I and II (L. H. Lesko); Too Many High Priests? Once Again the Ptahmoses of Ancient Memphis (W. J. Murnane); The Gaming Episode in the "Tale of Setne Khamwas" as Religious Metaphor (P. A. Piccione); Denderite Temple Hierarchy and the Family of Theban High Priest Nebwenenef: Block Statue OIM 10729 (R. K. Ritner); The Practical Economics of Tomb-Building in the Old Kingdom: A Visit to the Necropolis in a Carrying Chair (A. M. Roth); The First Dynasty Egyptian Presence at 'En Besor in the Sinai (A. R. Schulman); The Title WR BZT in the Tomb Chapel of K..(J)-PW-R' (D. P. Silverman); Bronze Votive Offering Tables (E. Teeter); A Stela from Toulouse Re-examined (C. C. Van Siclen III); Security and the Problem of the City in the Naqada Period (B. B. Williams); The Egyptological Papers of Klaus Baer in the Oriental Institute Museum Archives (T. G. Wilfong).
Category: History