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The Eu S Eastward Enlargement

Author : Yoji Koyama
ISBN : 9789814602471
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.31 MB
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Owing to the global financial crisis of 2007–2009 and subsequently the Eurozone crisis, the accession of Central and Eastern European countries to the European Union and the Eurozone has not been an easy one. The EU's Eastward Enlargement analyses challenges that these countries currently face in their pursuit of economic self-reliance. Covering a period from the second half of the 1980s to the present, Yoji Koyama provides unique and objective analyses of the European Union and the Euro system from a non-European's perspective. He offers a detailed reexamination of the fundamental problems of the European Union, which in turn have affected the autonomous development of countries such as Poland, the former Yugoslavia, Albania, and the Baltic States. This book is a useful addition to the scholarship available on the Euro system and Central and Eastern European countries. It will help readers gain a more holistic understanding of the ongoing Eurozone crisis and the future of the Eurozone project. Contents:PrefaceAcknowledgmentList of TablesList of FiguresIntroductionPart I System Change and Economic Transformation:System Change in Central and Eastern European Countries and Their EU IntegrationPoland's Economic DevelopmentPart II The Western Balkans and the EU's Southeastward Enlargement:Problems Regarding Kosovo's IndependenceAn Overview of South Eastern EuropeCroatia's EU Accession: The Second Greece?Serbia's Transition with 10 Years Lag and the European IntegrationA Thorny Path of Economic Development: Case of MacedoniaAlbania's Way to EU Accession and Its ChallengesPart III The Global Financial Crisis and the Eurozone Crisis:Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Baltic States: Focus on LatviaSlovenia's Success Story and Its PitfallEurozone Crisis and New EU Member States from Central and Eastern EuropeConclusionBibliographyIndexAbout the Author Readership: Postgraduates who are interested in development economics and international relations; businessmen who are keen on venturing into Central and East Europe, and professionals interested in literature on the European Union. Key Features:Presents history of the Central and Eastern Europe in the late 20th century beyond a political economic view and with a focus on international relationsGrasps Central and Eastern Europe as ‘a group of small countries’ and their strategies for survival and developmentFocus on the Western Balkan countries and the Baltic states helps widen scholarship on the EU and its wider implications on the continentKeywords:Central and Eastern Europe;EU Accession;;Eurozone Crisis;Small Countries;Western Balkans;Croatia;Greece;Albania;Expansion of EU MembershipReviews: "The author spent some years in former Yugoslavia, met and talked to numerous people in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which gave him a unique opportunity to analyze its development. This is an excellent book describing a rather remote part of the world and analyzing a not too well-known development." Joze Mencinger Professor Emeritus, University of Ljubljana Former deputy prime minister of Slovenia "Yoji Koyama's treatise on the EU's Eastward Enlargement (EEE)... shed[s] a great deal of useful light on regional economic heterogeneity. His book provides a lucid overview of the CEEC's (Central and Eastern European Countries) post-Soviet economic systemic changes and transformations. Koyama's motive for writing EEE is his 'desire to see (the creation of) peaceful and prosperous small countries of CEEC'. He rigorously pursues this goal drawing on his vast CEEC and Balkan experiences by critically analyzing systemic flaws and offering insightful solutions ... The dream of the greater EU project remains, but could swiftly be transformed into a nightmare if Koyama's sage advice is ignored." The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies “EEE is a treasure trove of statistics and charts documenting CEEC, West Balkan, Baltic and Slovenia economic performance, accompanied by a rich narrative describing policies, shocks, adjustments and reforms, allowing readers to compare the experiences of EU and non-EU members, and assess the problems associated with the Euro.” The Journal of Comparative Economic Studies “I can recommend the book to all those interested in the EU and its enlargement, to academics, businessmen, the general public in all the Western Balkan countries as well as to those from countries which joined the EU after the fall of the Berlin wall. The author has not only read extensively on the issues, but has also spent a lot of time in the region. His interpretations have a touch of 'hands on' experience which makes the book even more interesting and provocative.” Croatian International Relations Review
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Eastward Enlargement Of The European Union

Author : Heather Grabbe
ISBN : UVA:X006012875
Genre : Europe, Central
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The transformation of the economic, political and security environment since the end of the Cold War leaves Europe with the challenge of developing appropriate new structures and policies. The eastward enlargement of the European Union raises major political, economic and institutional issues for the EU itself and for the applicant countries of central and eastern Europe. This paper analyzes the prospects for, and progress towards, enlargement, and the implications for the future development of the EU.
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Constitutionalism And The Enlargement Of Europe

Author : Wojciech Sadurski
ISBN : 9780191631085
Genre : Law
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After the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the newly democratized countries of this region joined two main pan-European political and legal structures: the Council of Europe and the European Union. This book shows how the Eastward enlargement of these two structures fostered the 'constitutionalization' both of the Council of Europe and of the EU. Prompted by the enlargement of the Council of Europe and the admission of a number of countries which brought unique and often more substantial problems onto the Court's agenda, the main judicial body of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, became a quasi 'constitutional court' of Europe. This book demonstrates that this was primarily as a result of the widening of its agenda and the resulting need to make activist decisions about the compatibility of national laws with the European Convention. In terms of the EU, the book shows that the enlargement (first prospective, and then, actual) has been an important agenda-setter for the constitutionalization of the EU; in particular, for openly placing the issue of fundamental rights on the EU agenda as a legitimate and indispensable matter of concern for the EU. But the 'constitutional synergies' were a two-way street: the accession to both pan-European structures has also affected the development of democratic constitutionalism in CEE states. It has raised difficult issues regarding the relationships between national sovereignty, democracy, and human rights that CEE policy makers have grappled with; these issues and responses by CEE member states have had implications for the 'old' EU member states as well. These dynamics are explored through various case studies, providing a new perspective on the development of legal norms and institutions within European supranational bodies.
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The European Union And Central And Eastern Europe

Author : Dimitris Papadimitriou
ISBN : 1138579254
Genre :
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The role of the European Union (EU) in Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) and its ¿near abroad¿ has attracted much scholarly attention over the past few years. Notwithstanding the successes of the EU¿s eastwards enlargement, the ¿transformative power¿ of the EU in the region has often been called into question, both in terms of its depth and longevity. This book addresses a number of key questions: What determines EU performance in post-communist Europe? What are the conditions that influence it? How does the projection of EU power differ between its enlargement policy and the European Neighbourhood policy? To answer these questions this volume brings together a wide range of case studies, based on different approaches and methods, but with a single analytical focus on ¿performance¿. The book¿s coverage and focus will be of interest to academics, practitioners and students interested in the EU, CEECs, pre- and post-enlargement studies and more widely to those interested in the international relations and the governance of wider Eastern Europe. The chapters of this book were originally published as a special issue of East European Politics.

Enlarging The Eu Eastward

Author : Heather Grabbe
ISBN : 1855675269
Genre : Political Science
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Successful eastward enlargement of the EU will be critical to ensuring stability and prosperity for post-Cold War Europe. But enlargement raises difficult issues for the EU and the applicant countries of central and eastern Europe. Is the EU capable of reforming its institutions and policies to cope with 25 or more members? Which central and east Europeans will join, and when? How can we ensure that enlargement brings the economic and security benefits expected of it?This comprehensive study examines in detail the political, economic and security implications of eastward enlargement for both East and West. The authors present new analyses of the policy issues including the EU budget and pre-accession strategy and of the economic integration likely before and after accession.Based on an extensive series of interviews with key ministers, diplomats, policy-makers, academics and journalists across Europe, this study also provides an informed overview of expectations and attitudes towards enlargement within the EU and in the applicant countries.
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Enlargement Of The European Union

Author : Allan F. Tatham
ISBN : 9789041124630
Genre : Political Science
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The development of EU enlargement has raised many thorny issues unanticipated by the framers of the EC Treaty. A significant upshot of these issues is that the concept of European identity - defined in terms of such factors as culture, history and economics - has supplanted the long-dominant theme of 'widening and deepening, ' particularly since the Union's expansion has become primarily eastward. The major contribution of this important book lies in its analysis of the conceptualization and perception of enlargement from various points of view, focusing on the concerns of stakeholders and the 'identity' conflicts and uncertainties incurred by enlargement initiatives. In the course of its presentation, it details the actual pre-accession Europeanization process and its complex history. Among the key elements discussed are the following: the conflict between 'widening' and 'deepening' and the effect on EU institutional reform; institutional requirements on candidate countries; pre-accession criteria and negotiations; administrative capacity, judicial capacity, and legal approximation in accession states; capacity of the EU to absorb new Member States; and EC law as part of European identity. Also covered are specific historical details of particular pre-accession negotiations (e.g., Greece, Spain, Portugal, Malta, and Cyprus), the still inconclusive negotiations with Turkey and the Western Balkan states, and political factors involved in the non-accession of Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. Assembling powerful evidence and applying incisive analysis, the author's conclusion shows that, absent further (and major) EU institutional reform, it will be difficult for an enlarging Union to continue to 'deliver the goods.' A watershed in the continuing great debate on the fulfilment of the EC Treaty's determination to foster and promote 'an ever closer union of the peoples of Europe, ' this book will prove invaluable to anybody interested in the European integration project, particularly lawyers, academics, officials and policymakers in the EU Member States.
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Eastward Enlargement Of The European Union

Author : Gustav Dieckheuer
ISBN : UOM:39015061020577
Genre : Business & Economics
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Contents: Marian Noga: Objectives of the European Union in the Light of the Lisbon Agenda - Gustav Dieckheuer/Marcel Mlakar/Ute Stemmann: Trade Creation and Trade Diversion by EU Enlargement with Special Reference to Poland - Boguslaw Fiedor/Andrzej Matysiak: Globalization and Integration of the World Economy and Eastward Enlargement of the European Union - Maria Piotrowska: Poland's Accession to the EU in the Macroeconomic Perspective - Eric Ringhut/Philipp Gerlach: Poland's Way to EMU - Prospects, Risks and Chances - Thomas Apolte: Social Policy and Income Redistribution between Harmonization and Competition in an Enlarged European Union - Jerzy Rymarczyk: Poland's Adjustment to the European Union Foreign Economic Policy - Irena Kociszewska/Karol Kociszewski: The Economic Conditions of the Polish Agriculture Ecologization in the Light of Adjustments towards EU-Membership - Bozena Baborska/Mikolaj Klimczak/Michal Narozny: Issues of Arable Land Acquisition by Foreigners and the Implementation of Common Agricultural Policy in Poland in the Course of Accession Negotiations - Franciszek Adamczuk/Jan Rymarczyk: Local Aspects of European Integration on the Example of Zgorzelec / Gorlitz Cross-Border Co Operation - Franciszek Adamczuk/Jan Rymarczyk: Transborder Cooperation in Europe based on the Example of Poland and Germany - Andrzej Graczyk/Zbigniew Jakubczyk Development of the Electrical Energy Market in Poland in Terms of European Integration - Eric C. Meyer: Decision Power in the European Council - The Impact of EU Enlargement - Aloys Prinz: The Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union: Concept, Development and some Problems.
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Europe As Empire

Author : Jan Zielonka
ISBN : 9780199231867
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.96 MB
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This book offers a strikingly new perspective on EU enlargement. Basing his findings on substantial empirical evidence, Zielonka presents a carefully argued account of the kind of political entity the European Union is becoming, with particular reference to recent enlargement.
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Poland And Eu Enlargement

Author : J. Kaminska
ISBN : 9781137452238
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 78.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book analyzes changes in Polish foreign policy in the context of the EU membership, exploring Poland's transition from a policy taker to policy-maker. It focuses on how Poland shapes EU policy towards the Eastern neighbors.
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