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Dynamics Of Cancer

Author : Dominik Wodarz
ISBN : 9789814566384
Genre : Medical
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Format : PDF
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The book aims to provide an introduction to mathematical models that describe the dynamics of tumor growth and the evolution of tumor cells. It can be used as a textbook for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses, and also serves as a reference book for researchers. The book has a strong evolutionary component and reflects the viewpoint that cancer can be understood rationally through a combination of mathematical and biological tools. It can be used both by mathematicians and biologists. Mathematically, the book starts with relatively simple ordinary differential equation models, and subsequently explores more complex stochastic and spatial models. Biologically, the book starts with explorations of the basic dynamics of tumor growth, including competitive interactions among cells, and subsequently moves on to the evolutionary dynamics of cancer cells, including scenarios of cancer initiation, progression, and treatment. The book finishes with a discussion of advanced topics, which describe how some of the mathematical concepts can be used to gain insights into a variety of questions, such as epigenetics, telomeres, gene therapy, and social interactions of cancer cells. Contents:Teaching GuideCancer and Somatic EvolutionMathematical Modeling of TumorigenesisBasic Growth Dynamics and Deterministic Models:Single Species GrowthTwo-Species Competition DynamicsCompetition Between Genetically Stable and Unstable CellsChromosomal Instability and Tumor GrowthAngiogenesis Inhibitors, Promoters, and Spatial GrowthEvolutionary Dynamics and Stochastic Models:Evolutionary Dynamics of Tumor Initiation Through Oncogenes: The Gain-of-Function ModelEvolutionary Dynamics of Tumor Initiation Through Tumor-Suppressor Genes: The Loss-of-Function Model and Stochastic TunnelingMicrosatellite and Chromosomal Instability in Sporadic and Familial Colorectal CancersEvolutionary Dynamics in Hierarchical PopulationsSpatial Evolutionary Dynamics of Tumor InitiationComplex Tumor Dynamics in SpaceStochastic Modeling of Cellular Growth, Treatment, and Resistance GenerationEvolutionary Dynamics of Drug Resistance in Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaAdvanced Topics:Evolutionary Dynamics of Stem-Cell Driven Tumor GrowthTumor Growth Kinetics and Disease ProgressionEpigenetic Changes and the Rate of DNA MethylationTelomeres and Cancer ProtectionGene Therapy and Oncolytic Virus TherapyImmune Responses, Tumor Growth, and TherapiesTowards Higher Complexities: Social Interactions Readership: Researchers in mathematical biology, mathematical modeling, biology, mathematical oncology. Keywords:Mathematical Oncology;Dynamics;Evolution;Evolutionary Dynamics;Cancer;Mathematical Models;Somatic Evolution;TeachingKey Features:Both a reference book for the topic, and provides material for undergraduate and graduate coursesTries to bridge the divide between mathematicians and biologists, which is also reflected in the backgrounds of the two authorsShows how mathematical concepts can be translated into experimentally and clinically useful insightsRooted in evolutionary biology, the book handles this very complex phenomenon in an intuitive and mathematically elegant wayContains problems and research projects for each topic10 pages of figures in color
Category: Medical

Introduction To Mathematical Oncology

Author : Yang Kuang
ISBN : 9781584889915
Genre : Mathematics
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Introduction to Mathematical Oncology presents biologically well-motivated and mathematically tractable models that facilitate both a deep understanding of cancer biology and better cancer treatment designs. It covers the medical and biological background of the diseases, modeling issues, and existing methods and their limitations. The authors introduce mathematical and programming tools, along with analytical and numerical studies of the models. They also develop new mathematical tools and look to future improvements on dynamical models. After introducing the general theory of medicine and exploring how mathematics can be essential in its understanding, the text describes well-known, practical, and insightful mathematical models of avascular tumor growth and mathematically tractable treatment models based on ordinary differential equations. It continues the topic of avascular tumor growth in the context of partial differential equation models by incorporating the spatial structure and physiological structure, such as cell size. The book then focuses on the recent active multi-scale modeling efforts on prostate cancer growth and treatment dynamics. It also examines more mechanistically formulated models, including cell quota-based population growth models, with applications to real tumors and validation using clinical data. The remainder of the text presents abundant additional historical, biological, and medical background materials for advanced and specific treatment modeling efforts. Extensively classroom-tested in undergraduate and graduate courses, this self-contained book allows instructors to emphasize specific topics relevant to clinical cancer biology and treatment. It can be used in a variety of ways, including a single-semester undergraduate course, a more ambitious graduate course, or a full-year sequence on mathematical oncology.
Category: Mathematics

Multiscale Modeling Of Cancer

Author : Vittorio Cristini
ISBN : 9781139491501
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 26.38 MB
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Mathematical modeling, analysis and simulation are set to play crucial roles in explaining tumor behavior, and the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells over multiple time and spatial scales. This book, the first to integrate state-of-the-art numerical techniques with experimental data, provides an in-depth assessment of tumor cell modeling at multiple scales. The first part of the text presents a detailed biological background with an examination of single-phase and multi-phase continuum tumor modeling, discrete cell modeling, and hybrid continuum-discrete modeling. In the final two chapters, the authors guide the reader through problem-based illustrations and case studies of brain and breast cancer, to demonstrate the future potential of modeling in cancer research. This book has wide interdisciplinary appeal and is a valuable resource for mathematical biologists, biomedical engineers and clinical cancer research communities wishing to understand this emerging field.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Computational Biology Of Cancer

Author : Dominik Wodarz
ISBN : 9789814481878
Genre : Science
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' The book shows how mathematical and computational models can be used to study cancer biology. It introduces the concept of mathematical modeling and then applies it to a variety of topics in cancer biology. These include aspects of cancer initiation and progression, such as the somatic evolution of cells, genetic instability, and angiogenesis. The book also discusses the use of mathematical models for the analysis of therapeutic approaches such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and the use of oncolytic viruses. Contents:Cancer and Somatic EvolutionMathematical Modeling of TumorigenesisCancer Initiation: One-Hit and Two-Hit Stochastic ModelsMicrosatellite and Chromosomal Istability in Sporadic and Familial CancersCellular Origins of CancerCosts and Benefits of Chromosomal InstabilityDNA Damage and Genetic InstabilityTissue Aging and the Development of CancerBasic Models of Tumor Inhibition and PromotionMechanisms of Tumor NeovascularizationCancer and Immune ResponsesTherapeutic Approaches: Viruses as Anti-Tumor Weapons Readership: Researchers and academics in bioinformatics, biocomputing, biomathematics, cell/molecular biology and cancer biology, as well as clinicians. Keywords:Mathematics Models;Computational Biology;Cancer Initiation;Cancer Progression;Somatic Evolution;Genetic Instability;Therapy;Oncolytic VirusesKey Features:Provides an introduction to computational methods in cancer biologyFollows a multi-disciplinary approachReviews:“This book adds aspects not covered by other books and, therefore, represents a valuable addition to the literature about mathematical models in cancer biology.”Zentralblatt MATH '
Category: Science

Dynamics Of Cancer

Author : Steven A. Frank
ISBN : 0691133662
Genre : Medical
File Size : 22.11 MB
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The onset of cancer presents one of the most fundamental problems in modern biology. In Dynamics of Cancer, Steven Frank produces the first comprehensive analysis of how particular genetic and environmental causes influence the age of onset. The book provides a unique conceptual and historical framework for understanding the causes of cancer and other diseases that increase with age. Using a novel quantitative framework of reliability and multistage breakdown, Frank unifies molecular, demographic, and evolutionary levels of analysis. He interprets a wide variety of observations on the age of cancer onset, the genetic and environmental causes of disease, and the organization of tissues with regard to stem cell biology and somatic mutation. Frank uses new quantitative methods to tackle some of the classic problems in cancer biology and aging: how the rate of increase in the incidence of lung cancer declines after individuals quit smoking, the distinction between the dosage of a chemical carcinogen and the time of exposure, and the role of inherited genetic variation in familial patterns of cancer. This is the only book that presents a full analysis of the age of cancer onset. It is a superb teaching tool and a rich source of ideas for new and experienced researchers. For cancer biologists, population geneticists, evolutionary biologists, and demographers interested in aging, this book provides new insight into disease progression, the inheritance of predisposition to disease, and the evolutionary processes that have shaped organismal design.
Category: Medical

Therapeutic Revolution The History Of Medical Oncology From Early Days To The Creation Of The Subspecialty

Author : Pierre R. Band
ISBN : 9781608058143
Genre : Medical
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Cancer is a disease responsible for several million annual deaths among humans, worldwide. However, advances in healthcare - which include breakthroughs in science and medicine as well as access to medical treatment - have improved the survival rate of cancer patients over the last few decades. Therapeutic Revolution relates the story of one of the great scientific tales of the twentieth century: how the field of medical oncology was created and its development owing to medical and scientific breakthroughs. The book unfolds the pre-clinical and clinical concepts and innovations that led to the creation of the medical subspecialty now known as medical oncology. Therapeutic Revolution is the first book ever written on the events that led to this subspecialty of internal medicine. It relates the recollection of key events obtained from interviews of the pioneers who laid the foundations of medical oncology, as well as the author's own experience of the pre-specialty era of medical practice. The book is essential reading for medical oncologists and for all readers interested in the history of cancer treatment and also serves as a historical primer for medical students learning oncology.
Category: Medical

A Survey Of Models For Tumor Immune System Dynamics

Author : John Adam
ISBN : 0817639012
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 68.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.Research on mathematical modeling and immunology, specifically on modeling tumor dynamics and interactions between tumors and immune system, for biologists and mathematical biologists.
Category: Mathematics

A Guide To Outcome Modeling In Radiotherapy And Oncology

Author : Issam El Naqa
ISBN : 9780429840340
Genre : Science
File Size : 49.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book explores outcome modeling in cancer from a data-centric perspective to enable a better understanding of complex treatment response, to guide the design of advanced clinical trials, and to aid personalized patient care and improve their quality of life. It contains coverage of the relevant data sources available for model construction (panomics), ranging from clinical or preclinical resources to basic patient and treatment characteristics, medical imaging (radiomics), and molecular biological markers such as those involved in genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. It also includes discussions on the varying methodologies for predictive model building with analytical and data-driven approaches. This book is primarily intended to act as a tutorial for newcomers to the field of outcome modeling, as it includes in-depth how-to recipes on modeling artistry while providing sufficient instruction on how such models can approximate the physical and biological realities of clinical treatment. The book will also be of value to seasoned practitioners as a reference on the varying aspects of outcome modeling and their current applications.
Category: Science

Parallel Processing And Applied Mathematics

Author : Roman Wyrzykowski
ISBN : 9783319780245
Genre : Computers
File Size : 52.23 MB
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The two-volume set LNCS 10777 and 10778 constitutes revised selected papers from the 12th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, PPAM 2017, held in Lublin, Poland, in September 2017. The 49 regular papers presented in this volume were selected from 98 submissions. For the workshops and special sessions, that were held as integral parts of the PPAM 2017 conference, a total of 51 papers was accepted from 75 submissions. The papers were organized in topical sections named as follows: Part I: numerical algorithms and parallel scientific computing; particle methods in simulations; task-based paradigm of parallel computing; GPU computing; parallel non-numerical algorithms; performance evaluation of parallel algorithms and applications; environments and frameworks for parallel/distributed/cloud computing; applications of parallel computing; soft computing with applications; and special session on parallel matrix factorizations. Part II: workshop on models, algorithms and methodologies for hybrid parallelism in new HPC systems; workshop power and energy aspects of computations (PEAC 2017); workshop on scheduling for parallel computing (SPC 2017); workshop on language-based parallel programming models (WLPP 2017); workshop on PGAS programming; minisymposium on HPC applications in physical sciences; minisymposium on high performance computing interval methods; workshop on complex collective systems.
Category: Computers

Physics Of Cancer

Author : Claudia Mierke
ISBN : 0750311355
Genre :
File Size : 75.23 MB
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'Physics of Cancer' emphasizes a novel biophysical-based view on cancer disease and metastasis highlighting the functional role of mechanical properties of cells while describing the biological state of cancer. Originating in part from the author's own courses on tumor biology and cellular biophysics, this book is suitable for students and researchers in this dynamic interdisciplinary field, be they from a physical, biological or medical sciences background.