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Singular Spaces

Author : Jo Farb Hernandez
ISBN : UCSD:31822041294687
Genre : Art
File Size : 71.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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When disaster strikes, the first few hours are critical to saving art, artifacts and important objects. This ebook, written by highly regarded professional museum conservators, outlines procedures and techniques to help improve the chances of rescuing artworks, photographs, books, memorabilia, textiles, and furniture from catastrophic damage. Although not a manual on formal art conservation, this ebook will help you to organize materials, time and tasks to make decisions when triage is the only option. Presented with graphic clarity, this handy publication will provide welcome guidance to non-specialists and professionals alike. Treatments are organized into twelve chapters, each dealing with a particular medium. Pared to the essentials, the chapters begin with an introduction about the properties and treatment of common materials. This is followed by a description of what to anticipate and how to determine immediate and deferred action. Suggestions for stabilizing materials until professional assistance is available are outlined. Concluding each chapter is a brief list of supplies. The book includes an appendix of professional resources.
Category: Art

She He They Me

Author : Robyn Ryle
ISBN : 9781492666950
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you've ever questioned the logic of basing an entire identity around what you have between your legs, it's time to embark on a daring escape outside of the binary box... Open your eyes to what it means to be a boy or a girl — and above and beyond! Within these pages, you get to choose which path to forge. Explore over one hundred different scenarios that embrace nearly every definition across the world, over history, and in the ever-widening realms of our imagination! What if your journey leads you into a world with several genders, or simply one? Do you live in a matriarchal society, or as a sworn virgin in the Balkans? How does gender (or the lack thereof) change the way we approach sex and love, life or death? Jump headfirst into this refreshingly creative exploration of the ways gender colors every shade and shape of our world. Above all, it's more important than ever for us to celebrate the fact that there are infinite gender paths — and each of them is beautiful.
Category: Social Science

Author : نجيب محفوظ
ISBN : 9789770930847
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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الجزء الثالث من ثلاثية القاهرة, سلسلة مكونة من ثلاث روايات حائزة على جائزة نوبل للأدب. الثلاثية تعتبر أفضل رواية عربية في تاريخ الأدب العربي حسب اتحاد كتاب العرب
Category: Fiction

Author : 怪奇事物所 所長
ISBN : 9789571375762
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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(冷)知識型網紅首部作品! 有溫度的插畫X有態度的文字 本書謹獻給那些讓世界更有趣的怪事與怪人們 ──「這篇根本在說我啊」感動推薦 Joanna王若琳 HowHow╱知名Youtuber 李孝祖╱草東沒有派對、茄子蛋 金曲製作人 阿滴╱YouTube創作者 柯文哲╱臺北市長 張志祺╱圖文不符共同創辦人 眼球中央電視台製作人╱動眼神經 黃色書刊╱網路漫畫家 落日飛車╱搖滾樂團 鄭國威╱泛科知識公司知識長 (以首字筆劃排序) 其實我們都一樣怪,卻又怪得很不一樣 小時候的我們總怕和別人不一樣,但長大後的我們反倒很怕和別人一樣。在不甘於平凡與怪到沒救之間拿捏、在從眾中巧取一絲特立獨行,似乎是每個人成長中都會陷入的掙扎。 但你得承認,有些怪,是我們都很喜歡也很羨慕的怪。 你認識鱷魚,但你大概不知道鱷魚在水底下竟然是站著的。你認識北極熊,但你應該不知道牠其實不是白色的。這些有趣的冷知識,看上去怪得讓你意外,但其實不過是因為一直以來,你總是用一種平淡的濾鏡去看牠們。 想想看,當我們笑著對那位言行有些特別的朋友說出「你超怪!」時,我們其實是在稱讚他、甚至有些感謝他的:我們都深知這種怪,是無聊生活中難得的慰藉。最重要的是,我們其實也很喜歡發掘出這種怪的自己。 這本書所想做的,就是盡可能發現這種不一樣的怪,並獻給你和那些讓世界更有趣的怪人們。 本書特色 1.你知道嗎?怪奇事物所的物是「物」不是「務」喔! (嗯,就是想特別提醒一下這一點。) 2.80篇輕鬆幽默的圖文小品,充滿知識性的趣味共鳴! 你知道「學校」的原意是休閒時間嗎?你知道恐龍有頭皮屑嗎?你知道鴛鴦根本不專情嗎?除了你以外,世界上還有更多奇奇怪怪的事!本書收錄各種有趣的冷知識,囊括生物、醫學、科學、心理和歷史等,時時刻刻提醒沉浮於庸碌的我們:生活總還是能有一些有意思的事。 #沒聽過的動物百科 #想知道更多的奇聞軼事 #喔∼原來如此的人體奧秘 #意外有用的日常冷知識 3.你知道嗎?生活也許很平凡,但你的怪就像世界一樣有趣! 我們身邊總有一些思考行為「超怪奇」的朋友,這些怪有時讓你懷疑人生,有時帶來各種療癒,就像書裡說犰狳遇到真愛時,會不顧一切地向愛狂奔;鱷魚在水裡其實是用兩隻腳走路;蜜獾被毒蛇咬到只要睡一覺就會好……,這些朋友的怪就像世界一樣總是讓人讚嘆又驚奇!這本書就是想獻給這些朋友們,感謝他們隻身對抗平庸的無聊,替平凡的生活增添更多滋味。 #你的怪讓我無奈 #你的怪讓我期待 #你的怪讓我意外 #你怪的令我崇拜
Category: Social Science


Author : Lynn Enright
ISBN : 9781760636555
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 23.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Shocking, brilliant, important. A fine addition to the feminist canon. - Emma Jane Unsworth For the first time I feel like I PROPERLY understand my vagina! I wish I had read this 23 years ago! - Scarlett Curtis From earliest childhood, girls are misled about their bodies, encouraged to describe their genitalia with cute and silly names rather than anatomically correct terms. In our schools and in our culture, we are coy about women while putting straight men's sexuality front and centre. Girls grow up feeling ashamed about their periods, about the appearance of their vulvas, about their own desires. They grow up without a full and honest sex education, and this lack of knowledge has serious consequences: the number of women attending cervical screening appointments in the UK is at a 20-year low while labiaplasty is the fastest growing type of plastic surgery in the world. Vagina provides girls and women with information they need about their own bodies - about the vagina, the hymen, the clitoris, the orgasm; about conditions like endometriosis and vulvodynia. It confronts taboos, such as abortion, miscarriage, infertility and masturbation. It tackles vital social issues like period poverty, female genital mutilation and the rights of transgender women. It is honest and moving as Lynn Enright shares her personal stories but this is about more than one woman - this is a book that will provoke thousands of conversations. We urgently need to talk about women's sexual and reproductive health, about our experiences of sex and pregnancy and pain and pleasure. Vagina: A Re-Education will help us do just that.
Category: Health & Fitness

They Do What A Cultural Encyclopedia Of Extraordinary And Exotic Customs From Around The World

Author : Javier A. Galván
ISBN : 9781610693424
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84.8 MB
Format : PDF
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This single-volume work covers many traditions, customs, and activities Westerners may find unusual or shocking, covering everything from the Ashanti people's funeral celebrations to wife-carrying competitions in Finland. • Provides a unique global perspective via content from 48 authors currently working, living, or traveling in most continents of the world • Supplies interdisciplinary points of view by incorporating aspects of religion, food, festivals, history, social practices, funeral traditions, and grand community celebrations • Serves to highlight distinct cultural differences while also enabling readers to discover how much people have in common and to consider how certain American traditions might seem "strange" to people from outside the United States
Category: Social Science

Twelfth Night Or What You Will Arabic Edition

Author : William Shakespeare
ISBN : 1984145894
Genre :
File Size : 32.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Twelfth Night, or What You Will (Arabic edition)Was ihr wolltLa dodicesima notteNoche de reyesOn Ikinci GeceBy William Shakespeare

Author : ماري شيلي
ISBN : 9796500295961
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 69.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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يعد مسار هذه الرواية بالتحديد أكثر تعقيدًا من غيرها، فقد طرحت شِلي فيها أفكارًا جريئة جديدة بالنسبة لعصرها عن الإبداع عندما يتخطى حدود الطبيعة، وقد تعاظَم هذا المسار واستقلَّ بشكلٍ ما عن الرواية نفسها، وصار في حَدّ ذاته نوعًا من المجاز والأسطورة شَقّ لنفسه طريقًا في الفنون الأخرى مثل السينما والمسرح والكاريكاتور والكومِكس، وصار اسم فرانكنشتاين مُرادِفًا لكل إبداع عندما يصير هوسًا يَجلِب عواقب وخيمة على المُبدِع والعالم، ومرادفًا للوحشيَّة وقد تحرَّرَت من عِقالها.
Category: Literary Collections

Author : إدغار آلان بو
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 71.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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هذا الكتاب هو قصة قصيرة كتبها إدغار آلان بو. وهي دراسة نفسية للشعور بالذنب، وغالبا ما تقرن في تحليلها قصة بو "القلب الواشي". وفي كلا القصتين، يخفي القاتل جريمته بعناية ويعتقد نفسه أنه لن يكتشف، ولكن في النهاية ينهار ويكشف عن نفسه، مدفوعا من الانزعاج المستمر بسبب شعوره بالذنب
Category: Juvenile Fiction