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Aristoteles Politik

Author : Aristoteles
ISBN : BSB:BSB10994109
Genre : Political science
File Size : 83.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Political science

Nikomachische Ethik

Author : Aristoteles
ISBN : 9783843019385
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 55.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Aristoteles: Nikomachische Ethik Glückseligkeit, Tugend und Gerechtigkeit sind die Gegenstände seines ethischen Hauptwerkes, das Aristoteles kurz vor seinem Tode abschließt. Die »Nikomachische Ethik« entstand vermutlich im letzten Lebensabschnitt von Aristoteles, also in den Jahren vor 322 vor Chr. Erstdruck in lateinischer Übersetzung: Straßburg (vor 10.4.1496). Erstdruck des griechischen Originals: Venedig 1498. Erste vollständige deutsche Übersetzung durch Daniel Jenisch, Danzig 1791. Der Text folgt der deutschen Übersetzung durch Adolf Lasson von 1909. Die Überschriften stammen vom Übersetzer. Vollständige Neuausgabe mit einer Biographie des Autors. Herausgegeben von Karl-Maria Guth. Berlin 2016, 2. Auflage. Textgrundlage ist die Ausgabe: Aristoteles: Nikomachische Ethik. Ins Deutsche übertragen von Adolf Lasson, Jena: Eugen Diederichs, 1909. Die Paginierung obiger Ausgabe wird in dieser Neuausgabe als Marginalie zeilengenau mitgeführt. Umschlaggestaltung von Thomas Schultz-Overhage unter Verwendung des Bildes: Hayez, Francesco: Aristoteles. Gesetzt aus der Minion Pro, 11 pt. Über den Autor: 384 v. Chr. als Sohn des Hofarztes Nikomachos in Stageira in Thrakien geboren, wird Aristoteles Mitglied von Platons »Akademie« in Athen und Lehrer des jungen Alexander (dem Großen), der ihn später in seinen Studien unterstützt. Seine Sytematisierung ist bis heute prägend, er ist neben seinem Lehrer Platon und dessen Lehrer Sokrates der dritte große Philosoph der Antike. Aristoteles stirbt 322 v. Chr. bei Chalkis auf Euböa.
Category: Philosophy

Aristotelian Logic And The Arabic Language In Alfarabi

Author : Shukri Abed
ISBN : 0791403971
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 62.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book explores the reaction of tenth-century Arab philosopher Abu Nasr Alfarabi to the logical works of Aristotle. From numerous short treatises the author develops a systematic and comprehensive topical survey of Alfara bi's logical writings. The book is divided into two major parts: language as a tool of logic (Chapters 1-5) and logic as a tool with which to analyze language (Chapter 6). The first five chapters deal with Alfarabi's analysis of the meanings of various terms as they are used in logic and philosophy. Alfarabi refutes the Arab grammarians who claimed that Arab logicians were building a language within a language and shows that the philosophical meanings of terms are in fact their most original and essential meanings. The final chapter deals with Alfarabi's analysis of certain aspects of the Arabic language (such as copula) and demonstrates that Arabic, like any natural language, conforms to universal logical structures of which natural languages are only a concrete expression.
Category: Philosophy

Aristotle Poetics

Author : Aristoteles
ISBN : 9789004217409
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 62.71 MB
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Annotation This 'editio maior' of Aristotle's 'Poetics', based on all the primary sources, is a major contribution to scholarship. The introductory chapters provide insights about the transmission of the text to the present day and especially the significance of the Syro-Arabic tradition.
Category: Philosophy

Aristotle S Nicomachean Ethics

Author : Jon Miller
ISBN : 0521514487
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 47.3 MB
Format : PDF
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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics is one of the most important ethical treatises ever written, and has had a profound influence on the subsequent development of ethics and moral psychology. This collection of newly-commissioned essays, written by both senior and younger scholars in the field, presents a thorough and close examination of the work. The essays address a broad range of issues including the compositional integrity of the Ethics, the nature of desire, the value of emotions, happiness, and the virtues. The result is a volume which will challenge and advance the scholarship on the Ethics, establishing new ways of viewing and appreciating the work for all scholars of Aristotle.
Category: Philosophy

A New Aristotle Reader

Author : J. L. Ackrill
ISBN : 9781400835829
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 86.13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In a single volume that will be of service to philosophy students of all levels and to their teachers, this reader provides modern, accurate translations of the texts necessary for a careful study of most aspects of Aristotle's philosophy. In selecting the texts Professor J. L. Ackrill has drawn on his broad experience of teaching graduate classes, and his choice reflects issues of current philosophical interest as well as the perennial themes. Only recent translations which achieve a high level of accuracy have been chosen; the aim is to place the Greekless reader, as nearly as possible, in the position of a reader of Greek. As an aid to study, Professor Ackrill supplies a valuable guide to the key topics covered. The guide gives references to the works or passages contained in the reader, and indication of their interrelations, and current bibliography.
Category: Philosophy

The Politics Of Aristotle

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : UOM:39015040721220
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The only available translation which enables students to read the Politics in a way which many scholars believe makes the best sense of Aristotle's argument". Fred D. Miller Jr., Bowling Green State University An accessible and accurate new translation of Aristotle's classic work on the nature of the state A touchstone in Western debates about society and government, the Politics is Aristotle's classic work on the nature of political community. Here, he argues that people band together into political communities to secure a good and self-sufficient life. He discusses the merits and defects of various regimes or ways of organizing political community-democracy in particular -- and in the process examines such subjects as slavery, economics, the family, citizenship, justice, and revolution. Peter Simpson offers a new translation of Aristotle's text from the ancient Greek. He renders the Politics into an English version that is accurate, readable, and in certain difficult passages, original. His innovative analytical division of the whole text, with headings and accompanying summaries, makes clear the progression and unity of the argument-a helpful feature for students or readers unfamiliar with Aristotle's studied brevity and often elliptical style. Books 7 and 8 are repositioned -- a move supported by Aristotle's own words and much scholarly opinion -- to restore the work's logical organization and coherence. Finally, Simpson places the Politics in its proper philosophical context by beginning the text with the last chapter of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, which he sees as an introduction to what follows.
Category: Philosophy