Dom Stica

Author : Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
ISBN : 0520251717
Genre : History
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Americans are quirky about class. We point to democracy and egalitarianism as the defining elements of our society, yet we cannot ignore our checkered history of exploitation of land and labor. Fast forward to the 21st century, the majority of women withchildren are working, and two-career families struggle to stay ahead of the frenetic pace. They try to balance the demands of the workplace with the needs of the family and the tasks associated with "taking care of our stuff." Many working women -- on the advice of friends, therapists, or just because it makes sense to pay others to do work there's no time to do -- turn to housekeepers and nannies to minimize the chaos and make time for activities besides working at work and working at home. Yet there isa profound moral ambivalence about having "hired help" in our homes, paying others to clean our homes and care for our children. It sounds so aristocratic and reeks of feudalism. There is discomfort about hiring mostly poor and mainly immigrant women to do the "dirty work" of cleaning and caring. Some may question whether or not this kind of work is a real job, a conundrum not lost on stay-at-home moms who are often on the defensive when the inevitable question is raised at a cocktail party or company picnic: "So what do you do?" Women who do not have a professional career yet depend on a housekeeper and nanny to help out admit they don't like being around when the worker is cleaning. That's the day or the time they choose to run errands or go shopping.
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Dom Stica

Author : Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
Genre : Social Science
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As American women have entered the labour force in greater numbers, domestic work has largely become the work of immigrant women of colour. This volume highlights the voices, experiences, and views of Mexican and Central American who care for other people's children and homes.
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Serving The Household And The Nation

Author : Shu-Ju Ada Cheng
ISBN : 0739111728
Genre : Business & Economics
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Serving the Household and the Nation is an absorbing sociological study of the globalization of domestic service. Using the case of Filipina domestics in Taiwan, Cheng examines how nationalist politics shape the experience of migrant women under the context of globalization. For migrant domestics, it is often the state policy that creates their structural vulnerability in public and in private. Cheng focuses on the question of how the intervention of the state and the development of nationhood shape the localization of domestic service and explores the nexus between homemaking and nation-building. This revealing book demonstrates how the management of foreign domestics is not only important for labor control but also central to the state's administration over alien subjects, the development of nationhood, and, in this case study, the changing ethnoscape in Taiwan.
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Author : Gunda Barth-Scalmani
ISBN : 3412115061
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Gender And U S Immigration

Author : Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
ISBN : 0520237390
Genre : History
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"An important collection of essays that goes beyond the 'immigrant women only' approach to present new perspectives and raise new questions about gender and contemporary U.S. immigration."—Nancy Foner, author of From Ellis Island to JFK: New York's Two Great Waves of Immigration "At last a book that puts gender front and center in debates about the U.S. immigration experience and provides those new to these discussions with an invaluable introduction to the field. Particularly impressive is the substantive breadth of the contributions in this volume, which range from scholarship on the work, family, and political lives of immigrants from all parts of the globe to studies of ethnic, racial, and generational identity. A much needed and essential addition to the bookshelf of any immigration scholar. "—Peggy Levitt, author of The Transnational Villagers "This collection of wonderfully innovative and insightful essays by a distinguished group of social scientists demonstrates the definitive and mutually constitutive connections linking immigration and gender in the contemporary United States. The processes and practices of immigration play a central role in shaping a distinctly gendered distribution of opportunity and suffering, while gendered social structures, preferences, practices, and personal networks play a definitive role in shaping the contours of the immigrant experience and its impact on social, cultural, and economic life."—George Lipsitz, author of American Studies in a Moment of Danger "Hondagneu-Sotelo has assembled some of the foremost scholars in international migration to address the critical yet long-neglected issue of gender. The essays cover topics from employment to motherhood, relate home and host in transnational experiences, and incorporate differences in race, ethnicity, generation, and age in their analyses. A truly remarkable volume."—Lucie Cheng, co-author of Linking Our Lives: Chinese American Women of Los Angeles "Edited by a leading pioneer of immigration studies, this volume offers some of the latest and most brilliant thinking about what migrant men and women bring to the United States, leave behind and create anew. This is a must read for those interested in immigration, gender, and the many meanings of life."—Arlie Russell Hochschild, co-editor with Barbara Ehrenreich of Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy
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Encyclopedia Of Race Ethnicity And Society

Author : Richard T. Schaefer
ISBN : 9781412926942
Genre : Social Science
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This three volume reference set offers a comprehensive look at the roles race and ethnicity play in society and in our daily lives. General readers, students, and scholars alike will appreciate the informative coverage of intergroup relations in the United States and the comparative examination of race and ethnicity worldwide. These volumes offer a foundation to understanding as well as researching racial and ethnic diversity from a multidisciplinary perspective. Over a hundred racial and ethnic groups are described, with additional thematic essays offering insight into broad topics that cut across group boundaries and which impact on society. The encyclopedia has alphabetically arranged author-signed essays with references to guide further reading. Numerous cross-references aid the reader to explore beyond specific entries, reflecting the interdependent nature of race and ethnicity operating in society. The text is supplemented by photographs, tables, figures and custom-designed maps to provide an engaging visual look at race and ethnicity. An easy-to-use statistical appendix offers the latest data with carefully selected historical comparisons to aid study and research in the area
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Shadow Mothers

Author : Cameron Lynne Macdonald
ISBN : 9780520947818
Genre : Political Science
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Shadow Mothers shines new light on an aspect of contemporary motherhood often hidden from view: the need for paid childcare by women returning to the workforce, and the complex bonds mothers forge with the "shadow mothers" they hire. Cameron Lynne Macdonald illuminates both sides of an unequal and complicated relationship. Based on in-depth interviews with professional women and childcare providers— immigrant and American-born nannies as well as European au pairs—Shadow Mothers locates the roots of individual skirmishes between mothers and their childcare providers in broader cultural and social tensions. Macdonald argues that these conflicts arise from unrealistic ideals about mothering and inflexible career paths and work schedules, as well as from the devaluation of paid care work.
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Laboratory Manual To Accompany Deutsch

Author : Lida Daves-Schneider
ISBN : 0072492473
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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This lively, beginning German text is the perfect choice for those who want to move in a more communicative direction without abandoning a focus on grammar. Deutsch: Na Klar! uses a solid four-skills approach with a difference: the vocabulary, grammar, and reading sections are integrated with authentic materials, allowing students to learn language and culture simultaneously. German materials (advertisements, menus, newspaper articles, etc.) are used to present new vocabulary, introduce grammar points, and launch communicative activities. A listening-comprehension tape is tied to the text-book to help students improve listening skills.
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Cleaning Up

Author : Dan Zuberi
ISBN : 9780801469817
Genre : Medical
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To cut costs and maximize profits, hospitals in the United States and many other countries are outsourcing such tasks as cleaning and food preparation to private contractors. In Cleaning Up, the first book to examine this transformation in the healthcare industry, Dan Zuberi looks at the consequences of outsourcing from two perspectives: its impact on patient safety and its role in increasing socioeconomic inequality. Drawing on years of field research in Vancouver, Canada as well as data from hospitals in the U.S. and Europe, he argues that outsourcing has been disastrous for the cleanliness of hospitals—leading to an increased risk of hospital-acquired infections, a leading cause of severe illness and death—as well as for the effective delivery of other hospital services and the workers themselves. Zuberi’s interviews with the low-wage workers who keep hospitals running uncover claims of exposure to near-constant risk of injury and illness. Many report serious concerns about the quality of the work due to understaffing, high turnover, poor training and experience, inadequate cleaning supplies, and on-the-job injuries. Zuberi also presents policy recommendations for improving patient safety by reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infection and ameliorating the work conditions and quality of life of hospital support workers. He makes the case that hospital outsourcing exemplifies the trend towards “low-road” service-sector jobs that threatens to undermine society’s social health, as well as the physical health and well-being of patients in health care settings globally.
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Caring Democracy

Author : Joan C. Tronto
ISBN : 9780814782774
Genre : Political Science
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Americans now face a caring deficit: there are simply too many demands on people’s time for us to care adequately for our children, elderly people, and ourselves.At the same time, political involvement in the United States is at an all-time low, and although political life should help us to care better, people see caring as unsupported by public life and deem the concerns of politics as remote from their lives. Caring Democracy argues that we need to rethink American democracy, as well as our fundamental values and commitments, from a caring perspective. The idea that production and economic life are the most important political and human concerns ignores the reality that caring, for ourselves and others, should be the highest value that shapes how we view the economy, politics, and institutions such as schools and the family. Care is at the center of our human lives, but Tronto argues it is currently too far removed from the concerns of politics. Caring Democracy traces the reasons for this disconnection and argues for the need to make care, not economics, the central concern of democratic political life. Joan C. Tronto is a Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of Moral Boundaries: A Political Argument for an Ethic of Care (Routledge).
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