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Documentary As Exorcism

Author : Robert Beckford
ISBN : 9781441120700
Genre : Religion
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Documentary as Exorcism is an interdisciplinary study that builds upon the insights of postcolonial studies, critical race theory, theological and religious studies and media and film studies to showcase the role of documentary film as a system of signifying capable of registering complex theological ideas while pursuing the authentic aims of documentary filmmaking. Robert Beckford marries the concepts of 'theology as visual practice' and 'theology as political engagement' to develop a new mode of documentary filmmaking that embeds emancipation from oppression in its aesthetic. In various documentaries made for Channel 4 and the BBC, Beckford narrates the complicit relationship of Christianity with European expansion, slavery, and colonialism as a historic manifestation of evil. In light of the cannibalistic practices of colonialism that devoured black life, and the church's role in the subjugation and theological legitimation of black bodies, Beckford characterises this form of historic Christian faith as 'colonial Christianity' and its malevolent or 'occult' practices as a form of 'bewitchment' that must be 'exorcised'. He identifies and exorcises the evil practices of colonialism and their present impact upon African Caribbean Christian communities in Britain in films such as Britain's Slave Trade and Empire Pays Back through a deliberate process of encoding/decoding. The emancipatory impact of this form of documentary filmmaking is demonstrated by its ability to bring issues such as reparations to the public square for debate, and its capacity to change a corporation's trade policies for the good of Africans.
Category: Religion

Diabolical Possession And The Case Behind The Exorcist

Author : Sergio A. Rueda
ISBN : 9781476632513
Genre : Psychology
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Reexamining the purported 1949 exorcism of a 13-year old boy in Mount Ranier, Maryland—the most famous and widely documented case in history—the author explores the subject of demonic possession in the light of science. Eyewitness accounts, unpublished photos and never before published documents from the archives of the Rhine Research Foundation provide fresh perspective on the events that inspired the novel, and later the film, The Exorcist.
Category: Psychology

Our Old Monsters

Author : Brenda S. Gardenour Walter
ISBN : 9780786476800
Genre : Performing Arts
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The witch, the vampire and the werewolf endure in modern horror. These "old monsters" have their origins in Aristotle as studied in the universities of medieval Europe, where Christian scholars reconciled works of natural philosophy and medicine with theological precepts. They codified divine perfection as warm, light, male and associated with the ethereal world beyond the moon, while evil imperfection was cold, dark, female and bound to the corrupt world below the moon. All who did not conform to divine goodness--including un-holy women and Jews--were considered evil and ascribed a melancholic, blood hungry and demonic physiology. This construct was the basis for anti-woman and anti-Jewish discourse that has persisted through modern Western culture. Nowhere is this more evident than in horror films, where the witch, the vampire and the werewolf represent our fear of the inverted other.
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Exorcism Pharmacy

Author : Courtney Sell
ISBN : 9781365468032
Genre :
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Der Exorzist

Author : Ian Watson
ISBN : 345300454X
Genre :
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The Columbia Documentary History Of Religion In America Since 1945

Author : Paul Harvey
ISBN : 9780231510363
Genre : History
File Size : 40.30 MB
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Of late, religion seems to be everywhere, suffusing U.S. politics and popular culture and acting as both a unifying and a divisive force. This collection of manifestos, Supreme Court decisions, congressional testimonies, speeches, articles, book excerpts, pastoral letters, interviews, song lyrics, memoirs, and poems reflects the vitality, diversity, and changing nature of religious belief and practice in American public and private life over the last half century. Encompassing a range of perspectives, this book illustrates the ways in which individuals from all along the religious and political spectrum have engaged religion and viewed it as a crucial aspect of society. The anthology begins with documents that reflect the close relationship of religion, especially mainline Protestantism, to essential ideas undergirding Cold War America. Covering both the center and the margins of American religious life, this volume devotes extended attention to how issues of politics, race, gender, and sexuality have influenced the religious mainstream. A series of documents reflects the role of religion and theology in the civil rights, feminist, and gay rights movements as well as in conservative responses. Issues regarding religion and contemporary American culture are explored in documents about the rise of the evangelical movement and the religious right; the impact of "new" (post-1965) immigrant communities on the religious landscape; the popularity of alternative, New Age, and non-Western beliefs; and the relationship between religion and popular culture. The editors conclude with selections exploring major themes of American religious life at the millennium, including both conservative and New Age millennialism, as well as excerpts that speculate on the future of religion in the United States. The documents are grouped by theme into nine chapters and arranged chronologically therein. Each chapter features an extensive introduction providing context for and analysis of the critical issues raised by the primary sources.
Category: History

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

Author : Deepak Gupta
ISBN : 9788822828378
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.50 MB
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THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE(Anneliese Michel) IS THE REAL LIFE STORY HAPPENED WITH ANNELIESE MICHEL.THIS BOOK IS CLEARLY EXPLAINING THE STORY WHAT HA HAPPENED WITH HER. I HAVE ADDED THE CONVERSATION OF EMILY WITH THE PRIESTS. EVEN LOT OF QUESTIONS HAS ANSWERED IN THIS BOOK.SOME ARE AS FOLLOWS: -What caused the death of Anneliese Michel, and who was responsible? -When did Anneliese begin to experience strange symptoms? -Who first diagnosed Anneliese as being possessed? Was Tom Wilkinson's character of Father Moore based on a real person? -Did Anneliese Michel really see the faces of demons on the people around her like Emily Rose did in the film? -What demons possessed Anneliese? -Did Anneliese's mother Anna support the making of the film? -How many people were found guilty in Anneliese Michel's death? -Is it possible that Anneliese was copying what she had seen in William Friedkin's 1973 film The Exorcist? -What other disturbing things did Anneliese do? -Did the exorcisms cause her bodily harm? -Was there a doctor present during the exorcisms as in the film? -Why did Anneliese Michel refuse to eat? -What did Anneliese technically die from? -What were Anneliese Michel's last words? -Had Anneliese been a deeply religious person prior to 'being possessed'? -Is it possible that the priests who performed the exorcisms provided Anneliese with the contents of her psychotic behavior? -In the film, did the director try to provide an answer as to whether or not she was truly possessed? AND MANY MORE. I HAVE ADDED LOT OF REAL PICS OF EXORCISM AND CONDITION OF EMILY DURING POSSESSION AN EXORCISM. EACH AND EVERY PAGE OF BOOK WILL THRILL YOUR MIND.EACH AND EVERY PENNY YOU SPEND TO BUY THIS BOOK HAS WORTH OF IT. FIRST PURCHASE THE BOOK, YOU WILL REALISE THE WORTH OF BOOK. REGARDS: DEEPAK GUPTA
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