Rebirth As Doctrine And Experience

Author : Francis Story
ISBN : 9789552401763
Genre : Religion
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Francis Story's interest in cases of rebirth memories finally led him to assist Dr. Ian Stevenson in tracing, investigating, and studying such cases in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India. The present book contains Story’s essays on the theme of rebirth as well as case studies that he undertook in collaboration with Professor Stevenson, the foremost American investigator of reported rebirth memories. These case studies, which make fascinating reading, lend strong evidential support to the hypothesis of rebirth and thus help to illuminate the ultimate questions concerning human destiny after death.
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Doctrine And Experience

Author : Vincent G. Potter
ISBN : 0823212106
Genre : Philosophy
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This collection of thirteen essays, when viewed together, offers a unique perspective on the history of American philosophy. It illuminates for the first time in book form, how thirteen major American philosophical thinkers viewed a problem of special interest in the American philosophical tradition: the relationship between experience and reflection. Written by well-known authorities on the figure about which he or she writes, the essays are arranged chronologically to highlight the changes and developments in thought from Puritanism to Pragmatism to Process Philosophy. While Doctrine and Experience will be of particular interest to specialists in American Philosophy, there is also much to offer anyone interested in the intellectual and cultural history of the United States. In order of appearance, the essays are: Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakeningby John E. Smith Heart and Head: The Mind of Thomas Jeffersonby Andrew J. ReckEmerson and the American Futureby Robert C. PollockChauncey Wright and the Pragmatistsby Edward MaddenCharles S. Peirce: Action Through Thought - The Ethics of Experienceby Vincent G. PotterLife Is in the Transitions': Radical Empiricism and Contemporary Concernsby John J. McDermottJohn Dewey and the Metaphysics of American Democracyby Ralph W. SleeperIndividualization and Unification in Sartre and Deweyby Thelma Z. LevineJosiah Royce: Anticipator of European Existentialism and Phenomenologyby Jacqueline Ann K. KegleyThe Transcendence of Materialism and Idealism in American Thoughtby John LachsC. I. Lewis and the Pragmatic Tradition in American Philosophyby Sandra RosenthalThe Social Philosophy of George Herbert Meadby David MillerExistence as Transaction: A Whiteheadian Study of Causalityby Elizabeth Kraus.
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A Buddhist Doctrine Of Experience

Author : Thomas A. Kochumuttom
ISBN : 812080662X
Genre : Philosophy
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Giving a new translation and interpretation of the basic works of Vasubandhu the yogacarin, the author shows that Yogacara metaphysics is basically the same as that of the early Buddhism. He contends that the Yogacara writings are open to interpretation in terms of realistic pluralism, and thus challenges their traditional interpretation in terms of idealistic monism. His translation is faithful to the original, arguments convincing and consistent, and presentation clear and readable. The texts translated and interpreted are (i) Madhyanta-vibhago-karika-bhasya, (ii) Trisvabhava-nirdesa, (iii) Trimsatika and (iv) Vimsatika. The doctrine of experience presented by these texts may be summarised in the words of the author as follow: The experience of samsara consists basically in one's being forced to view oneself as the grasper (grahaka), the enjoyer (bhoktr), knower (jnatr) of all beings, which are then viewed as the graspable (grahya), the enjoyable (bhojya), the knowable (jneya). There one cannot help mentally constructing the distinction between the subject and the object, the grasper and the graspable, the enjoyer and the enjoyable...
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Doctrine And Experience

Author : Christopher C. Zito
ISBN : 9781498281201
Genre : Religion
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Should evangelical spirituality be grounded in doctrine, experience, neither, or both? If in one, which, and why not the other? If in both, how might the two co-exist without cancelling out each other's distinctives? If in neither, then what practical value does either have for the Christian life? In this book, the author has combined critical research, pastoral awareness, and thoughtful reflection to show how the radicalizations of doctrine and experience have not only polarized contemporary evangelicalism into two nearly irreconcilable camps, but also has opened the door for a subtle but potent form of idolatry to creep into our midst. In an attempt to purge these idols and bridge the gap, this book contextualizes the biblical teachings and practices of our original spiritual instructors, asking the double-edged question of what it means for us today that the Word of God is normative and that the Spirit is Lord. The author concludes that evangelicals should seek an incarnate, cross-centered spirituality that is informed by meticulous attention and obedience to sound doctrine, but only as it is lived out in a deeply felt faith that is made perfect as we experience God daily in any number of ways.
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Doctrine In Experience

Author : Russell E. Richey
ISBN : 1426700105
Genre : Religion
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A fresh way to look at the ministry of The United Methodist Church. United Methodism is often accused of having an incoherent theological center. By examining the history and salient features of the church, this book says that United Methodist theology is actually appropriated from its experience as a missional corporate body. This allows United Methodist to do theology in new ways and to better adapt to its multivalent contexts.
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Born Again A Portrait And Analysis Of The Doctrine Of Regeneration Within Evangelical Protestantism

Author : Stephen J. Hamilton
ISBN : 9783647604572
Genre : Religion
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Stephen J. Hamilton attempts to create a “portrait” of “born-again” Christianity by providing a general introduction to the doctrine of regeneration, including its development in modernity, as well as short exegeses of relevant scriptural texts, followed by a close reading of four theologians – Philipp Jakob Spener, Jonathan Edwards, Friedrich D.E. Schleiermacher, and Charles G. Finney – who all associate the doctrine of regeneration with an experience of presence in the individual believer.In light of these analyses, he then traces a general theological structure of the “born-again” understanding of regeneration, including a catalogue of theological issues over which there is significant disagreement, in order to create a topography of “born-again” theologies. In the final section, he applies these results to contemporary conversion narratives of non-theologians. It is in such conversion narratives, the author argues, that theologians can discover an implicit, “lived” theology that reveals how doctrines are perceived and put into practice among Christians. Accordingly, this is to be understood as the result of the creative reciprocity between (often tacit) theological convictions and the experiences of the Christian life. The final chapter, as a coda to the entire work, offers some concluding reflections on the present cultural and political situation in the USA pertaining to “born-again” Christianity and argues against any oversimplifications of the relationship between “born-again” theologies, culture, and politics.
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Christian Salvation

Author : Robert Alexander Webb
ISBN : UVA:X030741683
Genre : Religion
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Studies In Doctrine

Author : Alister E. McGrath
ISBN : 0310213266
Genre : Religion
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Four outstanding McGrath books are here in one volume that gives a clear, thoughtful, and highly readable introduction to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.
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