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Do What You Love

Author : Ludwig Weißsteiner
ISBN : 1719863261
Genre :
File Size : 82.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Im Do what you love Monatsplaner können Sie einen kompletten Monat von vorne bis hinten durchplanen. Sie können Ihre Ziele erarbeiten und im Tagebuch Bereich Ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf lassen. Der Vorteil des Do what you love Monatsplaners ist die Reflexion Ihrer Erfolge und die Dokumentation neuer Ideen! Organisieren Sie Ihr Leben und nehmen Sie jeden einzelnen kostbaren Tag selbst in die Hand!

Do What You Love

Author : Miya Tokumitsu
ISBN : 9781941393956
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 54.60 MB
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The American claim that we should love and be passionate about our job may sound uplifting, or at least, harmless, but Do What You Love exposes the tangible damages such rhetoric has leveled upon contemporary society. Virtue and capital have always been twins in the capitalist, industrialized West. Our ideas of what the “virtues” of pursuing success in capitalism have changed dramatically over time. In the past, we believed that work undertaken with an ethos of industriousness promised financial stability and basic comfort and security for our families. Now, our working life is conflated with the pursuit of pleasure. Fantastically successful—and popular—entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey command us. “You’ve got to love what you do,” Jobs tells an audience of college grads about to enter the workforce, while Winfrey exhorts her audience to “live your best life.” The promises made to today’s workers seem so much larger and nobler than those of previous generations. Why settle for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage and a perfectly functional eight-year-old car when you can get rich becoming your “best” self and have a blast along the way? But workers today are doing more and more for less and less. This reality is frighteningly palpable in eroding paychecks and benefits, the rapid concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny few, and workers’ loss of control over their labor conditions. But where is the protest and anger from workers against a system that tells them to love their work and asks them to do it for less? While winner-take-all capitalism grows ever more ruthless, the rhetoric of passion for labor proliferates. In Do What You Love, Tokumitsu articulates and examines the sacrifices people make for a chance at loveable, self-actualizing, and, of course, wealth-generating work and the conditions facilitated by this pursuit. This book continues the conversation sparked by the author’s earlier Slate article and provides a devastating look at the state of modern America’s labor and workforce.
Category: Political Science

Not Getting Paid To Do What You Love

Author : Brooke Erin Duffy
ISBN : 9780300218176
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File Size : 61.38 MB
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An illuminating investigation into a class of enterprising women aspiring to "make it" in the social media economy but often finding only unpaid work Profound transformations in our digital society have brought many enterprising women to social media platforms--from blogs to YouTube to Instagram--in hopes of channeling their talents into fulfilling careers. In this eye-opening book, Brooke Erin Duffy draws much-needed attention to the gap between the handful who find lucrative careers and the rest, whose "passion projects" amount to free work for corporate brands. Drawing on interviews and fieldwork, Duffy offers fascinating insights into the work and lives of fashion bloggers, beauty vloggers, and designers. She connects the activities of these women to larger shifts in unpaid and gendered labor, offering a lens through which to understand, anticipate, and critique broader transformations in the creative economy. At a moment when social media offer the rousing assurance that anyone can "make it"--and stand out among freelancers, temps, and gig workers--Duffy asks us all to consider the stakes of not getting paid to do what you love.

Do What You Love

Author : Allan Dumbleton
ISBN : 1877096563
Genre : Australian poetry
File Size : 63.13 MB
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Who in their right mind would have throught an ocker from the Western Suburbs of Melbourne would write a book of poetry and prose? This book is dedicated to those people who continually motivate themselves against all odds, people who determinedly navigate their lives even when they are put way off course.
Category: Australian poetry

Work With Passion

Author : Nancy Anderson
ISBN : 9781577312659
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this twentieth anniversary edition of her perennial bestseller, Nancy Anderson shows readers how following their passion to find their special niche is the most effective and rewarding approach to business and career success. Work with Passion follows the step-by-step program Anderson implements in her career counseling practice, carefully guiding readers through each stage. The program follows the ten “Passion Secrets” of successful people, and topics include clarifying goals, trusting instincts, doing research, and meeting others who are passionate about their work. "I have found that we love to hear success stories,” Anderson writes, and each chapter tells those powerful stories of people who have overcome adversity and realized their dreams. Work with Passion has a wealth of inspirational guidance, from the broadest kinds of visionary encouragement to very practical tips on networking, developing a resume, and writing a query letter that gets results. This comprehensive course in career counseling is for everyone who would rather brag about their career than complain about their job.
Category: Business & Economics

Do What You Love Love What You Do

Author : Peter Fleming
ISBN : 9812048049
Genre : Career development
File Size : 34.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Peter Fleming demystifies the job application process by answering all the questions you ever wanted to ask about job hunting through this informative manual. Packaged with easy to follow examples and straight answers to help job seekers, career changers, even students improve their life at work.
Category: Career development

Do What You Love The Money Will Follow

Author : Marsha Sinetar
ISBN : 9780307795328
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 64.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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No More Monday Morning Blues... You're about to be liberated! Here is the book you've been waiting for-a-step-by-step guide to finding the "work" that expresses and fulfills your needs, talents, and passions. Using dozens of real-life examples, Marsha Sinetar shows you how to overcome your fears, take the little risks that make big risks possible, and become a person whose work means self-expression, growth, and love! Discover how to: Tune into your inner world and your unique talents Evaluate and build your self-esteem--the three key questions to ask yourself Banish your outmoded network of "shoulds " Deal with the Big R--resistance Liberate yourself from an unfulfilling job...and much more! Discover how to tune in to your inner world and your unique talents; evaluate and build your self-esteem, banish your out-moded network of "shoulds" and liberate yourself from an unfulfilling job with this step-by-step guide to finding work that satisfies your passions. --> From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Self-Help

Believe In Yourself Do What You Love

Author : Kate James
ISBN : 9781925584240
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 38.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A little book with a huge heart, it’s full of insights and exercises that will help you discover more about yourself and what will make you happy. It will boost your self-belief, get you motivated and help connect you with a more creative and inspired version of yourself. Read it from cover to cover or dip in and out whenever you need a lift – if Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love does not improve your life in some way, you can have your money back.
Category: Self-Help

Fuck It Do What You Love

Author : John Parkin
ISBN : 1781802467
Genre :
File Size : 43.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A recent Gallup poll in the US found that 70% of those in work didn't enjoy their job. In his latest book, John C. Parkin brings the power of saying 'F**k It' to the subject of doing what we love. In this highly entertaining and motivational book, John sets out to prove that when we do what we love, we're actually more likely to be happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful. He addresses the significant blocks that people experience when they consider doing what they love, including: 'Doing what you love is for time-off, not work', 'Doing what I love would be selfish', 'I just don't know what I love' and 'I could never make a living from doing what I love'. Through no-nonsense ideas, fascinating facts and motivating calls to action, John brings us from pessimism to inspiration, so that our trail of thought becomes powered by 'F**k it, I can't waste any more of my life', 'F**k it, I will find a way to make this work', 'F**k it, I will do what I love'. F**k It: Do What You Love is not just a book: it's a call to action to get every single person to spend their precious time on this planet doing what they love.