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Divine Duality

Author : William Keepin
ISBN : 1890772747
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 66.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book demonstrates a revolutionary type of healing work between men and women, known as "gender reconciliation". Based on 15+ years of development, this process has created remarkable results within groups as diverse as nuns and priests in the Catholic Church, and most recently with members of the South African Parliament. The creative and compassionate methods designed by the author and his team at the Satyana Institute (of Freeland, Washington) take a broad leap beyond other approaches that are more oriented to addressing the needs of the couple. They also go further than traditional psychological/dialogue forms of interaction between the sexes. Rather, Divine Duality describes what can happen when a transpersonal/spiritual dimension underlies such work. By setting a context of forgiveness and mutual appreciation of the sacredness of life, the women and men of a group or institution are empowered to jointly confront the realities of gender oppression and conditioning. No other book currently deals with this subject with the depth of insight and proven results presented here.
Category: Family & Relationships

Women Healing Women

Author : William Keepin
ISBN : 9781935826323
Genre : Child abuse
File Size : 89.61 MB
Format : PDF
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Much has been written on the plight of women in Indian society, but this book presents an effective practical response to the appalling injustices - and a model of hope for agencies and programs for oppressed women around the world. This book recounts the true story of "Maher," a remarkable project and centre for battered women and children located near Pune, India. Founded in 1997, the project has provided refuge to more than 1250 women, half of whom might otherwise have been murdered, committed suicide, or starved to death. Maher is an interfaith community that honours all religions and strongly repudiates caste distinctions - making it a rare beacon shining new hope upon some of the gravest problems in India and around the world. The book is rich with stories - poignant first-hand accounts by women and children whose lives have been transformed by the Maher project. Later chapters explore the larger implications of this pioneering work, with guidance for implementing similar projects elsewhere. Written in a concise narrative style, "Women Healing Women in India" is an easy and compelling read.
Category: Child abuse

How Do You Pray

Author : Celeste Yacoboni
ISBN : 9781939681188
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 64.1 MB
Format : PDF
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As we evolve, so do our prayers; as our prayers evolve, so do we. This is the evolution of illumination, the collective voice of the soul of the world. How Do You Pray? was born from a vision in which Celeste Yacoboni was told to ask the world, "How Do You Pray?" She reached out to leading spiritual, shamanic, scientific teachers, guides, and activists and asked for their response. Culled from those responses is an original and deeply personal collection of essays. Talking intimately and candidly about how they pray, these personalities encourage the reader to contemplate the intention of prayer in their own life. This collection speaks to the reader's heart and asks What is your soul's expression? How do you dance in ecstasy, bare your soul to the divine? Bow in gratitude? Merge with nature? Cry out for guidance? How do you pray? This groundbreaking and moving book gathers responses from leaders of diverse spiritual and religious traditions ranging from Buddhism to Islam to Christianity, as well as those who do not claim one or any particular walk of faith. Contributors include Brother David Steindl-Rast, Matthew Fox, James O'Dea, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Tessa Bielecki, Lama Surya Das, Hank Wesselman, Father Bede Griffiths, Byron Katie, Joan Halifax, Normandi Ellis, Andrew Harvey, Dan Millman, Kristena Prater, Nicki Scully, Mirabai Starr, and more. This book is a beautiful gift package with matte laminate cover and red ribbon.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Belonging To God

Author : William Keepin, PhD
ISBN : 9781594736216
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Combining decades of Eastern and Western contemplative practice with scientific research, this interfaith journey examines the commonalities in the scriptures, writings of key mystics and core practices of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in order to illuminate a universal path of divine love that leads to union with God.
Category: Religion

8 Strategies For Successful Step Parenting

Author : Nadir Baksh
ISBN : 9781456601164
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 32.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Written in a non-apologetic voice, 8 Strategies for Successful Step-Parenting present strong and specific direction for handling common problems. This book will empower readers to take up their new challenge of step-parenting with common sense, firmness and compassion; but most of all, with greater self-knowledge – the best strategy for success in any important task.
Category: Family & Relationships

Steiner And Kindred Spirits

Author : Robert McDermott
ISBN : 9781621481379
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 28.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), the Austrian founder of Anthroposophy, is frequently viewed by those familiar with his teaching as unique and separate from other spiritual teachers of our modern era. While, Steiner is thought by anthroposophists to be a scientist and a philosopher, as well as an interpreter of events depicted in Christian scriptures, he is nevertheless generally ignored by scientists and philosophers, as well as by both liberal and fundamentalist scriptural scholars and theologians. In this book, Robert McDermott—the editor of American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner, which investigates Steiner’s philosophy in the context of American philosophers—places Steiner and his work in the context of a variety of spiritual teachers and teachings, both Western and Eastern. In doing so, the reader is guided to new perspectives that show the similarities and contrasts between Steiner’s Spiritual Science and a number of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and secular spiritual worldviews. The kindred spirits in this book include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, C. G. Jung, Teilhard de Chardin, Martin Buber, Sri Aurobindo, Rabindranath Tagore, Gandhians, feminists, ecologists, and more. Steiner went as far up the spiritual ladder as any modern individual but, unlike some enthusiasts for Steiner, McDermott is also impressed by other religious thinkers and spiritual practitioners who have been helpful to those of us in need of encouragement and guidance and whose vistas and insights may not have been researched or explained by Steiner. For those with unbiased, open minds, this book presents a fresh look at Rudolf Steiner, a modern spiritual initiate, and his contributions to the world, along with a generous and appreciative view of his kindred spirits of our time.
Category: Philosophy

Isis Das G Ttliche Weibliche Prinzip

Author : Moustafa Gadalla
Genre :
File Size : 77.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Eine Erklärung des metaphysischen und physischen göttlichen weiblichen Prinzips und ungefähr zwanzig weiblicher manifestierter Attribute. Diese in die deutsche Sprache übersetzt Ausgabe erklärt das göttliche weibliche Prinzip als Quelle der Schöpfung sowohl metaphysisch als auch physisch; die Beziehung (und Einheit) der weiblichen und männlichen Prinzipien; Erklärung von rund zwanzig weiblichen Gottheiten als Manifestationen der weiblichen Attribute; die Rolle von Isis‘ Ideologie auf der ganzen Welt; und vieles mehr. Dieses Buch wird sowohl den Geist mit umfassenden Informationen sowie das Herz mit dem ganzen Spektrum an Emotionen füllen. Diese deutsche Übersetzung des Buches ist in fünf Kapitel unterteilt und enthält einen Anhang: Kapitel 1: Die Mutter der Schöpfung zeigt die Rolle der Isis bei der Schöpfung als Abbild der Gesamtheit der Schöpfung sowie ihre Beziehung zu Re und Osiris. Kapitel 2: Isis & Osiris – das dynamische Duo zeigt die kombinierten Rollen von Isis und Osiris bei der Entwicklung und Entstehung aller Schöpfungen im Universum. Kapitel 3: Die Vielzahl der Beinamen von Isis zeigt sechzehn weibliche Gottheiten – als eine Manifestation der Isis als das weibliche Prinzip des erschaffenen Universums. Kapitel 4: Die Geliebte aller Länder zeigt die Ausbreitung der ägyptischen Religion auf der ganzen Welt und wie solche Glaubenssätze im Christentum weiterleben. Es zeigt auch, wie die altägyptische Isis und die ihr zugeordneten religiösen Feste im Christentum für Maria übernommen wurden, und zwar an denselben Tagen wie im ägyptischen Kalender. Kapitel 5: Das machtvolle Herz zeigt den ewigen mächtigen Einfluss der Isis auf die Menschheit als Suchende nach Trost und umfassender Heilung. Anhang: Herz und Seele – metaphysische Betrachtungen zeigt die metaphysischen Aspekte des Herzens (Isis) und der Seele (Osiris) und wie ein menschliches Wesen in der Lage ist, die Integration von diesem Herz und dieser Seele zu erreichen.

Publishers Weekly

Author : R.R. Bowker company
ISBN : 00000019
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