Disposable Domestics

Author : Grace Chang
ISBN : 9781608465293
Genre : Political Science
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Illegal. Unamerican. Disposable. In a nation with an unprecedented history of immigration, the prevailing image of those who cross our borders in search of equal opportunity is that of a drain. Grace Chang's vital account of immigrant women—who work as nannies, domestic workers, janitors, nursing aides, and homecare workers—proves just the opposite: the women who perform our least desirable jobs are the most crucial to our economy and society. Disposable Domestics highlights the unrewarded work immigrant women perform as caregivers, cleaners, and servers and shows how these women are actively resisting the exploitation they face.
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Disposable Domestics

Author : Grace Chang
ISBN : 9781608465286
Genre : Political Science
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This classic work sheds light on the lives and struggles of immigrant women domestic workers.
Category: Political Science

Global Dimensions Of Gender And Carework

Author : Mary K. Zimmerman
ISBN : 0804753245
Genre : Social Science
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A provocative collection on women's paid and unpaid carework, examining the lives of the women at the center of new global dynamics.
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Postkoloniale Theologien

Author : Andreas Nehring
ISBN : 9783170271340
Genre : Religion
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Die postkoloniale Theologie ist in den letzten Jahren zu einem der wichtigsten und innovativsten Felder innerhalb der interkulturellen Theologie avanciert. TheologInnen aus Asien, Afrika und Lateinamerika haben begonnen, die Konstruktionen postkolonialer Identitäten theologisch zu reflektieren. Dabei nehmen sie Bezug auf kulturwissenschaftliche Diskurse, die in den letzten Jahren an Bedeutung gewonnen haben. Bislang sind allerdings postkoloniale theologische Entwürfe im deutschsprachigen Raum weitgehend unbekannt geblieben. Dieser Band führt zunächst in die Entwicklungsgeschichte und gegenwärtige zentrale Positionen der postkolonialen Theologie ein. Daran anschließend werden die wichtigsten Aufsätze aus den letzten Jahren erstmals in deutscher Übersetzung publiziert, um Studierenden und allen Interessierten den Zugang zu dieser theologischen Richtung zu erleichtern.
Category: Religion

Women S Labor In The Global Economy

Author : Sharon Harley
ISBN : 9780813541655
Genre : Political Science
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Globalization is not a new phenomenon; women throughout the world have been dealing with the circumstances and consequences of an international economy long before the advent of the transnational corporate conglomerate. However, in a mercenary example of the tried cliché "the more things change, the more they stay the same," women-particularly those of color-continue to be relegated to the lowest rung of the occupational ladder, where their indispensable contributions to global market capitalism are downplayed or invalidated completely through the perpetuation of stereotypes and the denial of access to better job opportunities and resources. How women of color around the world adapt and challenge the economic, political, and social effects of globalization is the subject of this broad-minded and incisive anthology. From Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka, to immigrant and non-immigrant communities in the United States-the women documented in these essays are agricultural and factory workers, artists and entrepreneurs, mothers and activists. Their stories bear stark witness to how globalization continues to develop new sites and forms of exploitation, while its apparent victims continue to be women, men, and children of color.
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Labour Migration In Malaysia And Spain

Author : Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas
ISBN : 9789089642868
Genre : Political Science
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De overheid wordt in de regulering van arbeidsmigratie geconfronteerd met een dubbele paradox. Ten eerste: terwijl markten een op en grenzenbeleid vereisen om aan de behoefte van arbeidsmigranten en de marktvraag tegemoet te komen, leggen de grenzen die inherent zijn aan burgerschap een zekere afsluiting van de buitenwereld op. Ten tweede: terwijl de exclusiviteit die burgerschap met zich meebrengt een gesloten lidmaatschap vergt, ondermijnen burgerschap- en mensenrechten de mogelijkheid van de staat om buitenlanders uit te sluiten zodra zij zich in het land bevinden.
Category: Political Science

Battleground Immigration 2 Volumes

Author : Judith Ann Warner
ISBN : 9780313344145
Genre : Political Science
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Among the most tumultuous conflicts of modern America is the war over legal and undocumented immigrants currently residing within U.S. borders. Since the passing of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, America has witnessed an unprecedented flow of immigrants onto its shores, with increased diversity of race and culture. Battleground: Immigration examines the most critical issues surrounding immigration today, including effects on the economy, education, and employment, as well as the viability of the foreign-born in American society. All sides of the immigration debate are explored in this comprehensive 2-volume set, with special weight given to the very specific issues that have arisen in post-9/11 America: homeland security and border control, 9/11's impact on legislation and civil liberties; the Department of Homeland security and its role in border control; transnational organized crime, human smuggling and trafficking; and post 9/11 border control and security impact on immigration. With direct ties to the curriculum, this set is a valuable resource for students of sociology, current events, American history, political science, ethnic studies, and public policy.
Category: Political Science

Handbook Of Research On Gender And Economic Life

Author : Deborah M. Figart
ISBN : 9780857930958
Genre : Social Science
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The excellent list of themes and chapters in this volume reflects the maturity reached by feminist economics in its different dimensions. Based on the notion of social provisioning for all as the basic objective of economics, they represent a challenge to conventional economic thought and they show the importance of understanding theory, institutions, empirical work, and policy from a gender perspective. The global perspective provided through themes and authors is a very useful contribution to the literature. Lourdes Bener'a, Cornell University, US Standard economics has a narrow and distorted vision of what the economy is, and how it works. Gender scholars are on the forefront of developing better, more encompassing models of human provisioning for well-being. This volume presents a wonderful sampling of these new theoretical and empirical developments. Paula England, New York University, US This is an impressive collection that delves deeply and broadly into the myriad ways that gender shapes and alters economic lives and illuminates complex facets of the economic and social provisioning process across the globe. The chapters, by an exciting variety of researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners from numerous fields, present a consistent and persuasive vision of economic well-being as critical to the flourishing of all people. Myra H. Strober, Stanford University, US In the aftermath of global economic downturn, it has never been more important to understand how gender relates to economic life and well-being. This interdisciplinary collection of original research details key areas of intersection, provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of research and proposes avenues for further investigation. The Handbook illuminates complex facets of the economic and social provisioning process across the globe. The contributors academics, policy analysts and practitioners from wide-ranging areas of expertise discuss the methodological approaches to, and analytical tools for, conducting research on the gender dimension of economic life. They also provide analyses of major issues facing both developed and developing countries. Topics explored include civil society, discrimination, informal work, working time, central bank policy, health, education, food security, poverty, migration, environmental activism and the financial crisis. Economists, sociologists and political scientists will find this book to be an invaluable research tool, as will academics, researchers and students with an interest in economics particularly feminist economics gender studies and global studies.
Category: Social Science

Global Feminism

Author : Myra Marx Ferree
ISBN : 0814727948
Genre : Social Science
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Increasingly feminists around the world have successfully campaigned for recognition of women's full personhood and empowerment. Global Feminism explores the social and political developments that have energized this movement. Drawn from an international group of scholars and activists, the authors of these original essays assess both the opportunities that transnationalism has created and the tensions it has inadvertently fostered. By focusing on both the local and global struggles of today's feminist activists this important volume reveals much about women's changing rights, treatment and impact in the global world. Contributors: Melinda Adams, Aida Bagic, Yakin Ertürk, Myra Marx Ferree, Amy G. Mazur, Dorothy E. McBride, Hilkka Pietilä, Tetyana Pudrovska, Margaret Snyder, Sarah Swider, Aili Mari Tripp, Nira Yuval-Davis.
Category: Social Science