Displaced Things

Author : Sandra H. Dudley
ISBN : 0415840465
Genre : Social Science
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Displaced Things explores the movements of material things from the starting point and perspective of the object. It does so through the lens of displacement, drawing on earlier work on forced migration and conceptualising displacement in relation to anthropological ritual theory. It aims not only to augment understandings of the significance of things and the complexities of their relationships with human beings, but also to problematize notions of the settings through which objects move – including those of museum and 'heritage', definable as they are by their particular approaches to the re-contextualisations of things. Furthermore, the book contends that displaced things are no more 'lost' or rendered somehow inauthentic or useless, than are displaced people; rather, the series of shifts by which contexts, meanings, values and even material attributes may alter over time are part of a continual process of change – sometimes gradual, sometimes abrupt – and each moment and state along the way has its own validity and opportunity. In this perspective, the book suggests, an object-centred view has profound implications for envisioning the possibilities of things. The book develops its arguments through discussion of an array of displaced objects, including the forcibly migrated, the collected, the institutionalised, and the bereaved. It draws particularly but not solely on examples from the author's anthropological field research in Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) and brings in too cases from elsewhere, considering artefacts that have been dislocated or exiled from their original or principal geographical, historical, cultural, intellectual and personal contexts. The book is structured by the stages of the ritual process used to theorise displacement, passing in three parts from the crossing of the boundary, through liminality, to incorporation. The first part examines some of the ways in which things translocate from one setting to another, the importance of thresholds and what it means to become displaced. It opens up a view in which narratives of the materiality of human forced migration and of object acquisition and movement illuminate both each other and the spatiotemporal phenomenon of displacement itself. The book then moves on in its second part to explore issues of representation, metaphor and the re-ordering of categories, structures and values in the place of exile – be it a refugee camp, museum or elsewhere. It looks in detail too at continued relationships, real and imagined – and the many forms they take – with the pre-displacement past, embodied by and enacted through objects. And finally the volume explores the ways in which the objects are experienced in their present, displaced settings, and the implications and potentialities they carry.
Category: Social Science

Bodies And Things In Nineteenth Century Literature And Culture

Author : K. Boehm
ISBN : 9781137283658
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book provides fresh perspectives on the object world, embodied experience and materiality in nineteenth-century literature and culture. Contributors explore canonical works by Austen, Brontë, Dickens and James, alongside less-familiar texts and a range of objects including nineteenth-century automata, scrapbooks, museum exhibits and antiques.
Category: Literary Criticism

Culture And Consumption

Author : Grant David McCracken
ISBN : 0253206286
Genre : Business & Economics
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"This book compiles and integrates highly innovative work aimed at bridging the fields of anthropology and consumer behavior." —Journal of Consumer Affairs "... fascinating... ambitious and interesting... " —Canadian Advertising Foundation Newsletter "... an anthropological dig into consumerism brimming with original thought... " —The Globe and Mail "Grant McCracken has written a provocative book that puts consumerism in its place in Western society—at the centre." —Report on Business Magazine "... a stimulating addition to knowledge and theory about the interrelationship of culture and consumption." —Choice "[McCracken's] synthesis of anthropological and consumer studies material will give historians new ideas and methods to integrate into their thinking." —Maryland Historian "The book offers a fresh and much needed cultural interpretation of consumption." —Journal of Consumer Policy "The volume will help balance the prevailing cognitive and social psychological cast of consumer research and should stimulate more comprehensive investigation into consumer behavior." —Journal of Marketing Research "... broad scope, enthusiasm and imagination... a significant contribution to the literature on consumption history, consumer behavior, and American material culture." —Winterhur Portfolio "For this is a superb book, a definitive exploration of its subject that makes use of the full range of available literature." —American Journal of Sociology "McCracken's book is a fine synthesis of a new current of thought that strives to create an interdisciplinary social science of consumption behaviors, a current to which folklorists have much to contribute." —Journal of American Folklore This provocative book takes a refreshing new view of the culture of consumption. McCracken examines the interplay of culture and consumer behavior from the anthropologist's point of view and provides new insights into the way we view ourselves and our society.
Category: Business & Economics

Displaced Person

Author : Ella E. Schneider Hilton
ISBN : 080713192X
Genre : History
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In her moving and deeply personal memoir, Ella E. Schneider Hilton chronicles her remarkable childhood -- one that took her from the purges of Stalinist Russia to the refugee camps of Nazi and postwar Germany to the cotton fields of Jim Crow Mississippi before granting her access to the American dream. Despite her hard life as a refugee, Ella finds solace in others and retains her indomitably inquisitive spirit. Throughout her ordeals, she never relinquishes hope or sight of her goal of education. Poignantly and freshly rendered, this is a tale of determination. It is the story of a girl caught up first in the maelstrom of World War II and then in the complexities of American southern culture, adjusting to events beyond her control with resiliency as she searches for faith, knowledge, and a place in the world.
Category: History

How To Show Things With Words

Author : Rui Linhares-Dias
ISBN : 9783110899627
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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How to Show Things with Words is an interdisciplinary research study at the interface between linguistics and philosophy which sheds new light on the narrative-theoretical issue of proximal vs. distal stance adoption in discourse. Narrative distance ultimately depends on the epistemological source of the information conveyed, but English and other Indo-European languages have no inflectional systems for (en)coding that source of knowledge. To fill in the gap, speech act theory is (re)considered in the light of philosophical research on linguistic functions and a parallel is drawn between grammaticalized evidential categories and the objectifying acts of Husserl's phenomenology of constitution. These intuitive vs. signitive intentional acts do, indeed, roughly correspond to direct vs. indirect evidentiary forms and can be inferred from the temporal-perspectival organization of discourse by the so-called intimation or announcement function of language-systems. It turns out that perspectival immediacy requires tenses with overlapping event- and reference-points, but predictions of the sort are non-monotonic forms of reasoning defeasible by quantificational aspect distinctions, on the one hand, and inherent meaning considerations, on the other. To substantiate this claim, the bulk of the book provides an in-depth formal semantic account of tense, aspect and Aktionsart, interwoven with a detailed analysis of the cognitive processes associated with eventuality-description types. The book adresses an audience of linguists in general, formal semanticists, cognitive scientists, philosophers and narratologists with an interest in natural language semantics.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Capacity To Be Displaced Resilience Mission And Inner Strength

Author : Clemens Sedmak
ISBN : 9789004342453
Genre : Religion
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In The Capacity to be Displaced Clemens Sedmak develops the idea that missionaries and development workers experiencing displacement have to be resilient; it is “resilience from within,” nourished by beliefs and hopes that makes a person flourish in adverse circumstances.
Category: Religion

Displaced Archives

Author : James Lowry
ISBN : 9781317149521
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Displaced archives have long been a problem and their existence continues to trouble archivists, historians and government officials. Displaced Archives brings together leading international experts to comprehensively explore the current state of affairs for the first time. Drawing on case studies from around the world, the authors examine displaced archives as a consequence of conflict and colonialism, analysing their impact on government administration, nation building, human rights and justice. Renewed action is advocated through considerations of the legal approaches to repatriation, the role of the international archival community, ‘shared heritage’ approaches and other solutions. The volume offers new theoretical, technical and political insights and will be essential reading for practitioners, academics and students in the field of archives, cultural property and heritage management, as well as history, politics and international relations.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Internally Displaced Refugees And Returnees From And In The Sudan

Author : Desirée Nilsson
ISBN : 9171064664
Genre : Political Science
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The Sudan has been at war since independence inter-mitted only by a brief period of peace that lasted for a decade. The civil war that has been ravaging the country as well as the conflicts in the neighboring countries have contributed to the difficult problem of population displacement in the region. This report will hopefully serve as a source to some of the research on population displacement from and in the Sudan. The report comprises a review of the literature and includes comments on priorities for future research.
Category: Political Science

Displaced Lansin Island Paranormal Mysteries 1 3

Author : Andrew Butcher
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65.54 MB
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Welcome to a place with a dark history, an island in the Celtic Sea where not everything is as it seems. Welcome to Lansin Island. Popular with Pagans for its larger-than-life celebrations of the seasonal Sabbats, Lansin Island is rife with witchy history. But with Halloween just around the corner, it’s harder than ever to tell fact from fiction. Nicolas Crystan, an ordinary young guy trying to find his way in the world, has lived on the island his whole life. Apart from his mother’s unexplained disappearance, he’s never witnessed anything like the strange stories he’s grown up hearing about—until the day he's struck by a disturbing vision of a woman's death. When Nick uses the premonition to save Juliet Maystone from a grisly fate, their lives become inextricably linked—and forever altered. Before long, a cryptic message about Nick’s missing mother plunges Nick and Juliet into a world of ghosts, mediums, immortals ... and murder. As the two learn more about what brought them together, they discover they’re part of something much larger than themselves—and more dangerous than any wicked act in a Lansin Island legend. It’s one thing to alter the fate of a single person, but what can they do when the fate of the whole world—and even worlds beyond—may rest in their hands? Find out what happens when the ordinary meets the extraordinary in these intriguing supernatural mysteries. This bundle includes A Death Displaced, A Body Displaced, and A Spirit Displaced, plus a never before published map of Lansin Island. Start reading today!
Category: Fiction


Author : Ethel Jean Alexander
ISBN : 0971138745
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31.44 MB
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Category: Business & Economics