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Dismembering Lahui

Author : Jon Kamakawiwo?ole Osorio
ISBN : 0824825497
Genre : History
File Size : 82.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jonathan Osorio investigates the effects of Western law on the national identity of Native Hawaiians in this impressive political history of the Kingdom of Hawaii from the onset of constitutional government in 1840 to the Bayonet Constitution of 1887, which effectively placed political power in the kingdom in the hands of white businessmen. Making extensive use of legislative texts, contemporary newspapers, and important works by Hawaiian historians and others, Osorio plots the course of events that transformed Hawaii from a traditional subsistence economy to a modern nation, taking into account the many individuals nearly forgotten by history who wrestled with each new political and social change. A final poignant chapter links past events with the struggle for Hawaiian sovereignty today.
Category: History

The Value Of Hawai I

Author : Craig Howes
ISBN : 9780824835293
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 80.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How did we get here? Three-and-a-half-day school weeks. Prisoners farmed out to the mainland. Tent camps for the migratory homeless. A blinkered dependence on tourism and the military for virtually all economic activity. The steady degradation of already degraded land. Contempt for anyone employed in education, health, and social service. An almost theological belief in the evil of taxes. At a time when new leaders will be elected, and new solutions need to be found, the contributors to The Value of Hawai i outline the causes of our current state and offer points of departure for a Hawai i-wide debate on our future. The brief essays address a wide range of topics education, the environment, Hawaiian issues, media, tourism, political culture, law, labor, economic planning, government, transportation, poverty but the contributors share a belief that taking stock of where we are right now, what we need to change, and what we need to remember is a challenge that all of us must meet. Written for a general audience, The Value of Hawai i provides a cluster of starting points for a larger community discussion of Hawai i that should extend beyond the choices of the ballot box this year. Contributors: Carlos Andrade, Chad Blair, Kat Brady, Susan M. Chandler, Meda Chesney-Lind, Lowell Chun-Hoon, Tom Coffman, Sara L. Collins, Marilyn Cristofori, Henry Curtis, Kathy E. Ferguson, Chip Fletcher, Dana Naone Hall, Susan Hippensteele, Craig Howes, Karl Kim, Sumner La Croix, Ian Lind, Melody Kapilialoha MacKenzie, Mari Matsuda, Davianna McGregor, Neal Milner, Deane Neubauer, Jonathan Kay Kamakawiwo ole Osorio, Charles Reppun, John P. Rosa, D. Kapua ala Sproat, Ramsay Remigius Mahealani Taum, Patricia Tummons, Phyllis Turnbull, Trisha Kehaulani Watson.
Category: Political Science

The Queen And I

Author : Sydney L. Iaukea
ISBN : 9780520272040
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The Queen and I will be a very important contribution to historical and political literature on early twentieth century Hawai'i. But through its intensely personal narrative, it could have an even greater impact on the way people look at history. Sydney Iaukea weaves archival information into a story about a well-known historical figure while demonstrating the impact of these archival voices on herself. In this way she binds herself to her ancestor and allows him to speak through her, showing how an ancient value can be a new methodology for Native writers in indigenous studies." —Jonathan Kay Kamakawiwo’ole Osorio, author of Dismembering Lahui: A History of the Hawaiian Nation to 1887 “Raised in Maui’s housing projects, Sydney Iaukea discovers as an adult that she is the direct descendent of Curtis P. Iaukea, a prominent statesman and trusted adviser to Queen Lili’uokalani, the Hawaiian Kingdom’s last ruling monarch. In this courageous work, she documents her dual quest to recover her lost lineage and her ancestor’s historical importance. Revealing the continuity between public and private, personal and historical, Sydney Iaukea’s compelling narrative brings her readers face-to-face with Lili’uokalani during the tragic days of her overthrow.” —Mary Palevsky, author of Atomic Fragments: A Daughter's Questions “For those of us born and raised in Hawai'i, Sydney Iaukea's work sheds light on a period of time about which we still know too little, the overthrow of Hawai’i’s sovereign government and its forcible annexation to the U.S. This is a compelling narrative, driven by the mystery of a girl growing up poor, unaware of her distinguished lineage. How could this disconnect have occurred? Through the exploration of memories embedded in the landscape, Iaukea ultimately links displacement, dispossession, and familial strife to Hawai'i's troubled history with the U.S. Iaukea is to be commended for her honest and open heart.” —Matthew M. Hamabata, Executive Director, The Kohala Center
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Native Land And Foreign Desires

Author : Lilikalā Kame'eleihiwa
ISBN : 0930897595
Genre : History
File Size : 81.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A detailed analysis of the Mahele, a pivotal period in the history of Hawaii.
Category: History

Race And Nation

Author : Paul Spickard
ISBN : 9781135930592
Genre : History
File Size : 25.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Race and Nation is the first book to compare the racial and ethnic systems that have developed around the world. It is the creation of nineteen scholars who are experts on locations as far-flung as China, Jamaica, Eritrea, Brazil, Germany, Punjab, and South Africa. The contributing historians, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, and scholars of literary and cultural studies have engaged in an ongoing conversation, honing a common set of questions that dig to the heart of racial and ethnic groups and systems. Guided by those questions, they have created the first book that explores the similarities, differences, and the relationships among the ways that race and ethnicity have worked in the modern world. In so doing they have created a model for how to write world history that is detailed in its expertise, yet also manages broad comparisons.
Category: History

Shoal Of Time

Author : Gavan Daws
ISBN : 0824803248
Genre : History
File Size : 54.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The arrival of Captain Cook and the debates concerning the territory's admission to statehood are given equal attention in this detailed history
Category: History


Author : Patrick Vinton Kirch
ISBN : 0226733653
Genre : History
File Size : 82.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the late 1700s, Hawaiian society began to change rapidly as it responded to the growing world system of capital whose trade routes and markets crisscrossed the islands. Reflecting many years of collaboration between Marshall Sahlins, a prominent social anthropologist, and Patrick V. Kirch, a leading archaeologist of Oceania, Anahulu seeks out the traces of this transformation in a typical local center of the kingdom founded by Kamehameha: the Anahulu river valley of northwestern Oahu. Volume I shows the surprising effects of the encounter with the imperial forces of commerce and Christianity—the distinctive ways the Hawaiian people culturally organized the experience, from the structure of the kingdom to the daily life of ordinary people. Volume II examines the material record of changes in local social organization, economy and production, population, and domestic settlement arrangements.
Category: History

Aloha Betrayed

Author : Noenoe K. Silva
ISBN : 9780822386223
Genre : History
File Size : 81.77 MB
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In 1897, as a white oligarchy made plans to allow the United States to annex Hawai'i, native Hawaiians organized a massive petition drive to protest. Ninety-five percent of the native population signed the petition, causing the annexation treaty to fail in the U.S. Senate. This event was unknown to many contemporary Hawaiians until Noenoe K. Silva rediscovered the petition in the process of researching this book. With few exceptions, histories of Hawai'i have been based exclusively on English-language sources. They have not taken into account the thousands of pages of newspapers, books, and letters written in the mother tongue of native Hawaiians. By rigorously analyzing many of these documents, Silva fills a crucial gap in the historical record. In so doing, she refutes the long-held idea that native Hawaiians passively accepted the erosion of their culture and loss of their nation, showing that they actively resisted political, economic, linguistic, and cultural domination. Drawing on Hawaiian-language texts, primarily newspapers produced in the nineteenth century and early twentieth, Silva demonstrates that print media was central to social communication, political organizing, and the perpetuation of Hawaiian language and culture. A powerful critique of colonial historiography, Aloha Betrayed provides a much-needed history of native Hawaiian resistance to American imperialism.
Category: History

Sovereign Sugar

Author : Carol A. MacLennan
ISBN : 0824839498
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a history of the sugar industry in Hawaii and its effects on the natural and some non-natural environment. Written with an anthropological angle to the subject, this book covers a wide variety of issues relevant to todays politics such as water rights, land distribution, and preservation and conservation of resources.
Category: Business & Economics