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Digital Politics And Culture In Contemporary India

Author : Biswarup Sen
ISBN : 9781317355816
Genre : Social Science
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The relationship between information and the nation-state is typically portrayed as a face-off involving repressive state power and democratic flows: Twitter and the Arab Spring, Google in China, WikiLeaks and the U.S. State Department. Less attention has been paid to those scenarios where states have regarded information and its diffusion as productive of modernity and globalization. It is the central argument of this book that the contemporary nation-state, especially in the global South, is far from hostile to the current informational milieu and in fact makes crucial use of it in order to develop adequate modes of governance, communication and sociality in a networked world. This book focuses on India – an emerging country that has recently witnessed a "software miracle" – to highlight the critical role informatics has historically played in the national imagination and to demonstrate how the state, private capital and civic society have drawn upon and engaged the precepts and protocols of the information age to fashion an "info-nation."
Category: Social Science

Media Imperialism In India And Pakistan

Author : Farooq Sulehria
ISBN : 9781351399388
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90.45 MB
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Examining anew the notions of media imperialism and globalization of media, this book disrupts the generalised consensus in media scholarship that globalization of media has put an end to media imperialism. One elemental aspect of media imperialism is the structural dependency of television systems in the global South on the imperial North. Taking India and Pakistan as its case studies, this book views globalization of media as the unleashing of processes that have translated into the liberalization of air waves and privatization of television systems whereby commercialization of television is privileged over public interest television. Additionally, it argues that the globalization of media has contributed to corruption, tabloidization, and marginalization of subaltern classes in the Indian and Pakistani media.
Category: Social Science

Children And Media In India

Author : Shakuntala Banaji
ISBN : 9781317399438
Genre : Social Science
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Is the bicycle, like the loudspeaker, a medium of communication in India? Do Indian children need trade unions as much as they need schools? What would you do with a mobile phone if all your friends were playing tag in the rain or watching Indian Idol? Children and Media in India illuminates the experiences, practices and contexts in which children and young people in diverse locations across India encounter, make, or make meaning from media in the course of their everyday lives. From textbooks, television, film and comics to mobile phones and digital games, this book examines the media available to different socioeconomic groups of children in India and their articulation with everyday cultures and routines. An authoritative overview of theories and discussions about childhood, agency, social class, caste and gender in India is followed by an analysis of films and television representations of childhood informed by qualitative interview data collected between 2005 and 2015 in urban, small-town and rural contexts with children aged nine to 17. The analysis uncovers and challenges widely held assumptions about the relationships among factors including sociocultural location, media content and technologies, and children’s labour and agency. The analysis casts doubt on undifferentiated claims about how new technologies ‘affect’, ‘endanger’ and/or ‘empower’, pointing instead to the importance of social class – and caste – in mediating relationships among children, young people and the poor. The analysis of children’s narratives of daily work, education, caring and leisure supports the conclusion that, although unrecognised and underrepresented, subaltern children’s agency and resourceful conservation makes a significant contribution to economic, interpretive and social reproduction in India.
Category: Social Science

Satire Elections And Democratic Politics In Digital India

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1052058810
Genre :
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This article is concerned with understanding the role of satire as a crucial narrative and communicative form for thinking and caring about politics in contemporary India. In an era marked by the relentless corporate makeover of news media and a concomitant decline in public trust in journalism, satirical videos that took on Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, and other political figures during the 2014 election campaign season offered a strikingly different and immensely popular mode of engagement with the political. Moving past well-worn paradigms for understanding the relation between entertainment and politics, this article situates online satire within a vibrant field of everyday digital media production that marks contemporary Indian public culture. I show how satirical videos became part of an intricate, networked, yet comprehensible intertextual field that linked the 2014 elections to long-standing political issues and debates around caste, class, gender and sexuality, and religious nationalism.

Digital Queer Cultures In India

Author : Rohit K. Dasgupta
ISBN : 9781351800570
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sexuality in India offers an expression of nationalist anxieties and is a significant marker of modernity through which subjectivities are formed among the middle class. This book investigates the everyday experience of queer Indian men on digital spaces. It explores how queer identities are formed in virtual spaces and how the existence of such spaces challenge and critique ‘Indian’-ness. It also looks at the role of class and intimacy within the discourse. This work argues that new media, social networking sites (SNSs), both web and mobile, and related technologies do not exist in isolation; rather they are critically embedded within other social spaces. Similarly, online queer spaces exist parallel to and in conjunction with the larger queer movement in the country. This book will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of gender studies, especially men's and masculinity studies, queer and LGBT studies, media and cultural studies, particularly new media and digital culture, sexuality and identity, politics, sociology and social anthropology, and South Asian studies.
Category: Social Science

South Asian Media Cultures

Author : Shakuntala Banaji
ISBN : 9780857284099
Genre : History
File Size : 55.93 MB
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South Asian Media Cultures' is a collection of essays that pulls together field-based audience and textual research in areas such as the politics of new media, contemporary television and film in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and their audiences. Through a careful analysis of the various media cultures and practices from across South Asia, this collection addresses pertinent issues such as how discourses on gender, nationalism, ethnicity and class are being expressed by mainstream media texts across South Asia, and how different groups within the public discern meanings from such discourses. With this collection, Banaji aims to reduce the reliance on commercial Hindi cinema ('Bollywood') for reference on the politics and history of South Asian Media. Instead, key current research and theoretical debate are presented in an accessible manner. They are organised around three clear themes: 'Audiences, meanings and social contexts', which focuses on the responses of particular social groups to specific media formats, ideas or genres; 'Media Discourse, Identity and Politics', which discusses the complex links between media representations and socio-political identities; and 'Alternative Producers: New Media, Politics and Civic Participation', which describes and assesses the various civic practices and possibilities opened up in South Asia by digital and mobile communications.
Category: History

Indian Politics Policy

Author : Sumit Ganguly
ISBN : 1633917290
Genre :
File Size : 43.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Indian Politics and Policy aims to be the primary journal for studying contemporary Indian politics. We will consider submissions that analyze all aspects of Indian policies and political processes. We invite original work that demonstrates theoretical rigor, sound empirical research and policy relevance. We also welcome review articles, proposals for special issues and research forums on contemporary topics. Table of Contents: Editor's Introduction Sumit Ganguly doi: 10.18278/inpp.1.2.1 India's Ways of (Non-) War: Explaining New Delhi's Forbearance in the Face of Pakistani Provocations Devin T. Hagerty doi: 10.18278/inpp.1.2.2 Foreign Assistance in India's Foreign Policy: Political and Economic Determinants Eswaran Sridharan and Aashik Jain doi: 10.18278/inpp.1.2.3 Parameters of Successful Wastewater Reuse in Urban India, Kelly D. Alley, Nutan Maurya, and Sukanya Das doi: 10.18278/inpp.1.2.4 India's Search for Economic Prosperity and Global Power, Kanta Murali doi: 10.18278/inpp.1.2.5

Die Macht Der Geographie

Author : Tim Marshall
ISBN : 9783423428569
Genre : History
File Size : 42.8 MB
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Wie Geografie Geschichte macht Weltpolitik ist auch Geopolitik. Alle Regierungen, alle Staatschefs unterliegen den Zwängen der Geographie. Berge und Ebenen, Flüsse, Meere, Wüsten setzen ihrem Entscheidungsspielraum Grenzen. Um Geschichte und Politik zu verstehen, muss man selbstverständlich die Menschen, die Ideen, die Einstellungen kennen. Aber wenn man die Geographie nicht mit einbezieht, bekommt man kein vollständiges Bild. Zum Beispiel Russland: Von den Moskauer Großfürsten über Iwan den Schrecklichen, Peter den Großen und Stalin bis hin zu Wladimir Putin sah sich jeder russische Staatschef denselben geostrategischen Problemen ausgesetzt, egal ob im Zarismus, im Kommunismus oder im kapitalistischen Nepotismus. Die meisten Häfen frieren immer noch ein halbes Jahr zu. Nicht gut für die Marine. Die nordeuropäische Tiefebene von der Nordsee bis zum Ural ist immer noch flach. Jeder kann durchmarschieren. Russland, China, die USA, Europa, Afrika, Lateinamerika, der Nahe Osten, Indien und Pakistan, Japan und Korea, die Arktis und Grönland: In zehn Kapiteln zeigt Tim Marshall, wie die Geographie die Weltpolitik beeinflusst und beeinflusst hat.
Category: History

Slum Eine Geschichte Von Leben Tod Und Hoffnung

Author : Katherine Boo
ISBN : 9783426416150
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.87 MB
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Annawadi ist ein Slum jenseits des luxuriösen Flughafens von Mumbai. Hier wohnen Tausende Menschen in notdürftig errichteten Hütten. Eng ist es hier und schmutzig. Und nicht selten fallen hungrige Ratten nachts über die Kinder her. In Annawadi lebt Abdul, der Müllsammler. Dass er geschickt ist in seinem Job, dass er Müll zu sammeln, zu sortieren und weiterzuverkaufen weiß wie kein Zweiter, ruft viele Neider auf den Plan. Denn der Erfolg des einen bedeutet den möglichen Ruin des anderen. Und jeder in dem Slum kämpft mit allen Mitteln um die pure Existenz. Katherine Boo erzählt nicht nur die Geschichten der Menschen in Annawadi – sie erzählt auch von ihrer Hoffnung und ihrem Streben nach einem besseren Leben und von den Auswirkungen des westlichen Konsums bis in dieses Eckchen der Welt.
Category: Social Science

Ungleichheit In Kapitalistischen Gesellschaften

Author : Boike Rehbein
ISBN : 3779929473
Genre : Capitalism
File Size : 63.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Long description: Das Buch legt eine neue Theorie sozialer Ungleichheit in Gegenwartsgesellschaften vor. Es stützt sich auf eigene empirische Forschung auf drei Kontinenten und argumentiert, dass Ungleichheit bisher unzureichend verstanden wurde, weil ausschließlich westliche Gesellschaften Grundlage der Interpretation waren. Das vorliegende Buch betrachtet Gesellschaft nicht als funktionales oder ökonomisches System, sondern als sinnhafte Praxis. Es zeigt auf, dass und wie die symbolische Vermittlung von Macht die strukturelle Wurzel der Ungleichheit bildet. Das Buch legt eine neue Theorie sozialer Ungleichheit in Gegenwartsgesellschaften auf der Basis empirischer Forschung auf drei Kontinenten vor. Es betrachtet Gesellschaft nicht als funktionales oder ökonomisches System, sondern als sinnhafte Praxis. Die zentrale These lautet, dass die symbolische Vermittlung von Macht die strukturelle Wurzel der Ungleichheit bildet. Die symbolische Welt kapitalistischer Gesellschaften zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass sie wissenschaftlich begründet ist, Ungleichheit als meritokratisches Resultat der Konkurrenz gleicher Individuen erscheinen lässt und die überlieferte symbolische Ungleichheit zwischen Klassen von Menschen dadurch unsichtbar macht und reproduziert.
Category: Capitalism